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Latest Headlines

What would happen if exclusive handset deals were outlawed?

Much to the vexation of the big operators, the federal government has begun raising questions about potentially anticompetitive business practices in the wireless industry. Congress, the Department

If Sprint wins its outsourcing gamble, the payoff could be big

It could be the biggest flop or the most brilliant move that Sprint could make. I'm talking about the operator's $5 billion, seven-year deal with Ericsson to outsource its network operations, of

Sprint sends for Ericsson

Equipment vendors offering network outsourcing and management services have long struggled to convince the US carriers of the merits of this model, since they have always believed that managing networks was a core competency and source of di

Sprint embraces WiFi in smartphones

Sprint Nextel is requiring its smartphone suppliers to add WiFi capability to their devices for the carrier going forward, and the operator announced it will release an updated version of the

Questions, concerns surround Sprint-Ericsson tie-up

As the industry digests the mammoth, $5 billion outsourcing deal between Sprint Nextel and Ericsson, questions and concerns have arisen about the 6,000 affected Sprint employees, Sprint's network

Rogers takes a light touch with new netbook subsidy

Canadian wireless carrier Rogers announced it will sell a Compaq netbook for $300 with a two-year service plan. The announcement comes just days after Sprint Nextel debuted almost the exact same

Sprint inks €3.6b network outsourcing deal with Ericsson

US fixed and wireless carrier Sprint will contract out its network operations to Ericsson in a seven-year deal valued at up to Euro 3.6 billion. It is the first network outsourcing deal involving a tier-1 North American telco.

Sprint's BlackBerry Tour to sprout WiFi next year

Sprint Nextel said it will release an updated version of the BlackBerry Tour next year that will include WiFi, a move that reflects the carrier's recent decision to require its smartphone suppliers

How low can unlimited pricing go?

The price war among the unlimited prepaid carriers intensified last week when TracFone Wireless undercut its competitors by introducing a new prepaid, flat-rate calling and texting plan called

Sprint hands wireless and wireline network keys to Ericsson

After months of speculation, Sprint made it official today that it will be outsource its wireless and wireline network operations to Ericsson. Calling the deal "Network Advantage," Ericsson, under