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Latest Headlines

Analyst: expect higher Q1 churn at Sprint

An analyst report saying that Sprint Nextel will have higher churn than expected in the first quarter of 2009 sent the company's stock price plummeting. Wachovia Capital Markets analyst Jennifer

ZTE plans major smartphone push in U.S. market

ZTE said it planned to make a major smartphone push in the U.S. market in 2009, including possibly partnering with Verizon Wireless on a dual-mode CDMA/LTE handset. The Chinese telecom equipment

Sprint Nextel launches Palm Treo Pro

After numerous delays, Sprint Nextel finally launched the Palm Treo Pro, adding another smartphone to its lineup in advance of the much awaited launch of the Palm Pre. The phone was supposed to

Report: Sprint, Ericsson sign $2B network outsourcing deal

Sprint Nextel and Ericsson have signed a network outsourcing deal worth $2 billion, according to a report in the Swedish business weekly Affarsvarlden. The report, which first appeared Friday and

Palm, Sprint offer few new details on Pre

Palm and Sprint Nextel offered up a few morsels of information Thursday in a webinar meant to generate hype for the launch of the Palm Pre, which is expected sometime in the first half of the year.

Sprint stopping Hesse ad campaign

Sprint Nextel will be starting a new advertising campaign soon that will not feature the company's CEO, Dan Hesse. Hesse has been the public pitchman for the struggling wireless carrier, appearing in

The battle for the $50 per month customer

In case you haven't noticed, there is a battle brewing for the value-centric wireless consumer. MetroPCS and Leap Wireless' Cricket service have always had a hold on this market with their unlimited

Sprint Nextel launches LG Rumor2, new rate plan

Sprint Nextel launched the LG Rumor2, the successor to the popular mid-range CDMA handset. In addition, the carrier debuted a new $50 per month rate plan that offers unlimited texting, picture and

Sprint hit with another class-action lawsuit

Sprint Nextel has been hit with another class-action lawsuit, this time in a far-reaching suit that claims the wireless carrier misrepresented the company's health to investors following its 2005

Analyst: Sprint network outsourcing deal not 'imminent'

Sprint Nextel is not going to outsource its network management any time soon, according to an analyst from a firm that recently met with Sprint CFO Bob Brust. Brust met Monday with investors at a