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Latest Headlines

Cablevision eyes link with mobile operators

Cablevision Systems is studying the possibility of linking its Internet phone service with a wireless carrier as it watches competitors Time Warner, Comcast and others work with Sprint Nextel to

Editor's Corner: Flash Lite, platform of the future?

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) has a pretty simple strategy for Flash Lite: aggressively push the Flash platform as a cross-platform alternative to BREW, Java,.NET and other "real" languages. Nokia

ALSO NOTED: Samsung to put Origami in stores; Analyst: Linux initiative won't have short term effects; and much more...

> Samsung to commercially launch Origami in some stores. Article > Analyst

C&L: Martin Higginson ousted at Monstermob

Martin Higginson, the founder and chief executive of the mobile phone content company Monstermob, has been let go after disagreements over strategy and a poor share price

Editor's Corner

Smartphones and the consumer market: The combination has turned into somewhat of a Holy Grail for device makers and operators, but can they find the sweet spot that will get those consumers

Verizon launches kid tracking service

Mobile operators are making their forays into the consumer location-based services market by targeting parents who want to keep tabs on their kids. Verizon Wireless today announced Chaperone, a

ALSO NOTED: Speedus gives VZW 30 days to respond to lawsuit; Trend: The rise of the GPS-enabled parent; and much more...

> Speedus provides Verizon Wireless with extensions to answer its patent lawsuits. Release > Trend: The rise of the mobile

GlobalComm: RIM cautions carriers

During a keynote address at GlobalComm in Chicago, RIM president and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis warned attendees that carriers need to be very careful about unlimited, wireless data plans: "Now matter

Nokia acquires LLC deployment operations

Nokia announced it will acquire LLC International's U.S.-based network deployment operations. While financial details were not publicly disclosed, analysts say the deal is worth well over $100

Verizon Wireless to revamp Get It Now service

Verizon Wireless VP and CMO John Stratton said the carrier plans to revamp its Get It Now service because it's concerned that Get It Now download growth may be slowing. Verizon Wireless claims it