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Latest Headlines

Clearwire unofficially offers WiMAX in Las Vegas

Las Vegas residents can now buy Clearwire's Clear WiMAX service, although the service hasn't officially launched. The soft-launch mirrors what Clearwire did in May to begin rolling out its "Clear"

Sprint, Palm planning 'war rooms' for Pre launch

It's no secret that Sprint Nextel and Palm have a lot riding on the June 6 launch of the Palm Pre, and they are taking extra measures to ensure that the launch goes smoothly by preparing "situation

Ecuador's prez alleges U.S. telco scam

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa is accusing U.S. telcos AT&T, Sprint and MCI (now owned by Verizon) of short-changing his country by under-reporting the minutes of long-distance calls they

News In Brief: Sprint, Nokia, Microsoft, Dell

US carrier Sprint Nextel has announced   it will offer a tri-mode CDMA/WiFi/Wimax handset, and said it may launch its Wimax network in more markets than previously d

Success stories

Although embedded wireless is still in its infancy, there already are some notable success stories. The Amazon Kindle is perhaps the most visible embedded wireless device. Based on a recent filing by

Gartner: Embedded wireless to become car maker priority

Car makers in mature markets will focus on putting embedded wireless data connectivity into more than half of their "next-generation" cars by 2012, according to new research by Gartner. The research

Sprint to offer tri-mode phone, may expand 4G markets

Sprint Nextel will offer a tri-mode phone that offers CDMA, WiFi and WiMAX connectivity, and may launch its Sprint 4G service in markets that it previously has not disclosed. "We haven't announced

Dead brands: A stroll through the wireless operator graveyard

Wireless operators spend billions of dollars every year advertising their brands. Indeed, Verizon and AT&T--two of the nation's largest advertisers--spent a combined $4.4 billion on advertising

McAdam: Verizon to sell Palm Pre, Android phones

Verizon Wireless will begin selling the Palm Pre and Research In Motion's BlackBerry Storm 2 within the next six months, the carrier's chief executive said, according to a Reuters report. According

Kindle may generate $2 ARPU, but is it really that bad?

The mobile operator industry, in its quest to tap new markets as the voice market saturates, is moving heavily into the machine-to-machine communications and embedded device space, but that move