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The top 5 most likely operator M&A hookups

Now that regulators have finally approved Verizon Wireless' blockbuster $3.9 billion acquisition of AWS spectrum from four cable companies, it's natural to wonder what other hookups might be coming down the pike.

Analysts debate iPhone 5's impact on AT&T

With the reported unveiling of Apple's next iPhone less than two weeks away, analysts are beginning to evaluate what it will mean for U.S. wireless carriers. Specifically, analysts are focusing on AT&T Mobility, given AT&T's historical role as the largest U.S. iPhone carrier.

Wireless carrier M&A: What are the top 5 most likely operator hookups to happen next?

Regulators have finally approved Verizon Wireless' blockbuster $3.9 billion acquisition of AWS spectrum from a group of cable companies. Meantime, AT&T Mobility has inked agreements to purchase most of the nation's WCS spectrum in a bid to use it for AT&T's LTE network buildout. So now the question becomes: What's next?

Entner: In Q2, industry keeps growing albeit at slower speed

Industry-wide net adds resulted in 2 million new subscriptions compared to 4 million in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, contract subscriptions moved into positive territory again on the strength of Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

Sprint's Virgin Mobile reportedly given small iPhone marketing window

Sprint Nextel's Virgin Mobile brand has started a full-throated marketing effort for its prepaid version of Apple's iPhone--but will soon need to quiet the campaign, according to a  Dow Jones Newswires  report.

FaceTime's impact looms over operators

There is a plethora of opinions regarding the pending impact Apple's FaceTime application will have on cellular networks once the iPhone 5 is released, but operators would probably be wise to pay close attention to any related data crunches generated by the video-chat app.

Unlimited unnecessary? NPD report finds average smartphone data use is below 2 GB

Unlimited data plans are enjoying something of a renaissance this week, with announcements of new unlimited plans from MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA. Yet a fresh report from research firm NPD Connected Intelligence suggests that such plans are not needed by most subscribers.

Sprint MVNO Ting to launch BYOD program in Q4

Sprint Nextel MVNO Ting will launch a bring-your-own-device program in the fourth quarter that will allow customers to bring any Sprint device onto Ting's service rather than buying a new phone with Ting. As a prepaid MVNO, Ting charges full price for its devices since it does not subsidize them.

Lowenstein's View: The battle for the next phase of smartphone subscribers

Smartphone growth, especially in the postpaid segment, has started to level off over the past two quarters. This might be due in part to heavy anticipation of Apple's next iPhone, which the company is expected to announce in September. But, with smartphone penetration at about 50 percent of the U.S. subscriber base (and nearing 60 percent of the postpaid base), I believe we are starting to see some signs of saturation in smartphone adoption. Getting the next 25 percent of smartphone subscribers is going to be a lot more challenging, and will involve different competitive dynamics.