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Latest Headlines

Sprint goes with DragonWave for Xohm backhaul

It's no secret that backhaul capacity is a big issue for the deployment of 4G networks. Without the right amount of backhaul, the speeds offered by 4G are negated. Earlier this year, Sprint Nextel

Comcast spreading its WiMAX wings

It was reported last week that the venture capital unit of cable TV provider Comcast, along with other firms, had been part of a $12.6 million seed investment in WiMAX-related start-up Cartiza

Comcast invests in mobile broadband firm

Comcast is making more inroads in mobile broadband. The cable firm made a seed-round investment in Littleton, Mass.-based startup Cartiza Networks, which is developing an IP-based content management

Sprint's marketing dollars aren't delivering

Although Sprint seems to be experiencing some success from its recent launch of the Samsung Instinct, the firm's increased investment in marketing doesn't seem to be paying off. Sprint increased its

2008 Wireless Predictions: Mid-year checkup

As we approach the 4th of July holiday weekend, I decided perhaps it was a good time to reflect on the first six months of 2008 and, more specificallly, on how FierceWireless is faring with its

Sprint's Airave to launch nationwide?

Engadget is reporting that Sprint's Airave femtocell will be available nationwide July 15 for $99 plus a monthly rate plan. Sprint first launched the service last September in Denver and

In telco amnesty battle, money did the talking

A vote in favor of telco amnesty for those companies that aided and abetted the government in its wireless wiretapping program was worth more than a vote against, it appears. Dems who switched their

Jackson Hole, Wyo. gets first certified mobile WiMAX network

Jackson Hole, Wyo., is the first city in the U.S. to get a certified mobile WiMAX 2.5 GHz network. DigitalBridge Communications (DBC) officially launched service today in the popular resort area

Video: Sprint says Sell Out with the Samsung Instinct

See this video put out by Sprint about their contest to 'Sell Out' for the Samsung Instinct.

Sprint on an upswing?

Competitors are starting to notice an upswing in Sprint's business. The Wall Street Journal reports that Verizon President Denny Strigl told investors that Sprint's performance has improved over the