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Report: AT&T to offer $100 femtocells

According to a report from ThinkPanmure, AT&T has inked a $500 million deal with ip.access for 7 million femtocells, which it plans to sell to its subscribers for about $100. While AT&T would

Report: AT&T delays 3G BlackBerry

According to a report in Fortune, AT&T is delaying the launch of its first 3G BlackBerry handset until August following concerns stemming from a technical glitch that affected the handset's call

Timeline- Sprint's Ill-fated Pivot

Sprint's Pivot has had a long history of troubles. Below is a timeline of this ill-fated joint venture between the cable companies and a wireless carrier:

Backhaul, billing causes of Xohm delay

Sprint Nextel says provisioning of backhaul is the primary hold-up to the operator's nationwide deployment of mobile WiMAX. Sprint, which was supposed to launch its Xohm network this month, is having

Cable companies exit Pivot JV with Sprint

Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications have ended their joint venture, branded Pivot, with beleaguered mobile carrier Sprint Nextel. Current Pivot subscribers will have the option of

Towerstream to launch commercial 802.16e

Towerstream is working with WiMAX vendor Alvarion to conduct trials of mobile WiMAX technology in the 3.65 GHz band. Alvarion also announced commercial availability of its 802.16e BreezeMAX 3650 base

SPOTLIGHT: TowerStream to beat Sprint with 802.16e launch?

According to a report from Unstrung, TowerStream is all set to beat Sprint to the punch with the launch of its 802.16e WiMAX technology next month. While Sprint just missed its April launch date for

Is there much value in competitive PTT offerings?

Is there much value in push-to-talk offerings from operators other than Sprint Nextel? Verizon Wireless, according to The Wall Street Journal, is planning to launch a new, faster version of its PTT

Verizon Wireless sues Sprint over interconnects

Verizon Wireless has filed a lawsuit against Sprint Nextel for allegedly failing to pay $10 million in interconnection fees. The suit was filed in Delaware federal court. "Verizon has repeatedly

Verizon Wireless to launch 3G PTT

Verizon Wireless is planning to launch a new, faster version of their push-to-talk service over its 3G network this summer, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal that cites the carrier's