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Latest Headlines

Sprint planning stock swap plan for employees

Due to its dwindling stock price, Sprint Nextel is going to ask its board to vote at its May 11 meeting to approve a value-for-value exchange of employee stock options, a move intended to "revive the

Report: Apple producing a CDMA iPhone this year

Apple will produce a CDMA version of its popular iPhone this year, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, a move likely to end AT&T Mobility's exclusive grip on the device. The report,

Sprint issues 4G developer guide in advance of HTC EVO

With the upcoming launch of its first 3G/4G smartphone, HTC's Android-powered EVO, Sprint also announced the release of a 4G developer guide available via the operator's Application Developers

Ericsson's Vestberg: Network services are key to growth

Ericsson, like its other vendor counterparts may have continued to see their profits dwindle as a result of price savvy competitors and cutbacks, but it thinks the network services market could be

National Advertising Review Board re-affirms recommended ban on Sprint dependable network ads

The National Advertising Review Board re-affirmed a decision last year made by another panel that Sprint Nextel cannot claim to be "America's most dependable 3G network" in its advertisements. The

Sprint under fire over Haitian text messaging campaign

An apparent paperwork snafu between Sprint Nextel and mobile messaging company Mobile Commons has reignited a policy battle over how text messaging campaigns are handled by the nation's wireless

Sprint's next challenge is touting the 4G difference

LAS VEGAS--There was certainly a lot of discussion about 4G technologies at this week's CTIA Wireless conference here. We heard from both camps--LTE and mobile WiMAX--about the progress being made

Sprint's Hesse: Mobile WiMAX ushering in a revolution

LAS VEGAS--Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said his company's bet on Clearwire and mobile WiMAX over LTE was necessary, and that the technology will help spark a revolution in the wireless industry.

The phones of CTIA Wireless 2010

LAS VEGAS--The annual CTIA Wireless trade show here is a reliable location for a range of new device and handset announcements. Vendors from across the spectrum vie for attention and hype via their

Sprint unveils HTC Android-based WiMAX smartphone, the Evo

LAS VEGAS--As expected, Sprint Nextel took the wraps off its first WiMAX smartphone, the HTC-built "Evo 4G." Though the carrier did not release pricing details, it said the phone would go on sale