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Latest Headlines

Treo 700w's daylight savings glitch

Palm said it is looking into reports that a daylight-saving time software glitch is causing its Treo 700w devices to change appointments in the calendar to appear one hour earlier than scheduled.

ALSO NOTED: Time Warner looks into wireless;Alltel's commercial free mobile radio; and much more...

> Time Warner is exploring wireless business opportunities. Article > Alltel announces new commercial free Axcess Radio

Verizon sells LatAm assets

The lone U.S. company left in Latin America is selling out. Verizon Communications has agreed to sell its interests in phone providers in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela to

Verizon offers pay-as-you go pricing for EV-DO

FierceWireless noted yesterday that Verizon Wireless was quietly offering pay-as-you go service to folks buying laptops with integrated EV-DO service. Unbeknown to me, it made the news

Motorola RAZR still dominating

Merrill Lynch has gone the extra mile to determine that the Motorola RAZR is still dominating U.S. handset sales. The financial analyst firm visited 80 stores in four U.S. regions and concluded

Dell unveils wireless-enabled laptops

Dell introduced four new laptops, two of which provide a choice of wireless broadband connection options through either Cingular Wireless or Verizon Wireless in the U.S. or Vodafone in Europe. The

FCC grants E911 waivers to some carriers

The FCC has granted limited waivers to several small wireless carriers that extend the hardly enforced deadlines to meet enhanced 911 (E911) communications requirements. The E911 mandate

Editor's Corner

Fixed-mobile convergence is obviously the buzzword of 2006. Unlike the past when the industry throws out big ideas, it's going to happen this year in the form of roaming between cellular and WiFi

Vodafone still won't sell Verizon Wireless stake

Not big surprise here: Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin told reporters that his company has no intention to sell Verizon Wireless to its partner, Verizon Communications. Verizon may have been in an

Verizon CEO dismisses acquisition talk

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg said the company isn't interested in purchasing regional operator Alltel or Qwest. Many have speculated the company might make a bid for these companies in light of the