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Latest Headlines

Clearwire says it's not wedded to WiMAX

Having solidified its merger with Sprint's Xohm WiMAX business and secured the $3.2 billion investment from Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House Networks, Intel and Google, Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff

New Clearwire announces 'Clear' brand

It's all clear sailing now for the new Clearwire. Having managed to solidify its merger with Sprint's Xohm business unit and hold on to $3.2 billion in investment money from Comcast, Time Warner,

Sprint employees sue carrier over lost commissions

Sprint Nextel has been sued in a $5 million class-action lawsuit by thousands of its employees who say they were cheated out of some of their commission compensation because of glitches in the

Sprint executive John Garcia resigns

John Garcia, the head of Sprint Nextel's CDMA business, has resigned. The company declined to elaborate on the circumstances surrounding his departure. Keith Cowan, Sprint's president of strategy and

Video: Acuity Mobile's Aisle Caster

Check out this video demo of Aisle Caster:

Old Clearwire stockholders say OK to new Clearwire

Clearwire stockholders have waved goodbye to the old Clearwire and hello to a new Clearwire by approving a combination with Sprint Nextel's WiMAX business and a $3.2 billion investment from cable

Sprint to offer WiMAX consulting in India

Sprint Nextel's Xohm unit may establish a management company to develop WiMAX services for Indian operators, and to take advantage of the Indian government's favorable view of the 4G technology. Xohm

Sprint may be considering outsourcing jobs

Sprint Nextel, as it looks to cut costs, is said to be considering a possible outsourcing move that could shift positions to other companies in the mobile and network infrastructure space and lead to

Sprint given more time to shut down offending Nextel networks

Sprint Nextel has about a year to shut down Nextel's iDEN network in 81 markets where its affiliate iPCS operates, following an Illinois Supreme Court decision that effectively forced Sprint to stop

Sprint offers voluntary package to employees

Sprint Nextel is instituting a voluntary separation package for its employees, giving them until Dec. 3 to leave the company voluntarily. The beleagured carrier, which lost 1.3 million net