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Latest Headlines

Sprint reassures iDEN subscribers in wake of legal battle

Sprint Netxel is trying to reassure its subscribers using the Nextel iDEN network that they will not be affected by the fact that the carrier has to been ordered to stop operating the iDEN network in

Clearwire not slowing WiMAX rollout

The industry has been waiting to hear whether Clearwire would significantly taper off its rollout of WiMAX across its footprint given the deteriorating economy, but executives reaffirmed during the

Photos: ReCellular Recycling Efforts

Here are a few photos of phones being worked on as part of the recycling process. The photos are from ReCellular, one of Sprint's recycling vendors.

Plunging stock price means bigger investment for Clearwire backers

Thanks to Clearwire's plunging stock price, the company's major investors have seen their ownership in the operator increase. Clearwire's stock has fallen more than 40 percent during the past three

Sprint: rebanding will cost billions more in years ahead

Sprint Nextel plans on spending between $3.2 billion and $3.6 billion in total costs to reband the 800 MHz spectrum it owns, according to a recent federal filing. Sprint has spent $1.8 billion to

T-Mobile's $50 unlimited voice plan goes nationwide

T-Mobile USA has begun offering its $50 unlimited voice plan to loyal customers nationwide, less than two weeks after it began trialing the program in San Francisco. A screenshot from the My T-Mobile

Video: When Seconds Matter- Nextel Direct Connect

Check out this Nextel Direct Connect video:

Sprint forecasts 6 percent drop in revenue

Sprint Nextel, after hemorrhaging subscribers throughout 2008, is predicting a 6 percent drop in wireless service revenue in 2009. The carrier, which lost 1.3 million total customers in the fourth

Obama's budget calls for new wireless spectrum fees

President Obama proposed new wireless spectrum licensing fees in his budget outline on Thursday. This move could potentially bring in as much as $4.8 billion in revenue over the next decade. In his

Verizon launches low-cost PTT phone

Verizon Wireless launched a low-cost push-to-talk phone on Monday. The company is trying to branch out further into the PTT market that has been dominated by Sprint Nextel. The CDMA clamshell phone