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Latest Headlines

Wilson Electronics buys cell-signal booster rival zBoost as booster certifications roll in

Wilson Electronics bought smaller rival zBoost, consolidating the niche market for cell-signal boosters. The deal comes as the FCC is certifying new boosters from Wilson and its competitors under stricter rules for the devices.

Private equity investors add wireless firms to their portfolio mix

Small, privately held wireless firms are getting some welcome attention from private equity investors looking for potential investment and acquisition targets. Unlike venture capital companies, which tend to gravitate toward startups, private equity firms typically invest in more mature companies with the intent of holding onto those investments for anywhere from three to seven years and then realizing their investment through either a sale, an initial public offering or a recapitalization.

AT&T, Verizon, others agree to new cell booster rules, but existing 2M users must register

The FCC on Wednesday approved new rules for cell phone boosters, giving booster makers a major win after years of acrimonious debate over the issue. The FCC also managed to get the nation's wireless carriers to agree to the new rules. However, the 2 million wireless customers with existing boosters who have been using the devices to improve their mobile signals will need to register with and get permission from their carriers to continue to use the gadgets.

Jarich: Repeaters, phone reception, voice pricing… and living like a spy

We might complain about the cost of mobile broadband, the lack of creativity in mobile data pricing or even the lack of diversity in successful smartphone (or tablet) platforms, but there's no denying how far the mobile ecosystem has come and how fast it has evolved. Yet, there's also no denying that, despite the advances in mobile broadband, voice isn't going anyway in the near-term.

Wireless executives: If I were starting over in the industry

FierceWireless  queried a range of top industry executives to get their perspectives on what they might have done differently if they were starting over in the industry.

Nokia, Qualcomm, Intel prep for CES gadget debuts

Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) and Intel are among the companies looking to make a splash next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, as all eyes in the mobile industry turn to

Verizon, Wilson Electronics join forces on cell signal boosters

Talk about strange bedfellows. Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) and cell signal booster maker Wilson Electronics made a joint filing with the FCC on the design, operation and installation of signal

FCC to vote on data roaming, cell phone boosters at April meeting

The FCC will vote on a raft of wireless issues at its monthly open meeting on April 7, including mandatory data roaming rules and guidelines for cell phone signal boosters, two long-running and

FCC considers cell booster ban

Comments are due today on an FCC inquiry into whether cellular signal boosters should be banned because they may interfere with cell networks. Signal boosters, which are made by firms such as Wilson