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Latest Headlines

Judge won't "rubber-stamp" telecom mergers

Despite the fact that the AT&T/SBC merger and the Verizon/MCI merger are pretty much done deals, federal judge Emmet Sullivan says he has no intention of "rubber-stamping" the deals. Sullivan,

Websites help customers get out of mobile contracts

A number of websites have popped up to help customers get out of their mobile-phone contracts without paying the stiff termination fee. The sites are taking advantage of a contract loophole that

Verizon Wireless makes another video deal

Verizon Wireless isn't putting all of its eggs in the YouTube basket, as it is announcing another deal with Revver.com, a web site that shares ad revenues with folks who upload their video clips.

Verizon to stream YouTube videos

Verizon has signed a deal with Google to provide YouTube videos to V-Cast subscribers. I guess it was only a matter of time. The only question is how long before

Verizon Wireless makes deal with YouTube

YouTube and Verizon Wireless officially announced a deal that gives Verizon Wireless a

Cingular launches Palm Treo 680

Following the launches of the Motorola Q on Verizon's network and the BlackBerry Pearl on T-Mobile, Cingular has launched the Palm Treo 680, which, like its rivals, attempts to target the

Report: State of the U.S. wireless data market

Chetan Sharma has released the latest update to his excellent series of PowerPoint slides on the state of the U.S. wireless data market. An example: the "U.S. wireless data market

Verizon Wireless touts sideloading music

Verizon Wireless is looking to deflate the pomp and flair of Cingular's recent mobile music

RELEASE: Verizon expands Worry-Free Guarantee

Verizon Wireless Expands the 'Worry-Free Wireless Guarantee(R)' It Pioneered New Benefits Add Value for Loyal Customers; More Reasons to Switch to Verizon Wireless for New Customers BASKING RIDGE,

Verizon makes good on ETF promise

Back in July, Verizon Wireless promised to prorate its early termination fee (ETF). Late last week the carrier fulfilled the promise as a part of its "worry-free" guarantee, which also includes