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Prediction: 2008 is the great open access experiment

The mantra in 2007 was open access, and 2008 will be about delivering on the lip service. Sprint Nextel is embarking on what will be the industry's first experiment with open access. The operator's

The MVNO love affair is over

Two years ago there was a new acronym in the wireless industry and many analyst reports predicted that it signified the next big thing: mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO. Earlier this year two

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> Mobile financial services ramped up this year as banks launched their own applications for the

A year in review

The WiMAX hype hit an all-time high in 2007, and now we sit on the edge of our seats waiting for it all to come to fruition next year. Sprint, the technology's primary evangelist in the operator

WiMAX builds momentum, hits PR snag

WiMAX was all the rage in 2007, that is until Sprint Nextel fell on hard times and ended its buildout partnership with Clearwire. Sprint has been the chief evangelist of of mobile WiMAX, setting the

Open access comes to the forefront

Google started the movement and Verizon Wireless, once a staunch opponent of the concept, is now embracing it. Open access means operators open up their networks to enable any device and application

Forsee to lead U. of Missouri; Hesse paid $1.2M

According to a report from the Kansas City Star,

'4G' standards jockey for position

The International Telecommunication Union hasn't officially sanctioned 4G standards yet but chances are they will be based on OFDMA technology and they'll be Long Term Evolution (LTE), the migration

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Top headlines from 2007 > Cisco buys Navini for $330M >

Dan Hesse's email to Embarq employees

Dear Embarq colleagues, It is with very mixed emotions that I have decided to accept the position of Sprint Nextel CEO. This was a very difficult decision for me to make. Both situations are great