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Latest Headlines

Entner: American consumers driving their carriers to lower prices and offer more flexible plans

The recent burst in wireless plan revisions reminds us that change and expanded consumer choices have become defining characteristics of the U.S. mobile market place.  As illustrated in the chart below, carriers are engaging in an intense back and forth of response and counter-response on everything from their shared data plan offerings to device upgrades to handset financing.

Vodafone enters post-Verizon era at half its market value

Vodafone completes the transaction on Friday Feb. 21 to sell its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless for the princely sum of $130 billion (€94.8 billion), completing one of the most anticipated and hotly debated transactions in its history.

T-Mobile's LTE network the nation's fastest at 11.5 Mbps, according to report

According to a new report from OpenSignal, T-Mobile US' LTE network provides the fastest average download speeds at 11.5 Mbps. Those speeds were faster than the 9.12 Mbps that AT&T Mobility provided, the 7.82 Mbps that Verizon Wireless provided, and the 4.32 Mbps that Sprint provided.

Oregon cable operator BendBroadband killing fixed LTE service, sells its 700 MHz and AWS spectrum

BendBroadband informed customers that it will shutter its LTE-based wireless broadband and phone service by mid-summer and said it has already agreed to sell its spectrum to a third party it declined to name.

AT&T, Verizon executives recognized in this year's wireless rising stars list

While the CEO may be the face and voice for any wireless company, a number of executives are working behind the scenes and taking the risks to develop new products and create new business units. FierceWireless  highlights these rising stars and others in the wireless industry for 2014 in its fifth annual Rising Stars in Wireless feature.  Read more

Confirmed: T-Mobile to let 'Jump' customers upgrade more often, add tablets to program

T-Mobile US confirmed to  FierceWireless  it will change its "Jump" handset upgrade program to remove a limit on how many times customers can upgrade their phone. The plan will also now include tablets. The tweaks are the latest salvo in an ongoing battle among the Tier 1 carriers to keep customers and get them to switch by lowering prices or offering credits.

Analyst: Comcast/Time Warner Cable deal could open door for Sprint/T-Mobile

Comcast's just-announced $45.2 billion merger with Time Warner Cable could open the door for SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son to push more forcefully for deal between Sprint and T-Mobile US. The Comcast-TWC merger might also benefit Verizon Wireless, which has been reselling services with each of the cable companies.

Verizon Wireless' new call center reshuffling will affect 5,200 workers

Verizon Wireless is reorganizing its call centers and closing some facilities, meaning 3,000 workers will need to either apply for different jobs, relocate or take a buyout package. An additional 2,200 workers are being shifted to locations nearby the ones that are being closed.

Analysts: Verizon's 'More Everything' plans show No. 1 carrier isn't immune to price war

Verizon Wireless updated its shared data plans, changing the name of the plans from "Share Everything" to "More Everything" and increasing the data allotments for some plans. The carrier is also giving a discount to customers who use its "Edge" handset upgrade program. Both changes are Verizon's latest response to an escalating price war among the Tier 1 carriers, sparked primarily by T-Mobile US.

Verizon to launch cheaper 'More Everything' plans tomorrow, according to reports

According to a handful of reports, Verizon Wireless tomorrow plans to introduce its new "More Everything" plans, which will slightly increase the amount of data some subscribers can get per month and also will reduce monthly service prices for subscribers using Verizon's Edge handset upgrade program.