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Latest Headlines

Rumor Mill: Sprint to soon launch Wi-Fi calling

Sprint may soon join T-Mobile US in offering first-party Wi-Fi calling on its Android devices, according to the blog  Android Central.

T-Mobile expands ETF breakup program to smaller carriers like U.S. Cellular

T-Mobile US has gotten at least 80,000 customers to post social media messages that they have "broken up" with their wireless carriers since the No. 4 operator unveiled a plan last week to pay for customers' early termination fees if they switch from other Tier 1 carriers to T-Mobile and trade in their devices. T-Mobile is also expanding the program to lure subscribers from smaller carriers that offer contracts.

Charter recruits Cox, AT&T, Sprint veteran Schultz to run sales and retention

Three days after telling investors that it could improve subscriber retention at Time Warner Cable if it succeeds in acquiring it, Charter Communications said Friday that it recruited a former Cox Communications, Sprint and AT&T Wireless executive to oversee inbound sales and retention.

Deutsche Telekom fuels further T-Mobile US sale speculation

Deutsche Telekom stoked the rumour mill over a sale of T-Mobile USA by shifting control of the US mobile operator to a non-domestic holding company based in the Netherlands.

Report: Sprint has backing from 2 banks for T-Mobile bid

Sprint has moved a step closer to making an offer for T-Mobile US, according to a new report. The  Wall Street Journal, which cited unidentified sources close to the matter, reported that at least two banks have provided Sprint with proposals for financing a takeover of T-Mobile.

Sprint MVNO Scratch Wireless starts offering 'free' Wi-Fi-based service

Three months after announcing its offering, Sprint MVNO Scratch Wireless is launching its service: a Wi-Fi-based service that it claims will let customers get wireless service for free, with no catch. The service is only available by invitation, and is described as a beta.

Analysts: Sprint to lose 150K subs in Q4, Verizon to add 1.5M

Sprint is expected to report weak postpaid subscriber results for the fourth quarter, likely losses of 150,000 customers, while Verizon Wireless will report 1.5 million new customers, according to estimates from Credit Suisse analysts. Meanwhile, according to the analysts, data plan sales at T-Mobile US and AT&T Mobility likely grew, while remaining steady at Verizon and Sprint.

Unveiling December's latency figures for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile

Relatively little attention has been paid to 3G and LTE latency speeds--which is notable considering a number of operators have pointed to improved latency as a major reason behind the push to LTE. Latency is defined as the time it takes for a source to send a packet of data to a receiver. Latency is typically measured in milliseconds. The lower the latency (the fewer the milliseconds), the better the network performance.

Scratch Wireless rolls free Wi-Fi service

In today's spotlight, FierceWireless takes a look at the free Wi-Fi service that Scratch Wireless launched this week.

T-Mobile's uncarrier strategy may thwart potential Sprint takeover

T-Mobile US' aggressive pricing strategies--such as cheaper rate plans and the elimination of early termination fees--may serve as a roadblock to any potential takeover attempt by Sprint.