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Latest Headlines

FCC plans intercarrier fee rule changes

The Federal Communications Commission is considering an overhaul of the system of fees that phone companies pay to each other when they connect calls from one another's network. The rule changes,

IP/MPLS Forum approves mobile backhaul spec

The IP/MPLS Forum announced progress in applying multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) technology to mobile backhaul infrastructures. The group approved its first technical specification as part of

Monday's rising tide lifts telco stocks

The record one-day surge Monday in the stock market lifted telecom stocks along for the ride. As the Dow Jones industrial average recorded a single-day gain of 936 points on news that global

Pictures: New WiMAX Laptops

Laptop lineup for Sprint's WiMAX service unveiled

When Barry West, the president of the Xohm Business Unit for Sprint Nextel, presented Xohm's WiMAX service at a Baltimore launch event last week, he said there were going to be about a dozen laptops

Waiting for the Nokia WiMAX tablet

Speculation is that Nokia's 810 WiMAX tablet, which has been touted for months, may finally be ready for sale this month. The tablet PC device will be the first handheld available on Sprint's Xohm

Court halts Sprint-iPCS suit over WiMAX

Sprint affiliate iPCS claimed a legal victory after the Delaware Chancery Court stayed a lawsuit there pending the outcome of litigation between iPCS and Sprint in Illinois. Schaumburg, Ill.-based

And what is 4G, anyway?

Sprint uses the term "4G" to describe WiMAX technology. This seems to upset people, judging from the public and private comments on last week's editor corner, "

First Xohm customer recounts activation process

J. Nicholas Hoover, one of the first Sprint Nextel Xohm customers in Baltimore, gives a first-hand account of his mobile WiMAX activation and Web surfing experience.

Skype blasts CTIA over "open" networks

In another letter to the FCC, Skype's Senior Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs Chris Libertelli blasted the CTIA and Sprint Nextel for writing the FCC and claiming that the "entire Internet