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Latest Headlines

Report: Sprint wants to gain control of Clearwire's board

Sprint Nextel is in talks with Clearwire  investors to try to gain control of the company's board without having to acquire it. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sprint is talking to Clearwire investors, including Comcast, to try to find a way to control Clearwire without buying it.

Report: Softbank CEO Son heads to U.S. to charm Sprint investors

Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son will head to the United States this week to convince major Sprint Nextel investors that his company's proposed  70 percent purchase of Sprint for $20.1 billion is a solid one, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Understanding the small cell phenomenon

As network operators try to desperately meet the growing demands for data usage on their networks, many are turning to small cells for the answer. The timeline for these small cell deployments vary--some operators are already incorporating small cells into their networks today while others are focused on the macro network. 

Intriguing wireless CEO quotes of 2012

The words of wireless executives are watched closely by analysts and their investors, competitors and employees. Sometimes a headline-making quote is carefully thought-out and unveiled at an investor...

GSMA: Americans pay more for LTE access than others

The United States has emerged as the largest LTE market in the world, but it's also the most expensive, according to a report from the GSMA.

Report: Sprint has no plans to acquire Clearwire, for now

Following Softbank's announcement that it plans to purchase 70 percent of Sprint Nextel for $20.1 billion, speculation started to rapidly swirl about whether Sprint would buy partner Clearwire. According to a Bloomberg report citing unnamed sources, Sprint has no immediate plans to do so.

Entner: Softbank's purchase of Sprint could make it a bandwidth powerhouse

The New Sprint will have all the tools that it needs to transform the U.S. wireless industry. A good leadership team, new Japanese ideas to use to innovate the market, enough money to be flexible, and the option to buy Clearwire and become the spectrum and bandwidth powerhouse in the United States.

Analysts: Softbank's deal with Sprint benefits U.S. wireless market

Softbank's proposed $20.1 billion deal to acquire 70 percent of Sprint Nextel will allow Sprint to better compete against Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility and will benefit the wider U.S. wireless market, analysts said. 

UPDATED: Sprint will play a $20.1B role in Softbank's LTE vision

Japan's Softbank is making a a $20.1 billion gamble in a wide-reaching effort to become an LTE powerhouse in the United States as well as its home county of Japan. The LTE ecosystem, in particular the TD-LTE ecosystem, could get a major boost via a deal allegedly negotiated between Softbank and Sprint Nextel under which Softbank will pay $20.1 billion for a 70 percent stake in the U.S. company.

Softbank to take control of Sprint: Complete coverage

Japanese operator Softbank will purchase 70 percent of Sprint Nextel in a deal valued at $20.1 billion. The move could change the competitive lanscape of the U.S. wireless market by strengthening Sprint financially.