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Latest Headlines

Survey: 42% of T-Mobile's Q1 new phone activations switched from rivals

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners added its voice to the choir of industry onlookers predicting a big first quarter for T-Mobile.

U.S. carriers mum on 60 Minutes report on vulnerability in SS7

CBS's 60 Minutes created something of a stir over the weekend when it reported on a vulnerability in the worldwide mobile exchange system that continues to allow hackers to access others' wireless data using nothing but a phone number. But if U.S. operators are terrified about any dangers the flaw may represent to their customers, they don't seem to be showing it.

'Something big needs to change' at Sprint, New Street analysts say

Sprint's window of opportunity to reverse its financial course is closing, according to New Street Research analysts.

Sprint's 'LTE Plus' network now reaches 191 markets including New York

Sprint announced the launch of its "LTE Plus" network across the New York metropolitan area, claiming it has doubled the speed and capacity of more than 900 2.5 GHz cell sites in the market since the beginning of the year.

David vs. Goliath? How one rural network operator is using an MVNO to battle AT&T and Verizon

There's no doubt that competition in the wireless industry is heating up: A market that once held dozens of major regional wireless carriers like Alltel and Leap Wireless now only counts a few. Meantime, nationwide carriers like AT&T and Verizon continue to gobble up most of the high-value wireless customers in the country with the promise of near-ubiquitous coverage and a huge array of smartphones and other devices. That's why Terry Addington's MobileNation, and its Twigby MVNO, is so interesting.

Altice's U.S. plans could extend beyond cable into mobile

While Charter's proposed blockbuster merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks continues to generate headlines, Altice NV is quietly building its own little empire in the U.S. cable market.

T-Mobile warns of delays on LTE-U as regulatory discussions continue

NASHVILLE-- A top T-Mobile US executive warned that the rollout of LTE Unlicensed technology could be delayed as regulators continue to debate the policies around commercialization of the technology.

Sprint taking a 'wait and see' approach to 5G

NASHVILLE-- A top Sprint executive said the carrier is taking a "wait and see" approach to 5G, noting that there are still technologies available to the carrier today to meet its users' rising demands for data.

Sprint quickly pulls video ad calling T-Mobile 'ghetto'

Sprint quickly pulled a video ad in which a white woman describes rival T-Mobile as "ghetto."

The top 5 wireless ads: AT&T owns 34% of the mobile industry's spend in March

FierceWireless has partnered with TV advertising measurement firm iSpot.tv to bring you a monthly snapshot of the wireless industry's advertising spending and digital engagement. The results are for the top five biggest spenders among wireless industry brands in March.