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Latest Headlines

Sprint hands wireless and wireline network keys to Ericsson

After months of speculation, Sprint made it official today that it will be outsource its wireless and wireline network operations to Ericsson. Calling the deal "Network Advantage," Ericsson, under

Sprint inks $5B network outsourcing deal with Ericsson

Confirming months of rumors and speculation, Sprint Nextel and Ericsson announced a seven-year outsourcing deal valued at up to $5 billion and involving 6,000 Sprint employees. Under the agreement,

Is BlackBerry in the catbird seat or the doghouse?

The future for BlackBerry appears cloudy, given several recent, contrasting views on the company presented by leading analysts. On one side, GC Research analyst Tero Kuittinen warns Research In

Airvana wins 3G femtocell agreement with Sprint

Airvana won a master purchase agreement contract with Sprint Nextel to supply the operator with 3G femtocells, according to a company filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Airvana is

Ready Wireless jumps on unlimited bandwagon

Ready Wireless, a prepaid reseller in Iowa, has joined the unlimited game with two new plans that it believes will appeal to customers. The first plan offers three days of unlimited calling for

Google debuts another OS, this time for netbooks

Just when you thought the mobile computing market couldn't get any more complicated, Internet search giant Google announced it will build an open-source operating system--Chrome OS--initially

Best Buy, Sprint team for 99-cent netbook

In the nascent but burgeoning netbook game, Sprint Nextel appears to have upped the ante by offering what is essentially a free netbook--bundled with a two-year service contract, naturally. The offer

Putting 3G networks to the test

PC World took what it called "a single-day, real-world snapshot" of the performance of 3G networks of Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint. The publication said it used "industry-accepted testing

Nokia planning CDMA smartphone

Nokia plans on addressing its relatively weak presence in the U.S. smartphone market by eventually producing a CDMA smartphone that large carriers such as Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel could

Sprint providing data services for U.S. Census

Sprint Nextel will be the exclusive provider of mobile data services for the upcoming 2010 U.S. Census. The contract is a significant win for the carrier's newly established Business Markets Group,