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Latest Headlines

C Spire joins AT&T, Verizon in offering 4 lines, 10 GB of data for $160

Regional carrier C Spire Wireless is joining AT&T and Verizon Wireless in offering what is fast becoming an industry standard pricing for shared data plans: C Spire will now offer unlimited voice, texting and 10 GB of shared data for four smartphone lines for $160 per month.

Sprint: FCC's spectrum screen proposal will give advantage to AT&T, Verizon

Sprint argues that including the vast majority of its 2.5 GHz spectrum in the FCC's spectrum screen without distinguishing between low-band and high-band spectrum will put it at a competitive disadvantage to Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

Verizon should acknowledge that the game is changing, and it needs to also

For the first time ever, Verizon Wireless in the first quarter recorded a net loss of handset subscribers. During a quarter when AT&T Mobility netted 176,000 new phone subscribers and T-Mobile US posted a whopping 1.256 million new phone subscribers, the analysts at New Street Research pointed out that Verizon lost 156,000 phone subscribers. Although Verizon managed to juice its first quarter net additions into positive territory with tablets and other devices, the carrier nonetheless suffered a serious setback. What's perhaps more concerning is that Verizon executives don't appear to be worried.

Rumor Mill: AT&T to launch VoLTE on May 23 in Chicago, Minneapolis

AT&T Mobility is primed to launch Voice over LTE service in two markets, Chicago and Minneapolis, on May 23, likely becoming the first Tier 1 carrier to do so, according to  Engadget.

Verizon takes aim at Sprint, T-Mobile in pushing back on FCC auction restrictions

Verizon Wireless pushed back hard against proposed FCC rules that could restrict how much spectrum it can acquire in next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast spectrum.

Verizon committed to VoLTE with HD Voice in 2014

Verizon Wireless confirmed that it expects to introduce VoLTE this year and will simultaneously roll out mobile high-definition (HD) voice using the W-AMR speech compression algorithm.

FCC to add Sprint, Dish spectrum to spectrum screen

In a blow to Sprint and Dish Network, the FCC plans to add much of their respective spectrum portfolios to its so-called spectrum screen, which will bring more scrutiny to any future spectrum transaction they engage in.

The long-term effects of AT&T's Next, Verizon's Edge are still not clear

The shift away from the traditional U.S. model of a subsidized smartphone in exchange for a two-year contract appears to be accelerating and is likely going to continue to do so for the next few quarters. However, the shift might not be in the best interests of carriers, handset makers or consumers in the long run.

Verizon falls to AT&T in Q1 with just 539K retail postpaid net adds

Verizon Wireless reported weaker subscriber growth for the first quarter on a year-over-year basis and its postpaid customer additions in the period were driven by the addition of tablet customers.

Analysts: AT&T beats back competition from T-Mobile in Q1

AT&T Mobility was able to withstand an onslaught of competition from T-Mobile US and its other Tier 1 competitors in the first quarter, according to predictions from Credit Suisse analysts.