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Latest Headlines

Sprint, SoftBank partner with Sharp for low-cost phones, starting with Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sprint and its parent SoftBank are partnering with Japanese display and handset maker Sharp to deliver low-cost smartphones in Japan and the U.S. The first device in their partnership is called the Sharp Aquos Crystal, and SoftBank indicated that its scale will enable it to sell the phone at a low cost.

Sprint's Claure reportedly plans 'very disruptive' pricing changes for next week

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said the company plans on introducing new, aggressively priced plans next week, according to a Light Reading report. The new Sprint chief addressed a town hall meeting of Sprint employees Thursday and reportedly told them that the company will slash prices and continue focusing on improving its network to win back customers.

T-Mobile may throttle speeds of LTE subs who use unlimited data for P2P file sharing, constant video streaming

T-Mobile US said it may throttle the data speeds of its subscribers with unlimited data plans who engage in peer-to-peer file sharing or use their phones as modems to download continuous and automatic data feeds.

Lowenstein's View: Memo to new Sprint CEO: How to turn things around

Dear Marcelo,  Welcome to this exciting and challenging role. Although you are surely aware of the challenges Sprint has faced over the past few years, your predecessor, Dan Hesse, made some of the right calls, especially with regards to thinking long-term with the network rip and replace. Your single greatest opportunity is to leverage that network, as it is completed, into a differentiated value proposition, for both the industry and for customers.  Here are some thoughts on how to attract and retain subscribers, grow the business, and make Sprint great again.

T-Mobile's Carter promises 20x20 MHz LTE 'in all of our major metropolitan areas'- at some point

T-Mobile US eventually intends to deploy spectrum for LTE service in configurations that are larger than 20x20 MHz, according to CFO Braxton Carter. However, he did not provide a specific timeline for that effort.

Cellular One shutting down service in Montana, Wyoming

Cellular One is shutting down service in Montana, and according to a letter it sent to customers in May, and will also shut down service in Wyoming as well. According to Gary Duncan, a spokesman for the Montana Public Service Commission, Cellular One will cease operations in the two states on Aug. 31.

Sprint's Claure intends to cut costs, compete aggressively on price

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said the company will look to cut costs and compete aggressively on price as it tries to regain momentum in the market following its plans to scrap a merger with T-Mobile US. Claure, who took the helm on Monday, will hold a town hall meeting with Sprint employees Aug. 14 to outline his vision for the company, according to a leaked internal memo that was reported by several news outlets.

T-Mobile wants FCC to reserve up to half of all 600 MHz spectrum for smaller carriers

T-Mobile US thinks the FCC's decision to reserve up to 30 MHz of spectrum for smaller carriers in next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum is not sufficient. The carrier wants the FCC to set aside at least half of all of the spectrum that is cleared in a given market for smaller carriers, and argues setting aside just 30 MHz of the low-band airwaves for smaller carriers is "insufficient to protect competition or meaningfully advance the stated goal of ensuring four robustly competitive nationwide carriers."

Sprint CEO Claure takes the reins with great expectations- and challenges- ahead

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure formally took the helm of the nation's No. 3 carrier on Monday and is faced with immense challenges and strong expectations from Sprint Chairman and SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, who has put his faith in Claure to turn Sprint around.

FCC's Wheeler again knocks Verizon's unlimited-LTE data-throttling policy

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said that just because other wireless carriers also throttle customers' data speeds does not mean that Verizon Wireless is in the clear in doing so for some of its customers on legacy unlimited data plans. He said he is concerned that such plans have commercial motives and indicated that the FCC has asked all Tier 1 carriers about their throttling practices.