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Latest Headlines

How did AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon compare in network latency in Q3?

How well do U.S. operators perform when it comes to today's 3G/4G LTE networks? Thanks to research by Open Signal,  FierceWireless  is trying to shed some light on the issue. Special Report

Sprint slashes severance benefits for employees as job cuts loom

Sprint is looking to cut costs multiple ways and is doing so in part but cutting severance pay in half for employees notified after Jan. 30, 2016, that they will be laid off.

T-Mobile tells Verizon to abolish data overages via skywriting above Verizon's HQ

T-Mobile US CEO John Legere made good on his promise to send a message to T-Mobile's competitors to stop charging overage fees for mobile data usage and sent a skywriter airplane to deliver a message to "Abolish overages" above Verizon Wireless' headquarters.

Sprint's Claure: A key early decision in turnaround was cutting off sub-prime customers

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said his top priority is to return the loss-making carrier back to profitability, something it hasn't consistently achieved since 2007, and he is embarking on a turnaround strategy to get the company there.

Sprint lets iPhone customers use a single number for Wi-Fi calling among Apple devices

Sprint said its Apple iPhone customers will be able to get access to enhanced Wi-Fi calling features that will let them make and receive calls from multiple Apple devices with a single number. Thanks to the iOS 9.1 software update, Sprint's iPhone customers can take calls to their iPhone on an iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch or even their Mac.

Ho's Perspective: 3 network win-win features Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are using

Carrier aggregation, network twinning and LTE-Unlicnesed are in various states of deployment and development-- and they're all ultimately win-wins for both mobile carriers and users.

Sprint to pay $2.95M to settle FTC charges that it did not tell subs with lower credit why it was charging them more

Sprint agreed to pay $2.95 million in civil penalties to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the carrier failed to properly alert consumers with lower credit scores that they were being placed in a special program and charged an extra monthly fee.

Verizon won't throttle speeds of customers who have hung onto unlimited data plans

Verizon Wireless customers who have managed to hang onto unlimited data plans will not see their speeds throttled even if they use large amounts of data, according to Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo.  

Entner: Special access-- How government preference for some may mean higher prices for all

Five years after the FCC called for data on the state of the special access marketplace from just a portion of the providers offering special access, the agency appears poised to modify contracts and embark on a new round of rate regulation based on market data from 2010 to 2012. This would not be a concern if, in fact, the market for special access services had stagnated in 2012 with prices and providers remaining constant; however, that is not the case. Why should we care if the FCC premises a new set of pricing regulations on outdated information?

Sprint must face $300M lawsuit for underpaid taxes in New York

Sprint cannot get away from a $300 million fraud lawsuit filed by the New York attorney general and will need to face it in court.