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Does Amazon's Kindle give hope to open-access model?

How is one of the U.S. mobile wireless industry's first tests in open access fairing? Back in November, Amazon began distributing a new eBook device, called the Kindle, that makes use of Sprint's

Should the mobile operator community be concerned about cable operators?

Are mobile operators really worried about cable operators' entrance into the mobile world? The answer may be: It depends. Earlier this month, cable provider Cox Communications revealed a little more

Sprint lowers phone-as-a-modem pricing, but read the fine print

Sprint Nextel has announced a particularly enticing incentive for mobile data users, but at least one analyst is warning folks to read the fine print. The operator, which is struggling to keep

Dell'Oro: CDMA infrastructure market took a hit in 2Q

The Dell'Oro Group says that the worldwide CDMA infrastructure market fell more than 25 percent from the year ago quarter as Verizon Wireless and Sprint cut back on CDMA spending. The firm says

Open networks, international flair at CTIA I.T.

The weakening economy may be impacting wireless firms around the world but CTIA COO Rob Mesirow says it's not stopping the CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment show from drawing a crowd to San

KU, Sprint research millimeter wave technology

University of Kansas researchers are teaming with Sprint Nextel and Sunflower Broadband to study the performance of millimeter wave communications systems and how weather can weaken signals and

Hesse talks about why he left Embarq for Sprint

Dan Hesse was CEO of a company he liked-- Embarq-- working with a strong team he enjoyed, and he had the support of his board, not something every CEO can say even in the best of times. His life

Wireless carriers rank high in ad spending

Wireless companies are big spenders when it comes to advertising. Advertising Age recently ranked the leading national advertisers and AT&T, Verizon and Sprint were ranked No. 1, 2 and 3,

Rumor Mill: Is Sprint planning to reduce wireless modem rates?

IntoMobile says the Sprint may soon drop the price of its wireless modem rate plans. Currently, the carrier charges customers $40 per month to use their cell phones as wireless modems tethered to

State regulators weigh in on ETF

The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) is weighing in on the early termination fee debate. NARUC is establishing a working group to develop national standards to protect