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Latest Headlines

Nokia hoists the WiMAX flag 180 feet

Nokia setup a massive crane in the parking lot in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CTIA Wireless today to demonstrate the new capabilities of the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, which is

Sprint taps Nokia Siemens Networks for XOHM

Sprint tapped Nokia Siemens Networks to implement its subscriber database solution, which includes Apertio's One-NDS, (Network Directory Server), in an effort to provide a more personalized

Sprint's ex-CEO Forsee made $21.4M in 2007

Sprint's former chairman and CEO Gary Forsee's compensation during 2007 was valued at $21.8 million, which marks a 47 percent increase from the previous year. Last year was a difficult year for

Will cable MSOs come to the rescue of Sprint/Clearwire?

How many times have we heard that cable companies are interested in broadband wireless, particularly WiMAX? But we never heard more than just vague speculation with no names. Now several

DEALS: Cable MSOs to fund WiMAX?

DEALSWHOWITHWHATSCOOPNortelU.S. CellularNortel inked a five year deal with U.S. Cellular.The network expansion deal builds on an existing deal between the vendor and the CDMA

Report:Cable MSOs to invest in Sprint-Clearwire

Several publications are reporting today that cable TV players Comcast and Time Warner Cable may invest in a WiMAX network joint venture being discussed by Sprint Nextel and Clearwire. That joint

D.C. Court puts the brakes on E911

A U.S. District Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. has implemented a stay on an FCC order approved in September that would bring stricter standards for wireless carriers' E911 location-based

C&L: Sprint hires Elfman

Sprint appoints Steven Elfman president of network operations and wholesale. MediaFLO hires two new SVPs: Jonathan Barzilay as SVP of programming and advertising and Matt Milne as SVP of sales and

Sprint appoints Elfman networks president

Sprint Nextel created a new position for Steven Elfman, who left Motricity to become Sprint's first president of network operations and wholesale. Elfman will report directly to Sprint CEO Dan Hesse

QUICKLINKS: Apple patent points to flip iPhone; Sprint upgrades mobile web browsing;

> Apple patent points to flip iPhone. FierceWireless > Sprint upgrades mobile web browsing.