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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

MediaFLO scores with AT&T

Qualcomm's MediaFLO subsidiary scored another big carrier win. In late 2007 AT&T (formerly

Mobile ESPN resurfaces through Verizon Wireless

ESPN, the first high-profile casualty of the MVNO market, is relaunching through an exclusive deal with

Helio claims 70K subscribers, $100 ARPU

The youth-oriented MVNO Helio, which runs on Sprint's network, disclosed that it finished 2006 with 70,000 subscribers, average revenue per user at $100 and monthly revenue streaming in at a rate

Verizon picks up OQO model 2

The OQO model 02, now available from Verizon, is much more than a smartphone. Sure it makes phone

Verizon Wireless pushes Rev. A

Verizon Wireless has piped up a few times in the past to remind the industry that it too is rolling out EV-DO Rev. A throughout the U.S., but the carrier has made its first major Rev. A

Editor's Corner

Yesterday, Verizon Wireless countered AT&T's bundled Unity offering with its Freedom package,

Verizon Simplifies Bundles of Top-Quality Home Services, Adds Wireless Calling to Consumer Choices

Consumers Can Choose Six Combinations of Two, Three or Four Services and Add Verizon Wireless to Their Plans NEW YORK, Jan. 30-- Starting today, Verizon customers can choose from

Verizon matches Unity with bundle

Less than two weeks after AT&T unveiled it Unity bundled offering, which includes

Verizon walked away from the iPhone

According to a USA Today report, Verizon was approached to be the exclusive

Rumor: Motorola RAZR Maxx coming to Verizon

Verizon is the likely destination for Motorola's RAZR MAXX. The MAXX edition of the RAZR features an upgraded 2-megapixel camera, a microSD slot, and EV-DO