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Latest Headlines

Xohm adds more backhaul

Sprint inked a deal with Ciena Corp. to use the company's carrier Ethernet platform as one of the backhaul solutions for its 4G WiMAX network, Xohm. The company said that it's focused on Ciena's

Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse back as a pitchman

To boost its faltering subscriber base, Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse has returned as a pitchman for the carrier, explaining in a new commercial how customers can have their phones configured for them

Jabber punches up Cisco's UC effort

Cisco Systems has agreed to acquire Jabber, a highly-regarded developer of presence technology and messaging applications that had lured previous investments from France Telecom, Intel and others.

Rumor mill: Sprint will launch Xohm Oct. 6

Sprint has been promising it would launch its Xohm mobile WiMAX service in Baltimore by the fourth quarter this year, and with that time frame rapidly approaching, some Xohm launch details appear to

Big is better in a slumping economy

The spiraling economy, while it doesn't favor anyone, will do the least harm to bigger telecommunications players, according to analyst Craig Moffett at Sanford Bernstein. Companies like AT&T and

Sprint CEO looks to improve Nextel unit

Dan Hesse, Sprint Nextel's CEO, said the company is focused on fixing the Nextel part of the partnership, and said despite the lag it has put on business, the Nextel unit is not something Sprint

Incoming Text: More anti-trust lawsuits filed against carriers

Two new class-action anti-trust lawsuits were levelled against U.S. wireless carriers yesterday in federal courts in Ohio and Kansas, as legal jeopardy facing AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless,

Judge refuses to dismiss iPCS lawsuit against Sprint

A Cook County, Ill., judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by wireless affiliate iPCS against Sprint Nextel. The judge has decided to allow the lawsuit to proceed, denying Sprint's efforts to

Skype official calls out carriers on "open" networks

In a strongly-worded letter to the FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, a Skype official complained that the major U.S. wireless carriers were all talk when it came to "open" networks, and that if the

NYC cabs get Sprint mobile payment service

Sprint Nextel has started outfitting New York City cabs with real-time payment systems for credit cards, using its data services through its EVDO Rev. A network and Sprint Data Link. The operation,