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Latest Headlines

Verizon proposes plan for public-safety broadband network

Verizon Wireless is now reportedly proposing a plan to build a nationwide broadband public-safety network in the 700 MHz band, but unlike Cyren Call's earlier proposal, Verizon wants to do so in a

SPOTLIGHT: CIBC: Chocolate challenges Razr's dominance

CIBC World Markets analyst Ittai Kidron told investors this week that the LG Chocolate phone has challenged the dominance of Motorola's Razr, even though actual sales of the Chocolate have been

Mobile vs. landline in disaster recovery

An interesting squabble has come to light amid an FCC request for comment on a panel's recommendations after reviewing Hurricane Katrina's impact on communications networks. The wireless operator

Vodafone may sell off Swisscom stake

Vodafone may sell off another jointly owned mobile-operator business. After selling its 25-percent stake in Belgium's Proximus, Vodafone is reportedly looking to get out of Swisscom Mobile too.

T-Mobile leads in AWS auction

The second week of the AWS auction ended on Friday, with the original 168 bidders being whittled down to 137 and with money so far pledged for licenses reaching $11.37 billion. As of Friday,

Rumor: Upgraded Treo 700w coming to Sprint

There is quite a bit of evidence that Sprint will soon being selling an upgraded version of Palm's Treo 700w, dubbed the Treo 700wx. The phone is similar to the

Auction Watch: After stage 1, $12B in bids

RCR News continues their AWS auction coverage with a few ripe deals from round 30: Leap wireless posted provisionally winning bids (PWBs) on a C-block license in Chicago for

Editor's Corner

What happened? It was supposed to be the most exciting auction for wireless airwaves we've ever seen, with non-traditional players like satellite TV companies DirecTV and EchoStar expected to go

Mobile advertising heating up

Just as we predicted at the beginning of the year, mobile advertising is heating up. Yahoo and

Auction Watch: $5.67B after 12th round

After twelve rounds of bidding, the FCC is currently set to rake in $5.67 billion in net bids for the advanced wireless services (AWS) auction. Each of the major carriers and their consortiums