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Sprint Nextel Lobbying Spending

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T-Mobile USA Lobbying Spending

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Verizon Wireless Lobbying Spending

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All the carriers' lobbyists

  All the carriers' lobbyists Between the ITC ban on Qualcomm's chipsets and the "open access" debate for the upcoming 700 MHz auction, regulatory issues were top of mind for wireless

Google to launch gPhone in September

Google is reportedly closing in on the worldwide launch of its much-rumored branded handset, the so-called gPhone. According to Business Standard, the search giant is currently in discussions with

Verizon introduces Motorola's MOTO Q music 9m

Verizon Wireless introduced Motorola's MOTO Q music 9m, the successor to the manufacturer's Motorola Q. Available exclusively via Verizon Wireless, the MOTO Q music 9m interface boasts an optimized

Open access spectrum requires a new network?

Incumbent carriers might be less inclined to bid on the C Block--which has some "open access" provisions on it--in the upcoming 700 MHz auction than previously thought: A report from

Qualcomm paid lobbyist $740K for ITC issues

Qualcomm paid a lobbyist $740,000 during the first half of 2007 to lobby the federal government on patent reform legislation and Broadcom's infringement case before the ITC. The lobbyist, William

Two executives depart from Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent's chief administrative officer and the president of science, technology and strategy have both announced that they will step down. Frank D'Amelio, the CAO will take the CFO job at

Report: Virgin Mobile best prepaid customer service

According to a report from J.D. Powers & Associates, Virgin Mobile USA has the best overall customer satisfaction among prepaid mobile phone service providers. This marks the second year that