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Latest Headlines

Report: Virgin Mobile best prepaid customer service

According to a report from J.D. Powers & Associates, Virgin Mobile USA has the best overall customer satisfaction among prepaid mobile phone service providers. This marks the second year that

Sprint's newest SMS rate: 20 cents

Sprint Nextel is pushing ever closer to the price of a regular postage stamp when it comes to text messages: The carrier will charge 20 cents per SMS starting October 1. Unlike the last time the

ALSO NOTED: Verizon gets Q9m; Sprint paid $120K to lobby FCC; and much more...

> Verizon gets the Q9m as expected. Article > Verizon again delays Vodafone dividend.

Carrier metrics: Churn, ARPU and net adds

Below we have put together three charts detailing some key metrics from the top five carriers in the U.S.: Alltel, AT&T, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless. (That was alphabetical

Report: Motorola's Q9m coming to VZW Wednesday

According to a report from the rumor site The Boy Genius Report, Motorola's Q9m will launch for Verizon Wireless subscribers on August 22 and cost between $349.99 and $469.99 depending on

DEALS: VZW scoops up Ramcell assets

Verizon Wireless keeps the rural carrier acquisition trend afloat. DEALS WHO WITH WHAT SCOOP

Verizon Wireless unveils national test lab

Verizon Wireless announced its expanded national test lab, which ensures that every handset used on the company's network "meets the highest standard of reliability." The lab has been up

FCC: One company can dominate 700 MHz auction

The FCC recently published the details of the final rules for the 700 MHz auction, which have contained no surprises so far, save one: The FCC did not include a rule that would limit the amount of

VZW: Our subs are most loyal

Verizon Wireless announced that it had the "most loyal" customers during the second quarter because it posted the lowest churn rate out of the top four carriers. VZW had a 1.3 percent

Will T-Mobile USA offer the Linux-based RAZR2?

Following Verizon Wireless' announcement early Friday morning that it would offer the RAZR2 V9m (the EV-DO version), AT&T and Sprint have announced their own RAZR2 plans and Motorola chimed in to