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Latest Headlines

Sprint using Progressive Finance to provide loans to customers for devices without a credit check

Sprint began using a third-party service called Progressive Finance a few weeks ago in an effort to sell phones at retail to customers without a credit check while minimizing the risk of bad debt. And according to Wave7 Research, the carrier has begun extending the offering to some of its dealer partners.

Sprint, Verizon bicker over new network ads featuring Ricky Gervais

Verizon is touting its network in a new series of TV ads featuring comedian Ricky Gervais-- and Sprint is fighting back.

FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction bids could create new opportunities for tower providers, installers

The FCC's much-anticipated 600 MHz incentive auction could potentially provide a wealth of business for tower providers and wireless network installers once the operators put the spectrum they purchase to use.

600 MHz incentive auction primer: Who will bid, when it will happen, how it will work, and how much money it will raise

Participants hope to walk away with low-band airwaves that offer both distinct propagation characteristics for deployments over long distances and strong in-building penetration. This is likely to be the last major auction of low-band spectrum for the foreseeable future, so stakes are high. First, though, the FCC must hold a reverse auction during which it will buy back spectrum from TV broadcasters that will later be auctioned to bidders looking to use it to deploy wireless services.

Verizon, Sprint and others look to C-RAN to maximize their networks

According to Wells Fargo, Verizon is testing a C-RAN configuration in San Francisco that allows it to minimize how much equipment it is using. Separately, Sprint is investing in C-RAN architecture networking gear as part of its Next Generation Network densification plan.

Pacific Crest: American Tower tops in healthy tower market

U.S. carriers are increasingly turning to small cells to densify their networks, but the tower industry is in good shape in 2016 and beyond, Pacific Crest Securities wrote in a research note. And American Tower is particularly well positioned.

Report: Nextbit scraps plans to build CDMA Robin Android smartphone for Verizon, Sprint

Nextbit has killed plans to make a CDMA version of its Robin smartphone, Re/code reported, and will no longer develop a phone that will work on the networks of Verizon and Sprint.

Verizon, Sprint C-RAN desires may spur a wholesale windfall for Zayo, FairPoint and others

Verizon's and Sprint's pending movement to C-RAN architectures for their small cell and wireless densification efforts will likely become a large opportunity for a host of fiber wholesale providers like FairPoint, Lumos and Zayo.

C-RAN: Old buzzword evolves as part of densification strategies

In our latest feature at FierceWirelessTech, we decided to take a look at some of the activity around C-RAN, which emerged as an industry buzzword a few years ago.

Wells Fargo: Sprint's focus on quality subs likely to increase churn

Sprint's decision to focus on more lucrative subscribers is likely going to increase its current-quarter churn, Wells Fargo Securities said, but will help the carrier's bottom line in the long term. Meanwhile, T-Mobile's aggressive first-quarter promotions will be expensive but will add customers during a traditionally slow quarter, according to the analysts.