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Latest Headlines

Clearwire finally gets handheld device

Clearwire is finally getting a handheld device and is allowing customers to roam outside of the WiMAX coverage areas. Samsung announced commercial availability of the Mondi WiMAX tablet at the same

Cellular South will launch an Android phone this year

Cellular South said it will launch a smartphone before the end of the year running on Google's Android platform. The carrier is one of a few U.S. carriers to openly declare its intentions to jump on

Samsung releases Mondi as WiMAX takes off in Vegas

Samsung announced the commercial availability of its Mondi WiMAX tablet just as both Clearwire and Sprint Nextel made a flurry of announcements about the expanded availability of their mobile WiMAX

Clearwire makes Vegas bet on Ethernet wireless backhaul

WiMAX provider Clearwire is confident that for its Las Vegas market, Ethernet backhaul will bring it a jackpot. Coinciding with the official launch of its CLEAR service in the Las Vegas market,

Court upholds FCC decision on special access fees

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit decided on Friday to uphold a 2007 FCC decision in which the commission eliminated price caps on fees that telcos such as AT&T and

Lawmakers ask FCC to review data on special access fees

Two senior House lawmakers have asked the FCC to look at data carefully before changing rules on special access fees, which certain carriers pay to backhaul subscribers' voice and data traffic. In a

Boost Mobile offering price cut on some CDMA unlimited plans

Boost Mobile is offering CDMA customers the opportunity to switch to its $50 per month unlimited voice, texting and Web surfing plan. All new and existing "UNLTD By Boost" customers who are on the

Traffic pumping fight heats up in South Dakota

Traffic pumping is in the news again. The Chicago Tribune has an Associated Press story on how the practice, which has caused controversy in Iowa in recent years, is now at the center of a legal

What would happen if exclusive handset deals were outlawed?

Much to the vexation of the big operators, the federal government has begun raising questions about potentially anticompetitive business practices in the wireless industry. Congress, the Department

If Sprint wins its outsourcing gamble, the payoff could be big

It could be the biggest flop or the most brilliant move that Sprint could make. I'm talking about the operator's $5 billion, seven-year deal with Ericsson to outsource its network operations, of