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Latest Headlines

Verizon: We have the heavy texters

In the month of September, Verizon Wireless says its subscribers sent more than 5 billion text messages, which is a 150 percent increase over last year's 2 billion SMS sent in 2005. The 100

Editor's Corner

In yesterday's issue I should have included Verizon's response to the claim that their latest Motorola Q TV ad spot was showing video streamed over their network, which would be a violation of

Verizon enables Flash content

Verizon Wireless has announced a partnership with Adobe and Qualcomm to bring Flash Lite for BREW technology to the carriers' handsets and applications, a first for a big carrier in the U.S. The

Verizon commercial violates terms of service?

Techdirt and PCSintel have interesting perspective pieces on the latest Verizon Wireless/Motorola Q TV ad spot, which demonstrates the Q's many features, including what seems to

SPOTLIGHT: Carriers target Hispanics

No surprise here, the Associated Press is running an article on the trend of wireless carriers courting the growing Hispanic population in the U.S., which now totals nearly 43 million and

Verizon offers daily subscriptions to V Cast

Verizon came up with a new way to spark interest in their V Cast mobile content services: Offer a daily subscription to it for $3. While the price may seem high given that a monthly subscription

SPOTLIGHT: Helio's new hybrid plan includes restrictions

When it comes to Helio's new hybrid data plan that combines EV-DO and Boingo's WiFi service on one data card for $85 per month, the MVNO isn't too innovative about the terms of service. Users only

Sprint chairman to retire; SMS pricetag goes up

The executive chairman of Sprint Nextel, Tim Donahue, the former CEO of Nextel, has announced he will retire at the end of the year. Donahue was instrumental in engineering the $35 billion merger

Editor's Corner

You gotta like T-Mobile USA's style. Comments coming from the operator last week made it sound like the company knew what it was doing all along when it comes to its 3G strategy. After emerging as

ALSO NOTED: Virgin troubles in South Africa; Mobile display industry growing; and much more...

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