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Latest Headlines

Verizon tweaks Edge handset upgrade program, as analysts predict installment plans to boom

Verizon Wireless made changes to its Edge handset upgrade program that require customers to pay off 60 percent of a device's costs before upgrading, up from 50 percent before. The changes come as analysts are predicting that more devices will be financed in the U.S. in 2014 than previously expected.

Verizon's IP voice interconnction deals with Sprint and T-Mobile hint at VoLTE roaming

Verizon Wireless indicated it has struck deals with both Sprint and T-Mobile US to interconnect VoIP traffic, which could be a precursor to Voice over LTE roaming agreements.

Verizon to launch voice service in Alaska to complement LTE

Verizon Wireless will launch voice service on its own network in Alaska starting this fall to complement its LTE data network and bring more competition to the country's northernmost state. Verizon will offer service in Anchorage, the Matanuska-Susitna Borough region, Juneau and Fairbanks.

Verizon touts numbers behind its XLTE rollout

Verizon Wireless' marketing push behind its newly branded "XLTE" network includes an infographic highlighting some of the numbers underlying this higher-capacity service, which runs over the operator's AWS spectrum.

T-Mobile launches VoLTE in Seattle, promises more markets this year

T-Mobile US said it has launched Voice over LTE in the Seattle area for customers using three devices, the LG Electronics G Flex and Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Light. The announcement comes just ahead of AT&T Mobility's own VoLTE launch, scheduled for Friday in a handful of markets on one phone.

AT&T's Cricket offers handset financing on prepaid phones, including interest-free loans and leases

Cricket, the new prepaid brand of AT&T Mobility, is now offering a wide range of financing options to customers who want to purchase expensive phones. The financing options include a tax-free plan, a 29.99 percent APR plan with 6 months deferred interest, and a 12-month leasing plan.

Report: T-Mobile overtakes Sprint in Q1 as No. 3 U.S. smartphone buyer

T-Mobile US, along with its MetroPCS prepaid brand, surpassed Sprint and Sprint's MVNOs as the third-largest U.S. carrier in terms of smartphone volumes in the first quarter, according to a new research report.

Verizon to work with Ericsson, Samsung, MobiTV and others in Indy race LTE Multicast test

Verizon Wireless said it will conduct the first commercial test of what it calls LTE Multicast technology with a live broadcast of this Sunday's IndyCar Series race. The broadcast will incorporate video of the race as well as in-car footage and footage from cameras installed around the track. Verizon also named some of its LTE Multicast technology vendors including Ericsson, Samsung and MobiTV.

AT&T passed on Dish deal because of regulatory concerns, but Dish could still team with Sprint or T-Mobile (or both)

Speaking at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, AT&T CFO John Stephens said the carrier considered a purchase of Dish Network's spectrum holdings, but ultimately decided against making a move over concerns that regulators at the FCC and Department of Justice might squash the deal.

Verizon plans nationwide VoLTE launch this year with 'robust' smartphone lineup, video calling

Verizon Wireless reiterated its plans to launch VoLTE sometime this year, and said that when it launches the service the carrier will offer a "robust line" of VoLTE-capable smartphones and video calling services. Verizon's announcement likely is an effort to counter rival AT&T Mobility's own VoLTE launch, scheduled for Friday in a handful of markets on one phone.