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Latest Headlines

AT&T's partnership with Enjoy challenges Sprint's Direct 2 You program in just NYC and SF-- for now

AT&T said it is seeing positive traction and a strong customer response from its partnership earlier this year with the company Enjoy to help customers set up their smartphones. However, while the service competes with Sprint's own Direct 2 You offering in New York City and San Francisco, AT&T has not announced any plans to expand beyond those two markets while Direct2 You is rolling out nationally.

Sprint to start throttling unlimited plan customers if they use more than 23 GB of data in a month

Sprint said it will start throttling the speeds of customers on its unlimited smartphone data plans who use more than 23 GB of data in a billing cycle for the remainder of their billing cycle, but only at times and locations where the network is constrained.

Analyst: T-Mobile likely gained most subs in Q3 and AT&T fared poorly, based on social media mentions of switching

Apple's introduction of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus last month reignited a switching war among Tier 1 carriers for iPhone customers in the waning weeks of the third quarter. According to a new report from MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett, which analyzed data on social media provided by the firm Comlinkdata on customers switching, T-Mobile US performed the best while AT&T Mobility fared the worst, with Verizon Wireless and Sprint somewhere in the middle.

Verizon enables Wi-Fi calling on Apple iPhone through Verizon Messages app

Verizon Wireless rolled out a new version of its Verizon Messages app, enabling users to make Wi-Fi calls from their newer iPhones-- with a few caveats.

T-Mobile seen as favorite to win spectrum in 600 MHz auction, but smaller carriers likely to jump in as well

T-Mobile US is seen as the carrier with the clearest shot to acquiring spectrum in next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV airwaves, especially now that Sprint has decided not to participate. However, dozens of smaller carriers that are members of the Competitive Carriers Association are still likely to participate and try to grab spectrum-- it's just not clear at this point how many ultimately will.

Nonprofits using WiMAX sue Sprint, alleging violation of contracts ahead of network shutdown

Sprint is facing a lawsuit from two nonprofit groups that have been providing mobile WiMAX Internet service to low-income students and families. The groups allege that they had been offering unlimited WiMAX service to more than 300,000 customers, and with Sprint's impending shutdown of the legacy Clearwire WiMAX network next month, are being pushed to accept LTE data service that will throttle the speeds of customers after they hit a cap of 6 GB of data, in violation of their contract with Sprint.

What burning questions do Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon need to answer during the Q3 earnings season?

To get you ready for the third-quarter earnings conference calls, here are the most pressing questions I think the top executives at Tier 1 carriers need to answer over the next few weeks.

T-Mobile brings back promotional $120/month plan for 4 lines, each with 10 GB of data

T-Mobile US is bringing back a popular promotion it launched this past summer that gives customers unlimited voice, texting and 10 GB of data per line for a total cost of $120 per month for four lines.

Verizon launches new prepaid plans for tablets, mobile hotspots, starting at $15 for 500 MB

Verizon Wireless introduced new prepaid mobile data plans for tablets, mobile hotspots and other data-only devices that are slightly more expensive than some of its Tier 1 competitors, though in some cases the plans aren't directly comparable.

Wireless in the third quarter of 2015

How did the wireless industry perform in the third quarter of 2015? In this earnings summary, we list results from the wireless industry's carriers, handset makers, equipment suppliers and others.