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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Sprint's retreat from Virgin and prepaid underscore strength of MetroPCS and Cricket

Sprint yesterday said that it is de-emphasizing its Virgin Mobile prepaid brand and may introduce a new strategy for the Virgin brand at some point in the future. The news highlights Sprint's continued struggles in the prepaid sector, mainly due to the successes that T-Mobile's MetroPCS prepaid brand and AT&T's Cricket Wireless prepaid brand have had in the market.

Ho's Perspective: Arms and arms dealers in the wireless switching war

There's a war going on out there in the wireless space and it's for switchers. Longtime industry veterans will note that the business of switching isn't new but lately has been more pronounced than in years past. Carriers know that pricing and network play dominant roles in the switching war. What are some of the arms that carriers employ and who are the arms dealers that fuel and benefit from the situation?

AT&T offers new Next option requiring 30% down payment up front

Late last week, AT&T launched a new version of its Next equipment installment plan that lets customers make a 30 percent down payment on a device and then upgrade to a new phone after 12 monthly payments.

Vodafone to launch U.S. service in late 2015 as a T-Mobile MVNO

Vodafone can't seem to get enough of the U.S. market--the company is going to dive back into the market next year by becoming an MVNO of T-Mobile US.

Ho's Perspective: Sprint needs to step up its 2.5 GHz LTE deployment

Rather than network improvement, Sprint needs network acceleration. Just as he was aggressive in pricing and promotions, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has the opportunity to step on the gas to expand the 2014 2.5 GHz target and accelerate the 2015 rollout with at least 250 million POPs covered before the end of next year.

T-Mobile's no-contract model is bold and necessary- but may not change much

T-Mobile USA wants you to know that it's the "Uncarrier." It's moving to a no-contract model (mostly), and doing away with the traditional Tier 1 U.S. carrier model of smartphone subsidies in exchange for a two-year contract. Unfortunately, I don't think much will change in the U.S. industry as a result.

Sprint offers $400 credit to switch families over

Sprint Nextel is reviving a $400 credit for families who switch to Sprint from another carrier and sign up for its Simply Everything Family or Everything Data Family plans.

TD-LTE devices, licensing issues and H Block integration weigh on Sprint's purchase of Clearwire

Sprint Nextel's $2.2 billion deal to buy Clearwire now has the stamp of approval from Clearwire's board, but a range of issues and obstacles continue to block Sprint's long-term wireless vision.

Verizon moves double data promotion to prepaid: $80 plan now includes 2 GB

Verizon Wireless appears keen to juice its prepaid smartphone sales during the holiday shopping season. The carrier earlier this week launched a double data promotion that will increase the data allotment on its $80 prepaid smartphone plan from 1 GB per month to 2 GB.

FMC goes commercial, but will it thrive?

FMC goes commercial, but will it thrive? After many starts and stalls, 2007 is shaping up to be the year of fixed mobile convergence. In fact, this summer we've seen two U.S. operators dip