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Latest Headlines

Rumor: Upgraded Treo 700w coming to Sprint

There is quite a bit of evidence that Sprint will soon being selling an upgraded version of Palm's Treo 700w, dubbed the Treo 700wx. The phone is similar to the

Auction Watch: After stage 1, $12B in bids

RCR News continues their AWS auction coverage with a few ripe deals from round 30: Leap wireless posted provisionally winning bids (PWBs) on a C-block license in Chicago for

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What happened? It was supposed to be the most exciting auction for wireless airwaves we've ever seen, with non-traditional players like satellite TV companies DirecTV and EchoStar expected to go

Mobile advertising heating up

Just as we predicted at the beginning of the year, mobile advertising is heating up. Yahoo and

Auction Watch: $5.67B after 12th round

After twelve rounds of bidding, the FCC is currently set to rake in $5.67 billion in net bids for the advanced wireless services (AWS) auction. Each of the major carriers and their consortiums

Sprint builds out Family Locator service

Sprint Nextel is building out its Family Locator tools for parents looking to keep an eye, or satellite, on their kids. The new additions include a PC-only version of the monitoring software as

Report: Verizon's EV-DO testing drains batteries

According to reports from local newspapers, Verizon Wireless' CDMA2000 1xEV-DO service tests are draining the batteries of some customers' phones. Local subscribers testing out the service say

New FCC comish: "The lightest regulatory touch"

The recently appointed FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell says the wireless industry requires "the lightest regulatory touch possible," but he does think commissioners needs to move quicker on 800

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Sprint Nextel released dismal results, and now it's time to analyze what went wrong. The carrier announced last week that it added just 708,000 net subscribers in the quarter, the bulk of which were

Auction Fever: Verizon to do Alltel's bidding?

As Wednesday approaches and the FCC readies its auction block for spectrum intended for 3G services, the rumor mill is churning with talks of Alltel's conspicuous absence from the event. According