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Latest Headlines

Samsung confirms first Android device imminent

Samsung Electronics is the latest manufacturer to hop aboard the Android bandwagon, promising it will introduce its first device based on the Google mobile OS sometime this year. According to

Boost Mobile plan sparks fears of price war

Boost Mobile's decision to launch a $50 per month unlimited voice and data plan on the iDEN network has sparked fears of a coming price war in the U.S. wireless market. Sprint Nextel's prepaid unit

Sprint settles call center lawsuits for $8.8M

Sprint Nextel agreed to settle three class-action lawsuits for $8.8 million. The lawsuits claimed that the carrier failed to pay call center workers for overtime hours and other compensation. The

Has Sprint started a new price war?; Lack of scale signals gloomy fate for Nortel

> Voice Mobility Announces Aliant Telecom Settlement > Can you hear me now? Has Sprint Started a New Wireless Price War? > West Scranton PA customers still without phone service > As FCC

Sprint launches GPS service for Nextel users

Sprint Nextel launched a new push-to-send GPS service for its Nextel Direct Connect users that will allow customers to send GPS information to any email address by pushing the Direct Connect button

Sprint plans to cut 160 jobs in Herndon, Va.

Sprint Nextel will cut 160 jobs from its Herndon, Va., operations in March, the company announced yesterday, as the carrier looks to cut costs in the new year. The layoffs will come from Sprint's

Sprint's Hesse: call centers may close, but panic will not reign

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said the carrier may close up to 20 call centers this year in an effort to cut costs, and while there may be more job cuts in store for the beleaguered operator, the

Nokia ends production of N810 WiMAX tablet

Although it barely saw the light of day, Nokia's N810 Internet Table WiMAX Edition is no longer in production. Nokia said it is ceasing production of the highly touted device, despite the fact that

IPWireless private again and evangelizing TD-CDMA again

Long live TD-CDMA. Last month NextWave, which is struggling to stay afloat, sold off its majority stake in its IPWireless subsidiary for $1 million to IPW Holdings, which is made up of the senior

Looking forward to 2009

January each year is when analysts and amateur prophets get busy forecasting what the year ahead will bring. With the current economic crisis already biting hard on the wireless industry, trying to