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Designing the mobile app user experience of tomorrow

Both Google and Apple have been taking steps to make sure their developers keep up with changes and trends in user experience design. Special report.

Qualcomm, Nvidia and other chipset vendors need to stand out

Chipset companies can throw money at increasing their brand awareness among consumers, but at the end of the day, I think people will care more about what they can experience with their mobile devices than what is inside of them.

Will CES 2013 turn into the Consumer Experience Show?

Next week in Las Vegas tens of thousands of technology and mobile executives, professionals and enthusiasts will gather for the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. As in recent years, the wireless industry will have a significant presence at the show, but from what I'm hearing from analysts and insiders there may be less of a bang at this show than in years past.

IDC: Reflecting on the big events of 2010

Five months ago, I submitted a review of the big events in the U.S. mobile phone market during the first half of 2010. Now that 2010 is drawing to a close, it only makes sense to take a moment and

Beneath the surface: The state of the touchscreen market – page 2

Previous page Synaptics' Hsu said costs have come down for capacitive touchscreen technology as more manufacturers jump on board. "Growing acceptances of capacitive touch panels on the market and the

On the Hot Seat with Samsung's Omar Khan

All handset makers are facing challenges in today's volatile market. FierceWireless associate editor Phil Goldstein recently talked with Omar Khan, Samsung's senior vice president of strategy, about

Nielson study says Google dominates mobile search

A new study from Nielson Mobile revealed that Google significantly outpaced its mobile search competitors during the first quarter. The study says Google held a 61-percent share of the mobile search

SPOTLIGHT: Sprint expands partnership with Google

Sprint announced a partnership with Google that promises to more deeply integrate the web services giant's applications into the mobile user experience.

APC buys bankrupt MVNO Movida

Latino-focused and recently bankrupt MVNO Movida has been acquired by Cozac, a subsidiary of APC Wireless,

When will the tide turn for mobile content?

Last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I was hoping to hear some positive news in the mobile content space. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed.  Instead I heard a lot more of the same