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Latest Headlines

Waiting for the Nokia WiMAX tablet

Speculation is that Nokia's 810 WiMAX tablet, which has been touted for months, may finally be ready for sale this month. The tablet PC device will be the first handheld available on Sprint's Xohm

Court halts Sprint-iPCS suit over WiMAX

Sprint affiliate iPCS claimed a legal victory after the Delaware Chancery Court stayed a lawsuit there pending the outcome of litigation between iPCS and Sprint in Illinois. Schaumburg, Ill.-based

And what is 4G, anyway?

Sprint uses the term "4G" to describe WiMAX technology. This seems to upset people, judging from the public and private comments on last week's editor corner, "

First Xohm customer recounts activation process

J. Nicholas Hoover, one of the first Sprint Nextel Xohm customers in Baltimore, gives a first-hand account of his mobile WiMAX activation and Web surfing experience.

Skype blasts CTIA over "open" networks

In another letter to the FCC, Skype's Senior Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs Chris Libertelli blasted the CTIA and Sprint Nextel for writing the FCC and claiming that the "entire Internet

Sprint confirms there are potential iDEN bidders

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that there has been significant interest from companies wishing to bid on the Nextel iDEN business but said that the current economic climate may make it tough

Laptops ready for WiMAX era

Sprint Nextel hopes to turn Baltimore into the Starbucks of WiMAX by making the port city between Washington and Philadelphia one big hotspot. While Starbucks drew hordes of laptop users to its

How will wireless weather the economic storm?

As the U.S. economy turns from bad to worse, it's impossible to not wonder how much fallout will occur in the wireless industry because of this crisis. Of course, much of the impact will depend on

Is there a winner in the LTE vs. WiMAX debate?

At last week's WiMAX World conference in Chicago, some advocates were quick to claim a WiMAX victory in the 4G technology race. "WiMAX is here and it's paving the way for 4G" was a refrain I heard

Slideshow- Sprint brings a WiMAX COW to Baltimore for XOHM celebration.

Sprint took no chances for its WiMAX XOHM celebration event in Baltimore. The company deployed a supplemental "cell site on wheels"- or COW- on top of a parking garage next to the event to ensure