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Latest Headlines

Sprint adds 4 new PTT phones

Sprint Nextel will launch four new Direct Connect phones in about 47 markets on June 15. The phones will be powered by Qualcomm's QChat next-generation push-to-talk technology that uses Sprint's

Clearwire expects 30 million subs by 2017

Clearwire executives told investors this morning that the "new" Clearwire will have 30 million customers and will generate $17.5 billion in annual revenue by 2017. Scott Richardson, Clearwire chief

Motorola will release 700 MHz LTE products in 2009

Motorola is gearing up for an onslaught of demand for LTE equipment in the 700 MHz band and the 2.6 GHz band. The company says that the first commercial release of products for these new spectrum

Cisco, Intel others form WiMAX patent pool

Six WiMAX firms have teamed together to create the Open Patent Alliance, a group that's goal is to jointly license WiMAX patents so they can keep royalty rates in check and make the technology more

Cisco to unveil WiMAX patent alliance

Cisco is expected to announce today that it has formed an alliance with Sprint, Clearwire and a handful of WiMAX manufacturers to share WiMax patents and therefore stimulate the WiMAX ecosystem.

AT&T settles content lawsuits

AT&T has settled a class-action lawsuit in which customers were receiving mysterious charges for ringtones and other third party content. The suit, which was approved by a Georgia court last

As 3G laptops become must-haves for enterprise, how will operators respond?

Gartner is predicting that laptops embedded with 3G are likely to become a must-have for the business world beginning next year because new technologies--namely those that incorporate various

Comcast CEO offers insight on Clearwire investment

Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts shed a little more light on the company's reasons behind investing more than a billion in the new Clearwire. Comcast, TimeWarner, Sprint, Google and Intel

Intel: July launch for next-gen WiFi/ WiMAX platform

Intel announced it will introduce its next-generation Centrino 2 mobile platform, code-named Montevina, July 14. The platform is expected to offer faster performance and longer battery life, and

Seybold: The New Clearwire- Will it succeed?

There has been a lot of positive press about the "new" Clearwire, a company that was put together from the original Clearwire, Sprint's Xohm, Google, Comcast, Intel and a few other players. This new