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Latest Headlines

Verizon lets customers test drive

Building on its long-standing campaign to tout its network coverage and reliability, Verizon Wireless today announced that it was going to let customers be their own Test Man or Test Woman by

Qualcomm argues against ban at ITC hearing

Today is the start of a two-day International Trade Commission hearing in which Qualcomm is expected to argue against a ban on importing mobile phones using its chipsets. Broadcom has asked the

Trend: Asian carriers send data usage warnings

Rather than simply cutting off data services to users who overstep their bandwidth limits, Asian carriers are sending warning letters to heavy mobile data users who approach their monthly data

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> Israel court rules that police need a warrant to search a mobile phone, just like prior rulings for computers.

ALSO NOTED: L.A. deploys Motomesh; Remaking the dialtone; and much more...

> Microsoft looks to give the dialtone a remake: When you pick up your phone, Redmond thinks it should ask you, "What do you want to do? Who do you want to call?" Sounds much more annoying than

VZW almost completes Rev. A rollout

Last week Verizon Wireless CTO and EVP Dick Lynch said that the carrier has completed

Editor's Corner

IT managers struggle with wireless fragmentation I was in Palm Springs earlier this week for Frost & Sullivan's Mobile & Wireless Enterprise conference. I spent a lot of time

Verizon wins Vonage patent suit

Verizon Wireless won a patent suit against Vonage that found the VoIP provider had infringed on three of the wireless carrier's patents, including one for VoIP over WiFi that might mean trouble

Starent Networks to raise $115M in IPO

More wireless IPO news: Starent Networks filed plans today for an IPO that it hopes will bring in $115 million. Starent is an infrastructure software developer. The number of shares or share price

Increased admin fees means VZW subs can leave?

On March 15, Verizon Wireless is increasing its administrative charge from $0.40 to $0.70 per line, while the monthly regulatory charge will decrease from $0.05 to $0.04 per line. Many blogs have