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Do AT&T rivals need an iPhone killer anymore?

Another smartphone dubbed an iPhone killer launched this weekend. This time it's Sprint Nextel's Palm Pre, and by some accounts it is the strongest rival to the iPhone to date. Sprint is smartly

Updated: Lines across the country for Sprint Pre launch

NEW YORK CITY--Sprint Nextel customers braved a steady rain here to get the Palm Pre at a launch event for longtime customers, held a day before the device officially goes on sale. At 6 p.m., when

Hesse: Pre launch is 'coming-out party' for Sprint

NEW YORK--At the official launch event of the Palm Pre here this morning, Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said the commercial launch tomorrow of the much-hyped device would be a "coming-out party for the

Early Palm Pre reviews mostly positive

Early reviews for the Palm Pre have started trickling in and most are positive, albeit with a few caveats, mostly about the lack of third-party applications on the smartphone. While consumers will

Verizon becomes preferred carrier for LifeWatch

Verizon Wireless reached an agreement with the wireless telemedicine services company LifeWatch to become the preferred wireless network for LifeWatch's remote monitoring service for cardiac

Clearwire rolls out another market in quiet mode

Clearwire is quietly rolling out another WiMAX market. This time residents in Las Vegas can go to the company's web site and purchase Clearwire services. Last month, the operator did a soft-launch

Hesse: Three months to tell if Pre is a success

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said it will take around three months for the carrier to know how well the Palm Pre is doing in the market. "It will probably take about three months before we know,"

Grocery chain offers free wireless minutes

Who couldn't use some free wireless minutes these days? Cincinnati-based grocery chain Kroger is teaming up with i-wireless, an MVNO on Sprint Nextel's network, for a national promotion that will

Clearwire unofficially offers WiMAX in Las Vegas

Las Vegas residents can now buy Clearwire's Clear WiMAX service, although the service hasn't officially launched. The soft-launch mirrors what Clearwire did in May to begin rolling out its "Clear"

Sprint, Palm planning 'war rooms' for Pre launch

It's no secret that Sprint Nextel and Palm have a lot riding on the June 6 launch of the Palm Pre, and they are taking extra measures to ensure that the launch goes smoothly by preparing "situation