Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Sprint customers continue to flee, base drops to 51.9M

Sprint Nextel disappointed investors once again with some less-than-stellar second quarter results. In particular, the company continues to lose customers at a rapid rate--it lost 901,000 customers

Qwest Q2 profit heads south, along with outlook

On the heels of having its four-market forbearance petition rejected, Qwest Communications reported a 24 percent decline in profit to $188 million as part of its second quarter earnings summation.

Sierra Wireless buys Junxion

Sierra Wireless has purchased the assets of Junxion for an undisclosed amount. Junxion offers the Junxion Box that essentially creates a hotspot that allows users to remotely connect to WiFi and

Sprint scores National CineMedia deal

Sprint ousted AT&T as the sponsor of National CineMedia's cell phone courtesy campaign in movie theaters. Sprint signed a multi-year contract for the public service announcements and the campaign

Sprint Clearwire Joint Opposition Document

Before the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Washington, DC 20554 In the Matter of)

Sprint/Clearwire to AT&T: public in favor of JV

Sprint and Clearwire wasted no time responding to AT&T's request to deny the planned joint venture between the two companies. Last week, AT&T said that the Sprint/Clearwire venture would

AT&T eyes WiMAX for rural broadband expansion

AT&T CTO John Donovan said last week in an interview with USA Today that the telco is interested in using WiMAX to extend broadband coverage in rural markets where it would be more expensive to

Would the elimination of ETFs make customers any happier?

What has become abundantly clear is that people hate early termination fees (ETFs). This, of course, is evidenced by the

Will Rev. A cause a resurgence in PTT?

Verizon has quietly relaunched its push-to-talk service using its 1x-EVDO Rev. A network. The carrier offers two PTT over Rev. A phones--the Motorola Adventure V750 and the G'zOne Boulder. Both

Qwest now selling Verizon services

Qwest has started reselling Verizon Wireless voice and data services to its residential and business customers. In May, Qwest announced that it was dropping Sprint Nextel as its provider of