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Latest Headlines

T-Mobile undercuts AT&T, Verizon with new Value plans, starting at $50/month

T-Mobile USA officially unveiled a key part of its new "Uncarrier" strategy by releasing new pricing for its Value plans (which do not include device subsidies).

Report: T-Mobile will offer rate plans with handset subsidies through third-party retailers

T-Mobile USA will continue to offer its traditional Classic plans with device subsidies at third-party retailers, according to a TMoNews post. The company had previously announced that it intends to switch exclusively to offering its Value plans without device subsidies later this month.  

T-Mobile to unveil new 'Un-carrier' strategy at March 26 event

T-Mobile USA will hold a media event in New York City where it will likely flesh out the details of its new "Un-carrier" business model, including its switch to Value plans without subsidies and the launch of its LTE network.

Rumor Mill: T-Mobile to launch handset trade-in program in shift to Value plans

T-Mobile USA plans to launch a new handset trade-in program in the coming weeks aimed at getting customers to switch over to its new Value plans, which will come without device subsidies, according to a  TMoNews  article.

T-Mobile dropping smartphone subsidies is bigger than getting the iPhone

T-Mobile made lots of news Thursday, and to me the biggest piece was that the carrier is ending  device subsidies. That will have a longer-lasting impact than T-Mobile getting Apple's iPhone  starting next year.

T-Mobile kills device subsidies

T-Mobile USA will eliminate all device subsidies from its rate plans in 2013. During Deutsche Telekom's annual investor conference, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said that customers will pay an upfront fee for their devices and then pay the balance of the device in affordable monthly installments.