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Latest Headlines

Sound off: What do you think about the FCC's inquiry into wireless?

Last week, the FCC voted to begin inquiries into innovation in the wireless industry, the state of competition in the "wireless ecosystem," and whether consumers have enough information about their

FAA's Telecom Infrastructure system suffered outage

A major air traffic route was put in jeopardy late last week when a subcontractor's error temporarily shut down the Federal Aviation Association's Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) system for

Telcos planning big cap-ex push in the second half

Major operators, including AT&T, Verizon Communications and Sprint Nextel, are planning to increase capital expenditures throughout the rest of this year, actions that likely will lift the

What kind of FCC will this be?

Following the departure of former Chairman Kevin Martin, it took more than seven months for the FCC to return to full strength with five commissioners. As the commission approaches its first monthly

AT&T to power Sony's new 3G ereader

AT&T will provide 3G wireless connectivity to Sony's new ereader, called the Daily Edition. The announcement firmly places AT&T as a contender in the ereader market, as the carrier also is

FTC approves Sprint-Virgin deal

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission approved Sprint Nextel's $483 million acquisition bid for prepaid player Virgin Mobile USA, moving the deal one step closer to completion. The FTC's ruling comes

Clearwire CEO: 'We're in the sweet spot'

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow expressed confidence that the mobile WiMAX provider would continue to receive enough funding to keep up its aggressive buildout

Sprint quietly lowers 3G/4G pricing plan

Sprint Nextel quietly lowered its monthly service price for its CDMA/mobile WiMAX plan by $10, research and consulting firm Current Analysis has learned. The price fell from $80 to $70 per month, and

Sprint cuts price on mobile WiMAX service

Sprint Nextel has quietly lowered the monthly service price for its CDMA/mobile WiMAX service from $79.99 per month to $69.99 per month, and is throwing in a free month of service as an extra bonus.

U.S. smartphone sales grew 47% in Q2

According to new numbers from research firm NPD Group, Americans love their smartphones. The firm said its second-quarter surveys (comprising 150,000 respondents) found that smartphones accounted for