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Verizon Wireless has a WiFi strategy. CTO Dick Lynch told me during last week's CTIA show that the operator has plans in place to eventually allow its customers to roam off the EV-DO/CDMA

Sprint-cable JV tests services

The joint venture between Sprint Nextel and cable operators Time Warner, Cox, Comcast and Advance/Newhouse Communications said it will launch a quadruple play in seven test markets throughout the

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Welcome to Day 2 of CTIA. I already have a headache. Maybe it's because of the long cab, monorail and shuttle lines! I had an interesting conversation yesterday with John Harrobin, vice president of

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It's day one here at CTIA, and I'm getting prepared for the onslaught of announcements to be about content, content, content. My head is already spinning as I check my email box. A lot of

FCC accepts bid for WiFi airplane auction

The move toward high-speed Internet access on airplanes took another step today as the FCC accepted five bids for its May 10 sale of airwaves necessary to provide the service. The FCC ruled that

Rumor: Moto Q won't be at CTIA

If you were expecting the Motorola Q to make a big splash in Las Vegas this week, think again. According to a report from TheStreet.com, Verizon Wireless says the Moto Q is not

Treo 700w's daylight savings glitch

Palm said it is looking into reports that a daylight-saving time software glitch is causing its Treo 700w devices to change appointments in the calendar to appear one hour earlier than scheduled.

ALSO NOTED: Time Warner looks into wireless;Alltel's commercial free mobile radio; and much more...

> Time Warner is exploring wireless business opportunities. Article > Alltel announces new commercial free Axcess Radio

Verizon sells LatAm assets

The lone U.S. company left in Latin America is selling out. Verizon Communications has agreed to sell its interests in phone providers in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela to

Verizon offers pay-as-you go pricing for EV-DO

FierceWireless noted yesterday that Verizon Wireless was quietly offering pay-as-you go service to folks buying laptops with integrated EV-DO service. Unbeknown to me, it made the news