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Yankee Group: In-app purchases- fool's gold or pay dirt?

The Web is full of headlines from Internet tech sites that claim almost all app store revenue now comes from in-app purchases within free apps. But like much of what appears on the Internet, it is necessary to take a closer look at the numbers to better understand the story.

Yankee Group: 2014 will be the year for voice-controlled mobile apps

Speech recognition has been around for many years, but it was only until Apple launched Siri with the iPhone 4S on October 2011 that this technology became mainstream. Despite its potential, speech recognition has taken a back seat to other innovations like the touch screen, but new developments by Nuance, Google and Intel are setting the stage for this technology to finally take off in 2014.

Yankee Group: Taking wearable tech to the next level

Of the innovations jockeying for "the next big thing" nomenclature, wearable tech stands out--both literally and figuratively--as an arena with serious promise. But what often goes overlooked is the fact that wearable tech has been around for decades.

Yankee Group: Is there a small market for small cells?

Small cells are starting to look like Token Ring. Or Beta Max. Or PBB-TE. What do these technologies have in common? They were all technically superior to the solutions that ultimately relegated them to oblivion.

Report: LTE subscribers to hit 198M in 2013, then skyrocket to 1B in 2016

The number of LTE subscribers worldwide is rising rapidly, and will continue to do so through the next several years, according to a new report from IHS iSuppli, which predicts that the number of LTE users worldwide will hit 198.1 million in 2013. Over the next few years LTE adoption is expected to surge to 1 billion users in 2016, the research firm said.

Report: LTE subs to climb from 114M in 2013 to 258M in 2014

The global LTE market will more than double between next year and 2014 as operators roll out LTE networks, according to a new report from research firm Yankee Group.

Yankee Group: Clear positioning is the key to 4G success

Hundreds of mobile network operators (MNOs) around the world are currently in planning mode for 4G/LTE. Success with this new technology is not only dependent upon how operators deploy the networks. They must also succeed in how they launch and communicate their offer in the marketplace.

Price-checking apps make retail shoppers more fickle

All it takes is a long lineup at the checkout for shoppers to take out their phone, do a quick price-check, and decide at the last minute to take their business elsewhere.

Preventing Android applications piracy possible, requires diligence, planning

Android application piracy is a real problem in the mobile app industry but developers do have options to minimize its impact on their monetization strategies. And in most instances, it does not involve closing the Android development door for good--if at all.

European operators dash for m-commerce involvement

Mobile commerce appears to be entering a new phase as European operators engage in a mad scramble to form partnerships with financial services firms and rival mobile operators. The recent