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Latest Headlines

Apple sells 5M iPhone 5s in first weekend

Apple said it sold five million iPhone 5s in its first weekend of availability, one million more units than it sold of the iPhone 4S in that device's first weekend last year.

Sprint, Ericsson hashing out small cell contract details

Sprint Nextel is negotiating to add Ericsson to its list of small cell equipment suppliers, according to a top executive with the carrier.

Verizon's iPhone 5 unlocked, just needs SIM for AT&T service

Verizon Wireless' version of Apple's iPhone 5 is being sold GSM-unlocked, meaning it can easily be switched to the mobile network operated by the nation's second-largest mobile operator, AT&T, via the insertion of a compatible SIM card.

Sprint CTO embraces small cells, but tempers enthusiasm

Sprint Nextel believes the deployment of small cells in its network will help, but does not view them as an instant panacea for adding capacity, according to a senior executive. 

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Apple's iPhone 5 launch draws crowds, but will LTE networks hold up?

Apple's iPhone 5 launch today drew large crowds to Apple and carrier stores in cities across the globe, and sales are expected to be strong in the days and weeks ahead. However, a bigger question hovering over the release is whether carrier LTE networks will be able to handle the increased traffic from LTE-capable iPhones.

Sprint's Hesse: We've sold 1M LTE devices so far

Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse said the carrier has sold 1 million LTE devices so far, even though its LTE network is tiny compared with the LTE networks of its larger competitors.

Clearwire to start major TDD-LTE network construction in Q4

Clearwire CFO Hope Cochran said that the company will begin building out its TD-LTE network this quarter but that construction will pick up significantly in the fourth quarter.

Unlimited vs. metered data: Which pricing strategy will win?

When it comes to mobile data pricing, it appears as if wireless operators have quickly aligned into one of two camps: Those that offer metered data  (AT&T and Verizon) and those that don't (Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile). I believe that the challengers in the market (T-Mobile and Sprint) are using unlimited data to entice subscribers to their networks and then hoping they can hold onto them when they inevitably end up migrating to a metered data pricing scenario.

Sprint, Dish clash over 5 MHz satellite spectrum shift

Sprint Nextel and Dish Network are at odds over whether the FCC should shift part of Dish's MSS S-band spectrum by 5 MHz, a move that both companies said could have far-ranging consequences for their long-term LTE plans.