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Latest Headlines

Debate grows over 700MHz auction

A group of 21 small and medium sized wireless and wireline carriers as well as state agencies are concerned that the FCC plan to favor large geographic wireless licenses over small ones during the

Helio ends hybrid WiFi/3G data plan; What's next?

MVNO Helio is ending its hybrid WiFi/3G data plan next month. It hasn't said

Multicast vs. unicast--the new mobile TV battle ground

When I first started covering mobile TV a few years ago, the big question was whether or not consumers would watch TV on their mobile handset. Today, that question has been

T-Mobile USA still leads in customer service

According to J.D. Powers and Associates, T-Mobile USA has earned the highest customer satisfaction among top carriers in the U.S. T-Mobile beat out its peers to earn the top spot in the Northeast

PRESS RELEASE: Verizon Wireless' new bundled unlimited messaging plans

Verizon Wireless Introduces New America's Choice Select Plans with Unlimited Messaging BASKING RIDGE, N.J., April 16-- Verizon Wireless today announced America's Choice(R) Select plans that include

VZW offers unlimited messaging plans

As we mentioned yesterday, flat rate pricing is all the rage: Verizon Wireless today launched new bundled

ALSO NOTED: Wireless offsets wireline, still; Student perspective on mobile TV; and much more...

> Wireless is still off-setting wireline losses for telecoms. Article (WSJ sub.

Cingular, Verizon drop kids' phones

Hot on the heels of kid-friendly MVNO kajeet's content deal with Nickelodeon, both Cingular and Verizon Wireless have dropped their kid-friendly phones from their respective handset lineups.

SPOTLIGHT: FCC Chairman makes light of telecom regulations

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin made a comedic appearance at the FCC Bar Association event this past week, cracking jokes about the FCC, his policy decisions and criticism that he's too friendly with

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LBS-making strides; but more push still necessary Location-based services have quietly morphed from being a stand-alone application to something that is embedded with other