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Latest Headlines

Cox ready to be first cable operator in mobile wireless

Cox Communications, which has been buying up wireless spectrum, including 700 MHz, and following a cagey, information-limited approach to what it's going to do with that spectrum, will apparently

Hesse: WiMAX will reach 140M potential customers by 2010

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said he anticipates the company's WiMAX network, which is expected to be combined with Clearwire shortly, to reach 140 million potential customers by 2010. Hesse, speaking

Sprint CEO says wireless industry resilient to economic downturn

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said he expected there to be 140 million potential U.S. WiMAX users by 2010, and said the wireless industry would weather the current economic storm at a luncheon Friday

Sprint launches HTC Touch Pro

Sprint Nextel launched its top-of-the-line handset for the holiday shopping season Friday, the HTC Touch Pro, a slightly souped-up version of the HTC Touch Diamond that is geared to the enterprise

Sprint Nextel makes two changes to its board

Sprint Nextel announced two changes to its board of directors Friday, naming Sven-Christer Nilsson to the board and announcing the resignation of Ralph Whitworth from the board. Nilsson was the CEO

Sprint to cut early termination fees

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said the operator was going to be trimming early termination fees for its customers, joining the other three incumbent U.S. wireless carriers, which have already started

Dan Hesse steers Sprint through choppy waters

Since taking over as CEO of Sprint Nextel late last year, Dan Hesse has made significant improvements, especially in customer service, but the carrier remains in a tough financial position,

Sprint launches One Click phones

Sprint officially launched some of its One Click phones today, including the LG Lotus and the Samsung Rant and Highnote.

Mobile WiMAX: The Long Term Revolution

By Adlane Fellah The performance of the BWA/WiMAX industry during the first half of 2008 suggests significant growth is near. BWA/WiMAX subscribers worldwide reached 2.3 million in second quarter

Sprint to release four One Click phones next week

Sprint Nextel will release four handsets next week running with its One Click technology. One Click gives the consumer the ability to have favorite applications in the phone's standby screen. Kevin