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Latest Headlines

Court: Sprint affiliate can proceed with legal action against Sprint/Clearwire deal

A Delaware court is allowing Sprint affiliate iPCS, the operator's larger affiliate, to move ahead with its legal action against Sprint and its planned WiMAX joint venture with Clearwire. However,

Sprint affiliate battles Clearwire JV

A Delaware court has ruled that Sprint can go ahead with a lawsuit to determine whether its joint venture with Clearwire and its plans to create a national mobile WiMAX network will violate its

SK and Sprint: considering alliance, not merger

Yesterday's CNBC story about potential merger between SK Telecom and Sprint is being debunked today. Instead, the Wall Street Journal and a few other news outlets are reporting that SK Telecom and

SK Telecom contemplating Sprint acquisition

Rumors are circulating that South Korean operator SK Telecom may acquire Sprint Nextel. According to CNBC, private equity firms would join SK Telecom in the possible buyout and would contribute cash

Google GPhone: The rumor that wouldn't die

Here we go again. Just when you thought rumors of a Google-branded mobile device (a.k.a. the GPhone) were finally put to rest months ago with the announcement of the Android OS, tongues are wagging

Can WiMAX devices come together in time for Sprint's commercial launch?

I'm wondering if the WiMAX device market will come together by the time Sprint launches commercial WiMAX in Baltimore in September, followed by other commercial deployments in Chicago and

Sprint's Xohm taps Mformation for remote device management

Sprint's WiMAX division announced a deal with device management software company Mformation Technologies to deliver device management capabilities for new Xohm-branded WiMAX-enabled mobile devices.

Don't ignore the LG Chocolate 3 and Palm Treo

It takes a certain boldness to launch a wireless device on the same weekend that the iPhone 3G is making its debut. But that's exactly what Palm has done with its Treo and LG with its Chocolate 3.

Senate gives retroactive immunity to carriers on wiretapping

The U.S. Senate passed legislation yesterday that overhauls the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and gives retroactive immunity to carriers that carried out wiretaps for the government,

Best Buy says Instinct breaking sales records

While the iPhone 3G takes up the bulk of news on the web today, Best Buy is revealing that Samsung's Instinct is a best-seller for the electronics retailer. A spokesman told Wireless Week that the