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Latest Headlines

C&L: New VP of customer service at Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless named Marquett Smith staff vice president of customer service. Steve Haney was appointed vice president of marketing at Phonebites. Sonus Networks

Editor's Corner: The future of ringtones

Ringtones are a big business--one estimate puts ringtone revenue at about 10 percent of the entire global music market--but I don't think the party is going to last. One obvious problem with

Verizon launches global GSM/CDMA email

Verizon has launched GlobalEMail, a new international e-mail service designed to work on CDMA in the US and GSM abroad. The service costs $65 per

Photos: RIM's EV-DO BlackBerry 7130e

Check out some pictures of RIM's new BlackBerry 7130e destined for Verizon's network. RIM was showing off the EV-DO device at CES a few weeks ago.

Lucent lowers 2006 outlook

Lucent Technologies lowered its financial guidance for fiscal 2006, blaming lower sales in the U.S. and China. CEO Pat Russo called the slower performance a "temporary setback" and expects

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> BlackBerry devices will offer Mac support.

Verizon Wireless' perception battle over walled gardens

Earlier this week news came out that Verizon Wireless' initial edition of VCast Music prohibits mobile phones from playing MP3 songs acquired from other sources. That's because the phones use

Editor's Corner: CES Roundup

As usual, there was a lot going on at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), far too much for me to catch it all, but here are a few announcements that caught my eye. Verizon announced a new

Amp'd forges deal with EA for mobile games

Recently launched MVNO Amp'd Mobile has inked a deal with Electronic Arts to bring more than 15 of the game publisher's mobile games to Amp'd handsets early this year. Amp'd is an MVNO that leases

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