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Latest Headlines

Sprint hops on Globalgig data roaming bandwagon

Sprint Nextel is one of a trio of operators joining UK-based startup Voiamo's Globalgig roaming service, which launches today and promises to sharply reduce mobile data charges for international travelers.

Clearwire and Sprint: Still the same old song and dance

Yogi Berra might have been talking about the ongoing sage of Clearwire and Sprint when he uttered his infamous line, "This is like déjà vu all over again." Taking a digital stroll through Fierce 's article archives reminded me of how the same issues and prognostications regarding these two companies keep cropping up again and again.

FCC: Dish's wireless plan would imperil the PCS H Block

The FCC and Dish Network continued to spar over proposed rules governing Dish's wireless spectrum, with the FCC saying that Dish's plan would imperil the 1900 MHz PCS H Block, which Sprint Nextel has said it wants to bid on and use for its LTE network.

Sprint affiliate Shentel launches LTE service in 56 markets

Sprint Nextel regional affiliate Shenandoah Telecommunications confirmed that it launched LTE service in around 56 markets in the Mid-Atlantic, expanding Sprint's LTE footprint by roughly 735,000 POPs. Separately, Sprint confirmed that it launched LTE service in 11 more markets in the Northeast and Midwest, bringing the number of LTE markets it operates to 43.

Dish blasts FCC's rules for its AWS-4 spectrum

The FCC is moving forward with rules that would allow Dish Network to build out an LTE Advanced mobile network in its MSS spectrum. However, the agency's proposal will include technical rules that could affect up to 5 MHz of Dish's spectrum.

Republic Wireless ends beta, launches commercial service

Republic Wireless, a Sprint Nextel MVNO, said it is no longer in beta testing and is fully open to the public.

Sprint playing crucial role in Softbank's 30-year grand plan

Softbank planned $20.1 billion investment in Sprint Nextel caught many observers by surprise. But the investment is part of a broader plan to expand the Softbank name worldwide and provide a lasting legacy that extends far beyond Softbank's current circle of influence. Further, Softbank sees Sprint as a brother in arms that is battling an overly powerful mobile duopoly, much as Softbank has had to do for years in Japan.

Report: FCC may restrict part of Dish Network's spectrum holdings

The FCC is close to finalizing rules for the satellite spectrum Dish Network owns, and is likely going to allow Dish to deploy terrestrial-only service, according to a report in the  Wall Street Journal. However, the report said the FCC's rules will also include interference protections for the PCS H Block, a move Dish has argued could threaten the viability of a portion of its spectrum.

AT&T still 100M POPs shy of Verizon's LTE footprint

AT&T is racing to play catch-up and then some with its archrival Verizon Wireless, doubling the reach of its LTE network in one year but still falling far behind Verizon's sprawling LTE footprint.

T-Mobile exec: iPhone isn't worth sacrifices

T-Mobile USA has lost customers because it does not carry Apple's iPhone, but the company is not willing to make major sacrifices to add the device to its portfolio, said a T-Mobile executive