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Latest Headlines

Sprint forms M2M-focused business unit

Sprint Nextel said it would create a new business unit focused solely on bringing more machine-to-machine and mobile computing solutions to market for businesses and consumers. The new unit, called

Microsoft unleashes Windows Mobile 6.5 worldwide

Microsoft formally announced the coordinated, worldwide release of smartphones running on its new Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. The company said that it expected its partners to deliver more

Clearwire's mobile WiMAX live in Philadelphia

While Clearwire officially launched commercial mobile WiMAX service in the smaller markets of Milledgeville, Ga., and Salem, Ore., it also showed on its web site that service is now live in

Where do the nation's Tier 1 carriers sit in the race to 4G?

Mobile broadband is clearly exploding. Verizon Wireless, in the midst of deploying its LTE network, is running to catch up with Clearwire, which is pushing mobile WiMAX into more markets while at the

A snapshot of Tier 1 U.S. broadband network deployments

The past few months have been a hubbub of activity for network providers and infrastructure vendors as the market gears up for the race to 4G. Driven by smartphone successes and increasing demands

Sprint bolsters Android dev support, opens up Java APIs

With Sprint poised to launch its first Android-powered smartphone, the HTC Hero, the operator announced a series of additions to its Applications Developer website to give coders the tools necessary

Sprint launching Instinct HD for $250

Sprint Nextel is launching the latest successor to its Instinct phone, the Instinct HD, promising users the ability to record HD video and connect to an HD device via a TV-out jack. The phone has an

AT&T begins 3G femtocell push

AT&T began selling a 3G femtocell called the MicroCell in Charlotte, N.C.--an industry first in the U.S., as rivals Verizon and Sprint have only introduced 2G femtocells. AT&T is selling the

Verizon joins rivals in ereader market

Verizon Wireless is adding another chapter to the story of the ereader market. The carrier is going to provide 3G EV-DO network support for an ereader made by iRex Technologies, a spinoff of Royal

Report: DT now wants access to Clearwire, MetroPCS spectrum for 4G

More rumors are swirling regarding Germany's Deutsche Telekom's intentions in the U.S. market. This time, DT is reportedly looking to gain access to spectrum controlled by Clearwire, which is