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Latest Headlines

UBS: Sprint has 'largely put to rest' liquidity concerns, but other questions linger

Sprint has made impressive progress in cutting costs and increasing liquidity as it continues to navigate difficult financial waters, analysts at UBS wrote this week. But serious questions remain about whether the operator can continue to add subscribers, trim its budget and maintain its network all at the same time.

Sprint's Fitz on revamping wireline's identity, Ethernet, managed services growth

With so much focus being on wireless much of the world seemingly has forgotten that Sprint has a profitable wireline business. The company is working to change that attitude by launching a separate wireline division dedicated to its business customer base. Leading this segment is 10-year company veteran Mike Fitz.

Sprint, Windstream find EoC fits where fiber installations aren't economically feasible

Sprint and Windstream may be ramping up their presence in the Ethernet services race, but to get the necessary scale these service providers can't justify building out fiber to every business location they serve.

Cox: We're 'keeping our options open' for a return to MVNO market

BOSTON-- A top executive for Cox Communications said that the company continues to evaluate whether it will launch an MVNO service, but that it hasn't made a decision either way yet.

Sprint builds 60-person in-house ad agency as cost-cutting moves continue

Sprint is creating an in-house advertising and marketing agency as the carrier continues to look to cut costs and reverse its financial slide.

Sprint ropes in Ethernet over Copper, Ethernet over DOCSIS into Ethernet strategy

Sprint is looking to bolster its Ethernet strategy by offering customers the option to access two new options-- Ethernet over Copper (EoC) and Ethernet over DOCSIS (EoDOCSIS)-- via its growing array of access network partners this summer.

Sprint gives 12 months of Amazon Prime free to customers on 40 GB plans

Sprint said it will give a year of Amazon Prime-- worth $99-- for free to new or existing customers who sign up for the carrier's 40 GB shared data plan. The offer comes weeks after Sprint offered its customers access to Amazon Prime for $10.99-- a price that Amazon itself began offering just a few days later.

Sprint revamps wireline focus with new unit, but move doesn't allay rumors of asset sale

Sprint finally showed some love for its wireline business this week by launching a separate wireline division dedicated to its business customer base, but questions remain about product direction and if they are considering a possible sale of the unit.

Verizon, Boost and Virgin continue to defer support for Apple's iOS Wi-Fi calling technologies

Verizon currently does not support Apple's Wi-Fi calling technology that allows users to make and receive Wi-Fi calls on other iCloud-connected devices like iPads and the Apple Watch. And Sprint's Boost and Virgin prepaid brands still don't support any of the Wi-Fi calling technology Apple introduced two years ago through its iOS 8 operating system.

Republic Wireless adds GSM carrier and expands handset lineup to include Samsung, Huawei phones

Republic Wireless customers now have another cellular option to fall back on when Wi-Fi isn't available. The MVNO, which launched with Sprint five years ago, said this morning it has added an unnamed nationwide GSM service provider "with the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network." T-Mobile is most likely Republic's new carrier partner