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Latest Headlines

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> Nokia adapts N-Gage platform to sit across most S60 series handsets. Article > Roger Wireless

Verizon: We already have Rev. A up and running

While Sprint Nextel has been quite vocal about its market rollouts of EV-DO Rev. A, Verizon Wireless says that it has had a number of markets lit up with Rev. A for a few months now. The company

Report: Sprint poised to reclaim market share

A report from Strategy Analytics concluded that 2007 will be a good year for Sprint Nextel, which had

Verizon launches black Moto Q

Verizon today announced a black version of the Moto Q. Looks cool (and more than a bit like the

C&L: Crown Castle's mobile TV head quits

According to a government filing discovered by RCR News, Crown Castle's mobile TV head, Michael Schueppert unexpectedly resigned. The company has had a rough time when it comes to its

Analyst: LG clamshell more popular than RAZR

According to M:Metrics, Verizon Wireless subscribers bought more of the LG VX8300 silver clamshell, than Cingular Wireless subscribers and Verizon Wireless subscribers bought the Motorola RAZR.

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> Intel bets on a two-device world: One for mobile Internet surfing, the other for calls.

Report: U.S. mobile users give carriers a D+

According to a report in Consumer Reports, U.S. wireless carriers, as a group, leave much to be desired since they scored only a 66 out of 100 in overall satisfaction from a survey that included

Judge won't "rubber-stamp" telecom mergers

Despite the fact that the AT&T/SBC merger and the Verizon/MCI merger are pretty much done deals, federal judge Emmet Sullivan says he has no intention of "rubber-stamping" the deals. Sullivan,

Websites help customers get out of mobile contracts

A number of websites have popped up to help customers get out of their mobile-phone contracts without paying the stiff termination fee. The sites are taking advantage of a contract loophole that