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Latest Headlines

Clearwire to slow down buildout

Clearwire announced it is significantly slowing down its network buildout. It's estimated the company is pulling back from a prior estimate of 30.5 million POPs to about 6 million POPs. The 30.5

Clearwire confirms deal talks with Sprint

Following up on yesterday's report in the Wall Street Journal that Sprint and Clearwire have renewed talks to launch a joint venture for their respective WiMAX networks, Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff

SPOTLIGHT: Carriers offer Valentine's Day themed phones

In recent days, carriers AT&T, Sprint and Alltel have launched red and pink phones for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday. Verizon Wireless has also launched a number of handsets in new

Sprint commits to iDEN, revives Clearwire talks

Sprint put an end to speculation that the company might sell its Nextel Direct Connect iDEN network. The firm today released a statement from President and CEO Dan Hesse saying that Sprint will focus

C&L: Sprint cuts CFO, CMO

Enfora adds Saar Gillai to lead product development and operations. NetMotion appoints Joe Savarese SVP and GM of Mobility XE. JumpTap hires Evan Krauss as its new global SVP of advertising, sales

Don't underrate the influence of small WiMAX players

A new report from analyst firm Maravedis cautions us not to underestimate the influence other U.S. players besides Sprint and Clearwire will

Sprint sues little guys over VoIP patents

Following up on its $80 million settlement from its Vonage lawsuit last year, Sprint is milking its 115 VoIP patents by

Sprint Nextel lets three executives go

Sprint Nextel let go three of its top executives as the company continues its restructuring efforts to boost its

SPOTLIGHT: USPTO grants generic smartphone patent

A company has won a patent for "a mobile entertainment and communication device" then, at 12:01 a.m. the next day sues Apple, Nokia, Sprint, RIM, AT&T, HP, Helio, Motorola, HTC, Sony Ericsson,

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