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Latest Headlines

Cablevision developing WiFi/cellular phone

Cablevision said it is testing a mobile phone that can switch between its WiFi network and a cellular network. The company did not say what cellular company or companies it is partnering with.

Sprint, Hesse kickstart new ad campaign

Sprint Nextel is putting its marketing muscle behind a new advertising campaign to highlight the carrier's value proposition, an effort that marks the return of CEO Dan Hesse as the company's

Who will partner with Cablevision for WiFi/cellular service?

Not surprisingly, Cablevision revealed it is trialing phones that seamlessly move between WiFi and cellular networks. Tom Rutledge, COO of the MSO, which is successfully using its own WiFi network in

Vonage reports something different in Q4, a profit

Vonage and positive news has rarely, if ever, been a combination the company has seen in its 10-year history. But in Q4, the company bucked its common negative trend by reporting that it actually had

Clearwire adds 87,000 WiMAX subs in 4Q

Clearwire made good on the CEO Bill Morrow's promise that the WiMAX operator's fourth-quarter subscriber additions would exceed all of the previous three quarters of 2009 combined. The company added

Wireless carriers, Google defend ETF policies

The nation's Tier 1 wireless carriers and Google strongly defended their early termination fee policies, arguing they are transparent about the terms of the fees and that ETFs protect device

Clearwire net additions soar to 87K in Q4

Clearwire's aggressive WiMAX deployment schedule paid off. During the fourth quarter, the company added 87,000 net new subscribers, bringing its total subscriber base to 688,000. The number of

What is the future of prepaid unlimited? Page 2

Previous page "They're doing a lot of things to try and narrow the gap already," said Bill Ho, an analyst at Current Analysis. "The prepaid guys' encroachment and dropping price points has moved the

What is the future of prepaid unlimited?

2009 was a busy year for prepaid carriers as they jockeyed for leadership by cutting their prices and adding new features. What does the future hold for these firms? The main U.S. prepaid unlimited

Sprint to introduce first WiMAX phone this summer

Sprint Nextel has revealed that it plans to introduce its first WiMAX/3G smartphone during the first half of the year, which is earlier than expected. Paget Alves, Sprint's president of Business