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Latest Headlines

U.S. Cellular for sale next?

Following news that Alltel's shareholders have greenlit its acquisition by private equity firms, Wall Street is speculating that

Samsung to lead N.Y. WiMAX build-out for Sprint

Sprint has announced that Samsung will lead the build-out of its New York WiMAX market, making the vendor responsible for the manufacture and installation of radio access equipment, chipsets and

DEALS: Samsung's WiMAX deal

Samsung inked another deal with Sprint for a WiMAX rollout. DEALSWHOWITHWHATSCOOPAlltelSpinVoxAlltel will offer SpinVox's voice-to-text service.SpinVox also reportedly has a deal

Alltel Lobbying Spending

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T-Mobile USA Lobbying Spending

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Verizon Wireless Lobbying Spending

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All the carriers' lobbyists

  All the carriers' lobbyists Between the ITC ban on Qualcomm's chipsets and the "open access" debate for the upcoming 700 MHz auction, regulatory issues were top of mind for wireless

Sprint to pay $17.1M over contract dispute

The U.S. District Court of Appeals ruled that Sprint must pay Penncro Associates $17.1 million over a contract dispute. Sprint hired the debt-collecting company, Penncro about five years ago to

SPOTLIGHT: AT&T drops "fewest dropped calls"

Last week AT&T dropped the old Cingular Wireless marketing tagline: "fewest dropped calls" following a long legal fight over it with Sprint. According to Wired the claim was originally from a

Sprint spent $1.6 million lobbying

Sprint Nextel spent close to $1.6 million on lobbying the federal government during the first half of this year, according to a report from the AP. Senate documents indicate that the carrier