Smartphones are mobile phones with additional advanced computing capabilities, distinguishing them from standard feature phones. Smartphones have the ability to run more complicated applications than feature phones and often run on open operating systems, possess stronger processers, have greater storage capabilities and feature larger screens. The first Smartphone, as reported in USA Today, the IBM Simon, was sold by BellSouth in 1992 and included a calendar, a note pad, games, and allowed the user to email and fax. The IBM Simon was also the first phone to use touch screen technology. In 1997, Ericsson produced the GS88, the first phone to be called a “Smartphone.” Since the 90s, the smartphone market has changed dramatically. As of 2010, Smartphones now make up 20 percent of the handset market, with global Smartphone shipments increasing by a whopping 74 percent from 2009 to 2010. Smartphone revenues reached $99 billion in 2010, accord to a report from Strategy Analytics. Apple, Nokia, and Research in Motion (RIM) cashed in, with Apple in the lead, commanding 29 percent of the total market revenue. According to a report by Canalys, 97 percent of Smartphones on the market run on operating systems produced by Android, Symbian, Apple, RIM, or Windows Mobile. Only 3 percent of Smartphones run on alternate operating systems. The most popular smart phones on the market currently include Apple’s iPhone 4, Motorola’s Droid 2 and Droid X, HTC’s EVO 4G and  Droid Incredible, and RIM’s BlackBerry Torch, BlackBerry Bold, and BlackBery Curve.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Apple's massive reported iPhone order could be driven by Chinese demand

What's behind Apple's reported decision to press its suppliers to manufacture between 85 million and 90 million units combined of two new iPhone models by the end of the year? China could be a major factor.

Rumor mill: Huawei working with Google on Nexus phone, Chinese app store

Huawei is working with Google to develop a new Nexus-branded smartphone that showcases Google's new Android M software, according to a report from  The Information.

Samsung reportedly moving Galaxy Note 5 launch up to mid-August

Samsung Electronics plans to unveil its latest Galaxy Note phablet a few weeks earlier than usual, moving it to mid-August, according to multiple reports. Samsung appears to be breaking with tradition in order to give the new device more breathing room ahead of Apple's expected release of its latest iPhones in September.

Report: Apple asks suppliers to make up to 90M new iPhones by year-end

Apple apparently didn't get the memo that this year will be a yawn in terms of a new iPhone model, since it is expected to come without a major redesign. The company is preparing for another blowout iPhone release this fall, according to a new  Wall Street Journal  report, and it expects demand for this year's models to outpace those of last year.

Samsung's Tizen developer conference to focus on Internet of Things, wearables

Samsung Electronics intends to focus Tizen development efforts on opportunities in the Internet of Things and wearables, at least based on the keynote speakers and a partial agenda set for a developer conference taking place later this month in Bangalore, India. The conference comes amid rumors of a new Tizen-based smartphone Samsung is said to be prepping for later this year.

Microsoft to slash 7,800 jobs, mostly in phone unit, as smartphone efforts falter

Microsoft said it will cut around 7,800 jobs, mostly from its phone business, and record an impairment charge of around $7.6 billion related to its purchase of Nokia's devices and services business. The layoffs and restructuring charges are the latest indication that Microsoft has not been able to gain traction in the smartphone market following its $7.2 billion deal for Nokia's handset business, which closed in April 2014.

Sony exec: 'We will never ever sell or exit' from mobile biz

Sony knows that smartphones are integral parts of modern life and connect to many other consumer electronics and other connected devices, and for that reason alone, it is not going to get out of the smartphone business, according to a senior company executive.

Samsung expects Q2 profit to fall, possibly due to misjudging Galaxy S6 Edge demand

Samsung Electronics said it expects operating profit to drop in the second quarter, which would represent the seventh consecutive quarter of year-over-year declines in profit. The world's largest smartphone maker by volume likely underestimated how strong demand would be for its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, analysts said. Although Samsung has taken steps to shore up supply of the phone, it appears to have been too late to improve the company's second-quarter figures.

Carriers, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and others put anti-theft measures in place for smartphones

CTIA said that a group of wireless carriers and smartphone makers had implemented a set of voluntary principles aimed at stopping smartphone theft. The announcement came just as a California law requiring smartphones sold in the state to have a "kill switch" went into effect.  

FCC pushes TracFone to start unlocking handsets as part of settlement

The FCC reached a settlement with América Móvil's U.S. MVNO, TracFone Wireless, which will force TracFone to unlock its customers' handsets.