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Latest Headlines

Sprint chairman to retire; SMS pricetag goes up

The executive chairman of Sprint Nextel, Tim Donahue, the former CEO of Nextel, has announced he will retire at the end of the year. Donahue was instrumental in engineering the $35 billion merger

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You gotta like T-Mobile USA's style. Comments coming from the operator last week made it sound like the company knew what it was doing all along when it comes to its 3G strategy. After emerging as

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> Court allows White House to continue warrantless wiretapping during appeal. Article

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What's the real difference between J2ME and Flash Lite? Blog SlingPlayer Mobile coming to Symbian.

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> More reports on the "screaming phone" security system, now in the U.K. Article > Techdirt quietly wonders in choked

Verizon files suit against pretexters in HP leak

Verizon Wireless filed a lawsuit against people who got a hold of its customers' mobile-phone records in a pretexting scheme as part of the Hewlett-Packard leak investigation. "Defendants used

LG unveils VX-8600 EVDO flip phone

The LG VX-8600 EVDO clamshell phone is destined for Verizon. The phone manages to squeeze a microSD slot, 1-megapixel camera and multimedia controls into a slim package. Release

wVoIP set to overtake fixed VoIP

With Sprint and Verizon rolling out Rev. A to EV-DO and the 2010 arrival of 3G LTE networks, the consulting firm Analysys says cellular VoIP will generate more revenue than fixed VoIP by 2012. The

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Could we finally see some interesting marketing wars in the mobile broadband market? Sprint Nextel appears to be firing the first salvo. A couple of weeks ago the carrier began offering data-only

Verizon Wireless unveils content search capability

Verizon Wireless took a step toward easing the pain for customers trying to discover content by allowing customers to type in a search request or speak it. The Get It Now Search service is