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Latest Headlines

Sprint CFO says new iPhone not impacting Pre sales

Sprint Nextel will continue to see shortages of the Palm Pre, but the company has not experienced any impact from Apple's new iPhone model, the carrier's CFO said. "We still have a backlog of

AT&T targeting femto launch for this year

AT&T said at a conference in London that it plans to launch national 3G femtocell-based service later this year, according to Light Reading's Unstrung. AT&T has been reported for some time to

Sprint, T-Mobile ask FCC to cap special access fees

Wireless carriers without wireline divisions are asking the FCC to put a cap on the special access fees they must pay to backhaul their customers' voice and data traffic across their competitors'

PHOTOS: Sprint launches pair of social networking handsets

Sprint Nextel launched two new phones designed for social networking, the Samsung Exclaim, featurings a dual-sliding keyboard, revealing a numeric keypad and a full Qwerty keyboard, and the HTC Snap,

Sprint launches two new social networking phones

Sprint Nextel launched two new phones designed for social networking. The carrier launched the Samsung Exclaim, which features a dual-sliding keyboard, revealing a numeric keypad and a full Qwerty

Tethering tutorials take off while carriers mull options

Tutorials on turning smartphones into modems via tethering are springing up on the Internet, but some wireless carriers are still debating whether to allow the feature on their most popular

Sprint, Palm drop after analyst report on Pre sales

Shares of both Sprint Nextel and Palm fell yesterday after a report by an analyst at Wachovia Securities indicated the Palm Pre was doing little to attract new customers to Sprint. The report, by

IRS backs away from tax on work-issued cell phones

The Internal Revenue Service is backing away from proposals aimed at stricter enforcement of a law that taxes personal use of work-issued cell phones, and is now asking Congress to repeal the law

Verizon, AT&T defend text messaging price policies

Executives from the nation's two largest carriers defended their respective text messaging rates at a Senate hearing yesterday, denying allegations of collusion among Tier 1 carriers to raise text

RIM releasing BlackBerry Tour for Sprint, Verizon

Research In Motion unveiled its latest smartphone, the Tour, and said it would be available soon on Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless. The gadget offers features for both consumers and business