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Latest Headlines

Sprint aims to hone in on iPad

Sprint is aiming to get a piece of the iPad action by offering its mobile hotspot service bundled with an iPad case. Users purchase the Overdrive for $99 (after rebate) and sign a two-year contract

RadioShack drops Sprint's Palm phones

Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) confirmed RadioShack is phasing out Palm's webOS products from store shelves, the latest blow to the beleaguered smartphone maker. Sprint spokesman Scott Sloat said the

Sprint pushes text messaging vendors to resolve Haitian donation dispute

Sprint Nextel has requested its text messaging aggregator, OpenMarket, continue to "seek a means of resolving a dispute" that involves a Haitian earthquake text messaging campaign headed by Catholic

Sprint trying to restore website after technical snafu

Sprint Nextel said it is working to restore all functionality to its website. Some functions have been down since Sunday. The glitches happened while Sprint was upgrading the site. The carrier, which

Mobile video calling: Possible, but not necessarily worth it

Several recent developments--and rumors on the iPhone front--indicate continued interest in video calling. But it's unclear whether the service has any real future. Specifically, Sprint Nextel's

4G phones: The promise and the peril

At last month's CTIA Wireless 2010 show in Las Vegas, many companies were buzzing about 4G phones. Sprint Nextel, of course, unveiled its first WiMAX phone, the impressive HTC Evo. MetroPCS chimed

Palm CEO admits to hitting 'speed bump' with webOS

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein described the smartphone vendor's current struggles as "disappointing" and "frustrating," but said he remains confident the company can turn things around. He said market

Sprint, Clearwire to bring WiMAX to Kansas City this summer

Sprint Nextel and Clearwire will launch mobile WiMAX service in Kansas City early this summer, according to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. The launch, in Sprint's home town, will roughly coincide with the

Report: Sprint adding EV-DO to next femtocell

Sprint Nextel is poised to release a new femtocell product that sports 3G data speeds, following rival AT&T Mobility into the market, according to recently released FCC documents. The documents,

Seybold's Take: Hype sets false expectations for networks, handsets

This year's CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas was very upbeat, especially considering the economic situation. Our Wireless University, a CTIA partner event the day before, was standing-room only, and