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Latest Headlines

Verizon targets business users with new 100 GB shared data plans

Verizon Wireless announced new More Everything pricing for business users, allowing teams of up to 50 people to share up to 100 GB of data.

Analyst: Almost half of Q4 smartphone sales will be financed

According to new predictions from Ben Schachter at Macquarie Research, around 43 percent of all smartphones sold by the end of this year will be paid for through handset financing plans and not through traditional wireless carrier subsidies.

AT&T to buy up to 40 MHz of spectrum in incentive auction, but Verizon remains aloof

AT&T Mobility said it plans to purchase between 20 MHz and 40 MHz of spectrum in the FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction of broadcast TV spectrum, set for next year, if the auction entices enough broadcasters to participate. However, Verizon Wireless said only that the FCC has made "progress" on the rules for the auction, comments likely reflecting the carrier's displeasure with auction rules designed to limit the amount of 600 MHz spectrum AT&T and Verizon can acquire during the auction.

FCC incentive auction rules likely to benefit Sprint, T-Mobile and smaller carriers

WASHINGTON--The FCC adopted rules for next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum that are more favorable to Verizon Wireless and AT&T than initially contemplated.  However, Sprint, T-Mobile US, Dish Network and smaller carriers are likely to claim some measure of victory because the FCC agreed to allow some spectrum to be reserved for carriers that do not control large amounts of low-band spectrum.

AT&T to launch VoLTE-based HD Voice May 23 on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

AT&T Mobility said it plans to launch HD Voice services using Voice over LTE technology in select markets starting May 23. The company said the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will be the first phone that can make use of the service, and that it will expand the service to additional devices in the future.

Check out the Q1 performance metrics for the 8 top U.S. wireless carriers

The ongoing horse race between the top U.S. mobile operators made the first three months of 2014 quite interesting, as revealed by their first-quarter earnings results.

Good Technology plans IPO to expand in mobile enterprise

Good Technology filed plans with the Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct an initial public offering, a move that could generate the cash the company needs to compete against the likes of VMWare, BlackBerry, IBM and a host of other companies in the mobile enterprise space.

Time Warner Cable exec promises to expand cable firm's Wi-Fi business

Rob Cerbone runs all of Time Warner Cable's wireless activities, including the company's relationship with Verizon Wireless  and certain mobile apps, such as TWC's WiFi Finder.  For Cerbone's comments on TWC's 2014 wireless roadmap, including his thoughts on Hotspot 2.0 technology,  check out this Hot Seat interview.

Time Warner Cable's Rob Cerbone: 'Wi-Fi is our network'

Rob Cerbone has been with Time Warner Cable almost nine years and now runs all of TWC's wireless activities on the corporate development team, overseeing Wi-Fi, the company's relationship with Verizon Wireless and certain mobile apps, such as TWC's WiFi Finder. FierceWirelessTech  Editor Tammy Parker recently spoke with Cerbone regarding TWC's 2014 wireless roadmap. The following is an edited and condensed version of that conversation.

Report: Verizon could challenge Sprint Spark with AWS-powered 'XLTE' branding

Verizon Wireless will soon start marketing its LTE network running on its AWS spectrum as an "XLTE" network, according to the blog  Droid-Life.