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Latest Headlines

SouthernLinc: We're committed to iDEN network through 2020

SouthernLinc, a smaller wireless carrier that provides service in parts of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi, said it has committed to maintaining its iDEN network through at least 2020. The company said it made the commitment in order to assure its customers--which include public safety workers, utilities workers and others--that they will continue to be able to use their SouthernLinc service in the years ahead.

With iDEN shutdown just days away, Sprint begins 800 MHz refarming for CDMA, LTE

Sprint Nextel is just days away from shutting down service on its iDEN Nextel network--the last full day of service will be June 29--but is already looking to the advanced services it will enable on that vacated spectrum.

SouthernLinc strikes deal to add nationwide GSM/UMTS to iDEN service

Regional carrier SouthernLinc struck an agreement with MVNE Prepaid Wireless Wholesale to add nationwide GSM and UMTS service to its iDEN network footprint, though it is unclear exactly which GSM network SouthernLinc will use for the effort.

SouthernLinc to continue iDEN business, plans 'solution' for nationwide coverage

Regional cellular carrier SouthernLinc said it will continue to invest in its iDEN network despite Sprint Nextel's decision to turn off its iDEN network by the middle of next year. However, SouthernLinc CEO Don Horsley said the carrier does have plans for a "nationwide solution" that SouthernLinc will launch in a "very short timeframe."

SouthernLINC inks nationwide iDEN data roaming deal with Sprint

ORLANDO, Fla.--SouthernLINC Wireless has inked a long-sought-for nationwide iDEN push-to-talk and data roaming deal with Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S), despite Sprint's intention to start shutting down the

iDEN supporters downplay Sprint's plans to shut down network

Operators SouthernLINC Wireless and NII Holdings and infrastructure vendor Motorola (NYSE:MOT) will continue to support iDEN's push-to-talk technology despite confirmation from Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S)

Kyocera, Motorola unveil new Android phones

LAS VEGAS--Kyocera and Motorola kicked off the CTIA Wireless 2010 conference here with a pair of Android phone announcements in what is likely to be a week of device launches dominated by Google's

On the Hot Seat with SouthernLinc Wireless CEO Bob Dawson

In this era of consolidation, the number of successful small regional operators is dwindling. SouthernLinc Wireless has always had a unique proposition. The regional operator, which is a subsidiary