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Latest Headlines

Phone retailer GSM Nation launches US Mobile MVNO to target $25/month market

GSM Nation, which launched in 2010 to sell unlocked GSM phones in the United States and elsewhere, is now moving into the MVNO game. The company recently launched its US Mobile offering in a beta testing mode, and it plans to commercially launch the MVNO sometime in the next six to eight weeks.

Sprint MVNO Ting cuts prices on its data plans

Sprint MVNO Ting is cutting its data pricing, making it less expensive especially for customers who use a lot of data on its service. The price cuts come two years after Ting's initial launch.

Sprint MVNO Ting to add support for Sprint's tri-mode LTE 'Spark' service

Sprint MVNO Ting is launching devices with support for Sprint's tri-mode LTE service, dubbed "Spark," which Sprint itself is just getting off the ground. According to Ting, it is the first Sprint MVNO to offer support for Spark.

Sprint MVNO Ting supporting- but not advertising- iPhone 4/4S in beta program

Sprint MVNO Ting, which is owned by Tucows, confirmed it is now providing service to Sprint-issued Apple iPhone 4 and 4S smartphones. The company described the support as a beta program, which Ting said means that it can provide the service to any new and existing customer but that it cannot promote it or market it on its website.

MVNO renaissance: Will the new breed of virtual operators survive?

There's a new school of mobile virtual network operators that have made their debut during the past couple of years offering innovative price plans, compelling devices and alternative distribution methods. But what makes these latest MVNOs--like Solavei, Ultra Mobile, FreedomPop, Ting and Republic Wireless--interesting to me is that they are being courted by their operator partners.

Sprint, T-Mobile execs explain the MVNO explosion

The mobile virtual network operator business is booming again, with new MVNOs launching nearly every week. But unlike the MVNO craze of the 2005-2006 era--highlighted by high-profile failures like ESPN Mobile, Disney Mobile, Amp'd Mobile and Helio--analysts believe that today's MVNOs have a better chance of success thanks to operator support ranging from customer service to billing and even device procurement.

Sprint MVNO Ting counts 25,000 subscribers

Sprint MVNO Ting confirmed that as of the end of the second quarter it had 25,000 total customers, an indication of strong momentum for the company but a paltry figure in the larger wireless landscape.

MVNO Ting drops need for deposit, moves to postpaid billing model

In a bid to simplify its service and improve its customers' experience, Sprint Nextel MVNO Ting said it will stop requiring customers to put a deposit down at the beginning of their month of service and will instead only charge customers based on what they use.

MVNO Ting to reach breakeven in Q4; 40-50% of new customers are BYOD

LAS VEGAS--A top Ting executive said that around 40-50 percent of the MVNO's new customers are coming through its newly launched bring-your-own-device program. And separately, the CEO of Ting's parent company, Tucows, announced that Ting would "cross over the breakeven threshold" in the fourth quarter of this year.

Sprint MVNO Zact offers customized data plans, no overage charges

A new Sprint Nextel MVNO, Zact, is taking aim at the Tier 1 carriers--including T-Mobile US' new "uncarrier" strategy--by giving customers granular control over their plans, including the ability to change them on the fly.