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Latest Headlines

Bell Mobility to launch Palm Pre in Canada in second half of 2009

Bell Mobility will launch the Palm Pre on its network in the second half of the year. The CDMA operator will be the first wireless carrier in Canada--after Sprint Nextel's launch of the device in the

Report: Palm's mini-Pre is code-named 'Pixie'

More reports are circulating about Palm's follow-up device to the Pre. eWeek is reporting that the second new Palm wireless device is code-named "Pixie" and will be a smaller, candy-bar phone geared

Sprint in 'final negotiations' on Ericsson outsourcing

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint is in "final negotiations" to outsource the management of its cellular network to Ericsson and will transfer 5,000 to 7,000 U.S. employees to the

Sprint CEO: We fixed Boost's texting problem

During today's earnings call with investors, Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said the company has fixed Boost's previously reported texting issues by adding capacity to the texting platform. "We did have

Sprint boasts about Boost while postpaid net adds plummet

Sprint Nextel continues to struggle with subscriber losses but had some positive results in terms of cash flow and debt reduction. The company this morning reported consolidated net operating

AT&T partners with Hertz on embedded wireless

AT&T signed a three-year deal with rental car provider Hertz that will allow Hertz workers to wirelessly monitor and manage cars in the company's short-term rental Connect by Hertz program. The

Boost acknowledges being 'overwhelmed' by unlimited texting, promises fix

Customers and dealers have been voicing their concerns about text messaging delays while using Boost Mobile's unlimited $50 voice and data plan, according to an Associated Press report. Customers and

Court denies Sprint's attempt to block iPCS over WiMAX

A court struck down Sprint Nextel's attempt to block its affiliate iPCS from arguing that Sprint's decision to partner with Clearwire to provide mobile WiMAX service violates its exclusive agreements

Palm may limit Pre supply to build buzz

Palm may limit its stockpile of Pre smartphones at launch to fewer than 400,000 units, according to analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News. The goal? Generate more buzz after the handset quickly sells

T-Mobile USA sells a million G1s

T-Mobile USA has sold more than 1 million of its Android-based G1 devices during the past six months, news that essentially sets the benchmark for Palm's Pre. The figure was buried in Deutsche