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Latest Headlines

Clearwire's stock falls 25.18% on bad news

Clearwire's share price was down 25.18 percent to $13.49 on Friday after reporting less than stellar third-quarter results and a

WiMAX Forum focuses on Wave 2 certification

The WiMAX Forum has reportedly canceled the first wave of certification profile testing and moved on to the the second wave of certification requirements along with more certification profiles such

Rumor Mill: Google buying Sprint?

According to a report over at TMCnet, rumor has it that Google is mulling whether to acquire Sprint Nextel, which Barron's evaluates at $67 billion in terms of market cap and debt (but without

Report says WiMAX MVNO model may work

A new report from Strategy Analytics says the MVNO model may actually be more successful in the WiMAX world. The report, "WiMAX MVNOs: Just Crazy Enough to Work?," points to Synterra, one of Russia's

WiMAX dealt another blow

  WiMAX dealt another blow  The WiMAX ecosystem was dealt another blow today with the news that Sprint and Clearwire are terminating their plans to

Sprint and Clearwire call off WiMAX JV

Sprint and Clearwire have called off their plans to jointly build a WiMAX network nationwide,

Verizon Wireless touts lowest churn rate

Verizon Wireless announced today that for the twelfth consecutive quarter it has posted the lowest churn rate among the top four carriers in the U.S. Sprint Nextel only report postpaid customer

Sprint makes switching contracts easier

In an effort to improve its customer service, Sprint Nextel has rolled out a number of programs that include pro-rated early-termination fees and the ability to switch rate plans without having to

T-Mobile USA to pro-rate ETFs, too

First Verizon Wireless pro-rated their early termination fees, then

Motorola completes femtocell trial

Motorola completed a femtocell trial with an unnamed European wireless operator. The company said that it was able to provide a fully integrated and tested solution based on open standards