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Verizon Wireless' new smartphone; Sprint QChat

It's already been a busy week for handset launches. Now, Verizon Wireless is launching a couple of

M-Commerce gets real

Since the CTIA Wireless 2007 conference last March, the mobile financial services sector has come of age. Verizon Wireless teamed with peer-to-peer mobile payments company Obopay to launch a mobile payment offering and most of the major banks in the U.S. have launched mobile services whether carrier-specific or agnostic. This year the MFS sector will continue to speculate about the market opportunities that lie ahead, but it will finally be able to point to hard data from real commercial launches. Pragnesh Shah, CEO of Mobilian and former vice president of product innovation at Sprint

Clearwire officially launches PC card, $60 too high?

Clearwire announced the official launch of its first PC card.

Open handsets and a few dark horses

With the 700 MHz auction scheduled to start in January, expect the show to be buzzing with speculation over how the FCC's "open access" rules will affect handsets. The winning bidder of the "open access" C Block spectrum slice will have to allow "any device" onto its network, per FCC's auction rules. So what does this mean for handset makers' relationships with carriers? Will this rule spark a flurry of handsets by niche players? While "open access" will figure prominently into the discussion, handset makers hope their latest offerings will somehow

CTIA Wireless I.T. and Entertainment Datebook

Monday, Oct. 22. 9:15 AM- Mobile Entertainment Live! Moscone Center South Hall − Moscone Esplanade Ballroom Carrier Q&A with Mark Collins, VP Consumer Data, AT&T Wireless. Collins replaced outspoken AT&T data executive Jim Ryan, earlier this year. We expect Collins to give details about a rumored "substantial" AT&T music announcement during this Q&A. Tuesday, Oct. 23. 9:30 AM- Keynote address with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft 1:01 PM to 2:14 PM- State of Mobile Content Mini-Con- Carrier panel. Moscone Center South Hall − Room 250 Finally, a panel with

HTC Touch on Sprint- New phone release roundup

HTC Touch Coming to Sprint: < Previous Phone |

The big four launch a handset apiece

With just a few days before the CTIA I.T. & Entertainment conference kicks off, all four of the big carriers in the U.S. have launched handsets today. Sprint launched the HTC Touch. AT&T

ALSO NOTED: In-flight wireless; Sprint's SEE TV; and much more...

> Alaska, Virgin re-investigate in-flight wireless. Article > Sprint debuts original mobile TV network.

Sprint's WiMAX strategy will likely undergo a tweak

Let me go on the record as saying I don't believe Sprint Nextel will abandon its WiMAX plans in light of investor pressure and the

New AT&T Mobility CEO: De la Vega

Things really do come in threes: Days after the exits of Sprint Nextel CEO