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Latest Headlines

BTIG: Verizon has more ARPU growth opportunities than AT&T

According to a new report from BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, Verizon Wireless is in a better position than AT&T Mobility to maintain ARPU since fewer Verizon subscribers currently subscribe to shared data plans above 10 GB.

T-Mobile passes Sprint with 230M LTE POPs, while Verizon dominates with 306M LTE POPs

T-Mobile US confirmed it met its mid-year goal of covering 230 million POPs with its LTE network. The carrier plans to cover 250 million POPs with LTE by the end of 2014.

T-Mobile subs report incurring Spotify data charges despite 'Music Freedom' plan

Some T-Mobile US customers are reporting that they are still incurring data charges from using music streaming service Spotify despite a recently introduced new plan from T-Mobile that exempts that data from counting toward customers' data caps.

German government cancels contract with Verizon over U.S. spying allegations

Verizon's contract with the German government has been cancelled following revelations last year of U.S. government spying, according to multiple media reports.

Sprint's Hesse argues more consolidation will aid in rural wireless coverage

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said that creating a bigger No. 3 carrier in the U.S. market would lead to better coverage in rural areas. Though Hesse did not specifically address a merger between No. 3 carrier Sprint and No. 4 carrier T-Mobile US, in an interview with  Cnet  he said that the creation of a larger rival to AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless would likely lead to that third carrier providing better coverage in rural areas.

Sprint talks up Spark small cells, 8T8R antennas, but some analysts remain unimpressed

Sprint yesterday hosted a media event to announce a number of new initiatives, including a longer trial period for its services, nationwide HD Voice, additional LTE markets and a new focus on fitness apps and services, along with the fitness-focused Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport. However, some in attendance remained notably unimpressed: "We do not believe any of the announcements are a game changer and continue to expect Sprint to struggle to take share," wrote Credit Suisse analysts Joseph A Mastrogiovanni and Michael Baresich in a note to investors following the event.

Sprint counters T-Mobile's iPhone test drive by reviving 30-day 'satisfaction guarantee'

Sprint today made a number of new announcements today aimed at increasing interest in its services and improving its offerings, including reinstating a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that it discontinued in 2011.

Sprint's new prepaid gambit: $20 for unlimited talk or text, exclusive to Walmart

Sprint's Virgin Mobile prepaid brand today announced it will offer low-cost talk and text plans exclusively through Walmart. The new plans, from Virgin's payLo brand, are geared toward the low end of the prepaid market.

Report: T-Mobile looking to scoop up 700 MHz A Block spectrum from smaller carriers

T-Mobile US is looking to grab 700 MHz A Block spectrum to fill out its portfolio of low-band airwaves ahead of a potential deal with Sprint, according to a report from the New York Post.

AT&T's Stephenson: It would be a 'stretch' for a Sprint/T-Mobile deal to get approved

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said it would be a "stretch" for a deal between No. 3 carrier Sprint and No. 4 player T-Mobile US to get approved by regulators.