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Latest Headlines

Boost acknowledges being 'overwhelmed' by unlimited texting, promises fix

Customers and dealers have been voicing their concerns about text messaging delays while using Boost Mobile's unlimited $50 voice and data plan, according to an Associated Press report. Customers and

Court denies Sprint's attempt to block iPCS over WiMAX

A court struck down Sprint Nextel's attempt to block its affiliate iPCS from arguing that Sprint's decision to partner with Clearwire to provide mobile WiMAX service violates its exclusive agreements

Palm may limit Pre supply to build buzz

Palm may limit its stockpile of Pre smartphones at launch to fewer than 400,000 units, according to analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News. The goal? Generate more buzz after the handset quickly sells

T-Mobile USA sells a million G1s

T-Mobile USA has sold more than 1 million of its Android-based G1 devices during the past six months, news that essentially sets the benchmark for Palm's Pre. The figure was buried in Deutsche

T-Mobile USA launches embedded SIM card for M2M

T-Mobile USA launched an embedded SIM card for machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, which the operator said is about the size of the head of a pin. The embedded SIM is also more durable than

Carriers urged to drop ETFs for the newly jobless

Consumer interest groups urged wireless carriers to drop early termination fees for customers who have lost their jobs, a measure of the extent of the global economic recession. The carriers, for

Earnings preview: AT&T, Verizon set to hold steady

Analysts expect AT&T and Verizon Communications to report strong earnings in the days ahead, but are warning that struggling wireless carrier Sprint Nextel may post a loss of revenue and net

Report: Prepaid growth to outpace postpaid additions

Prepaid subscriber growth is set to outpace postpaid growth for the first time ever this year, according to analysts surveyed by the Associated Press. The economic recession, combined with the

Sprint revving up Pre advertising

Sprint Nextel is ramping up advertising for the Palm Pre ahead of the device's launch, rumored for mid-May. The carrier, which is looking to revive its flagging subscriber growth with the Pre, took

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