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FEATURE: Sound off- Industry players discuss the Sprint/Clearwire WiMAX deal

On May 7 Sprint and Clearwire announced plans to combine their WiMax businesses and create a new company (called Clearwire) with a $3.2 billion investment from Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner

Andrew Seybold: Kindle, Chumby and Gobi

The Kindle is an electronic book from Amazon that receives purchased books via Sprint's EV-DO network. You don't need a Sprint account; when you purchase a book for $9.95 and turn on Kindle's

New Sprint-Clearwire deal a shot in the arm for mobile WiMAX

In a complex deal that will certainly be critiqued for months to come, Sprint and Clearwire announced plans to combine their WiMAX businesses and create a new company that will  include a $3.2

A breakdown of the Sprint-Clearwire deal

After months of rumors and speculation, the deal that the mobile WiMAX industry has been hoping for finally became a reality. Sprint and Clearwire announced that they will be combining their WiMAX

SPOTLIGHT: Interview:Xohm SVP Atish Gude--Xohm name still a possibility

"The new name of the company is called Clearwire, but Xohm is powerful and the new management will be given the opportunity regarding how to position the Xohm name in the market," SVP broadband

Sprint, Clearwire WiMAX Merger Timeline

Timeline of Sprint, Clearwire, WiMAX 5-6-08- Report:

SPOTLIGHT: Sprint expands partnership with Google

Sprint announced a partnership with Google that promises to more deeply integrate the web services giant's applications into the mobile user experience.

Report: Sprint considers Nextel spin-off

Yesterday, the rumor mill claimed that T-Mobile USA parent company Deutsche Telekom was mulling a bid for Sprint Nextel. Now a report in the Wall Street Journal says Sprint is considering a plan to

Qwest drops Sprint, taps Verizon for wireless

Sprint Nextel, already struggling this year with a declining customer base and falling revenues, was dealt another blow yesterday as Qwest Communications confirmed it was dropping the company as its

Sprint's backhaul conundrum

Last month Sprint Nextel said provisioning of backhaul is the primary hold-up to the