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Latest Headlines

Sprint appoints Brust as CFO

Sprint Nextel has tapped former chief financial officer of Eastman Kodak, Robert Brust as its new CFO. Brust also previously served as a finance executive at Unisys and General Electric. Sprint's

Will AT&T subsidize the 3G iPhone?

Fortune is reporting that AT&T is planning to this time subsidize the 3G version of the Apple iPhone, knocking off the price by $200. By offering the phone at a cheaper price, AT&T reportedly

Time Warner CEO says wireless broadband 'interesting'

Time Warner, which recently ended its relationship with Sprint Nextel for the Pivot wireless offering that gave the cable operator a quadruple play, gave some nebulous information regarding the

DEALS: Apple buys chipmaker

DEALSWHOWITHWHATSCOOPApplePA SemiApple bought chipmaker PA Semi for about $278 million.The deal is a particular slap in the face for Intel. Apple could use it to drive Intel's

Obopay vs. PayPal: Ease-of-use vs. cheap to use

  Obopay vs. PayPal: Ease-of-use vs. cheap to use The battle is on for mobile money transfers as eBay's PayPal, the online payment veteran, is taking on the plucky, young up-start, Obopay for

PayPal inks p2p deal with Sprint

mFoundry and PayPal have inked a deal with Sprint to offer person-to-person mobile payments. The service from Sprint, called MyMoneyManager, lets PayPal users and Sprint subscribers send money to

Brace yourself. Round two of the iPhone hype is coming

Brace yourself. Round two of the iPhone hype is coming Much to the chagrin of operators and mobile-phone vendors, it appears the hype surrounding the iPhone will be repeating itself this summer.

Rumor: ip.access wins femtocell deal with AT&T

According to a report from ThinkPanmure, AT&T has inked a $500 million deal with ip.access for 7 million femtocells, which it plans to sell to its subscribers for about $100. The firm says the

MOT: WiMAX won't have financial impact until 2009

During Motorola's earnings call, CEO Greg Brown said the vendor has shipped 3,600 WiMAX base stations and 120,000 customer premise equipment devices worldwide. The number is a bit of a jump from the

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