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Latest Headlines

AT&T begins 3G femtocell push

AT&T began selling a 3G femtocell called the MicroCell in Charlotte, N.C.--an industry first in the U.S., as rivals Verizon and Sprint have only introduced 2G femtocells. AT&T is selling the

Verizon joins rivals in ereader market

Verizon Wireless is adding another chapter to the story of the ereader market. The carrier is going to provide 3G EV-DO network support for an ereader made by iRex Technologies, a spinoff of Royal

Report: DT now wants access to Clearwire, MetroPCS spectrum for 4G

More rumors are swirling regarding Germany's Deutsche Telekom's intentions in the U.S. market. This time, DT is reportedly looking to gain access to spectrum controlled by Clearwire, which is

Opposition grows to net neutrality push, while Sprint, Clearwire voice support

A day after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski issued a call for an "open Internet," AT&T, Verizon and a handful of Republican lawmakers set in motion their opposition to the net neutrality effort.

Cheers, jeers greet Genachowski's push for net neutrality

The reactions to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's proposal to institute net neutrality principles on wireless and wireline networks spanned the gamut. Consumer advocacy groups and Internet firms

Beceem ships more than 1 million mobile WiMAX chipsets

Beceem this week announced it shipped more than 1 million mobile WiMAX chipsets in the third quarter, an indication that WiMAX devices are ramping up. The company also said it is on target to ship

Sprint's Hesse willing to fill Clearwire's funding gap--if there is one

As Clearwire looks for more funding to complete its mobile WiMAX network buildout, Sprint will help fill Clearwire's funding gap if necessary CEO Dan Hesse said. "If the funding is not there, we are

Ericsson takes over Sprint's day-to-day operations

Ericsson will take over the day-to-day network operations from Sprint Nextel today, according to Johan Bjorklund, Ericsson's vice president of managed services. "We're taking over engineering,

Sprint will fund Clearwire if necessary, promises 4G smartphone

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said that Sprint plans to maintain its majority ownership stake in the WiMAX service provider and, if necessary, it will help fill Clearwire's funding gap. Clearwire plans

Sprint touts 4G's 'halo effect' on mobile data services

CHICAGO--Joking he would not comment on rumors of a possible acquisition by Deutsche Telekom or CEO Dan Hesse's budding acting career, Sprint Nextel's Keith Cowan instead focused on the operator's 4G