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Latest Headlines

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> Verizon Wireless joins Fujifilm's "Get the Picture Online Service" network.

Rumor Mill: Verizon Wireless to acquire Alltel

Reports have surfaced in various consumer blogs that Verizon Wireless is keen on acquiring Alltel. This news comes just days after

VZW wins $200K suit against mobile spammer

Verizon Wireless obtained a permanent injunction against Specialized Programming and Marketing, a company the carrier has accused of sending text message spam. The injunction bars Specialized from

ALSO NOTED: Openwave trying to smile; Daily Trivia; and much more...

> According to a report in Forbes, Openwave is putting lipstick on the pig.

MediaFLO: AT&T in, Sprint out

Last month Sprint Nextel finished up its trial of Qualcomm's mobile television MediaFLO service, and has decided that--at least for now--it won't use the technology for a commercial deployment.

Verizon Wireless buys rural GSM operator

Verizon Wireless said it purchased rural GSM operator West Virginia Wireless for an undisclosed amount. It plans to convert the network to CDMA during the next 15 months. Verizon Wireless gets

MediaFLO scores with AT&T

Qualcomm's MediaFLO subsidiary scored another big carrier win. In late 2007 AT&T (formerly

Mobile ESPN resurfaces through Verizon Wireless

ESPN, the first high-profile casualty of the MVNO market, is relaunching through an exclusive deal with

Helio claims 70K subscribers, $100 ARPU

The youth-oriented MVNO Helio, which runs on Sprint's network, disclosed that it finished 2006 with 70,000 subscribers, average revenue per user at $100 and monthly revenue streaming in at a rate

Verizon picks up OQO model 2

The OQO model 02, now available from Verizon, is much more than a smartphone. Sure it makes phone