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T-Mobile, Apple and video led 2015's big topics- Year in Review

It may not have been exactly transformative, but 2015 saw the continuation of several important trends and the emergence of others. T-Mobile built on the momentum it began to generate in 2014 with its "un-carrier" marketing campaign, expanding the initiative by adding data-free video streaming (Binge On) and expanding its data-free music streaming (Music Freedom) with new content partners. T-Mobile's disruptive strategy paid big dividends this year as the carrier passed Sprint to become the nation's third-largest operator and stoked at least some competition among the tier-ones.

Spectrum auctions, Wi-Fi calling and the shifting regulatory landscape for M&A drive European mobile transformation in 2015- Year in Review

We've reached that point when we look back at some of the biggest events to have taken place this year. We have focused on five key trends: spectrum policy and auctions; VoWi-Fi and VoLTE; the emergence of Altice; the changing stance on M&A at EU level; and the decline of smartphone shipments in Europe.

Fixed-mobile convergence, M&A drive European wireless transformation in 2014: Year in Review

In this overview of 2014, we have focused on five key trends: fixed-mobile convergence and quad-play; mergers and acquisitions; "5G;" connected cars; and the resurgence of European device manufacturers. The reasons for focusing on these five areas and the news that shaped them are probably obvious to anyone who has been following the industry closely this year.

2013: A year of reinvention – from phone subsidies to smartphone leadership

2013 was a year of reinvention--a shift away from the status quo in how the U.S. wireless industry operates. T-Mobile US was the driving force behind much of this change in 2013. The company's new leadership, headed by CEO John Legere, challenged many of the conventions of the wireless business by doing away with contracts and international data roaming fees and offering free data to tablet customers. T-Mobile also launched a handset upgrade program that others imitated, accelerating a move away from device subsidies and toward device financing.

In 2012, wireless carriers look only to the future

Every year wireless companies make investments and decisions to plan for the future. It's just part of doing business. However, this year a number of companies made moves that will legitimately set them up for years of growth ahead. The deals that were announced, if they get approved by regulators next year, will reshape the U.S. wireless industry.

2010 Year in Review: Wireless data explosion creates chain reaction

Looking back on 2010, it's clear that the explosive growth of mobile data traffic, driven by USB modems, smartphones and tablets, is now the omnipresent concern of almost every player in the

IDC: Reflecting on the big events of 2010

Five months ago, I submitted a review of the big events in the U.S. mobile phone market during the first half of 2010. Now that 2010 is drawing to a close, it only makes sense to take a moment and

Looking back on 2009: From Nokia's floundering to Google's dominance

Want to see what stories dominated the headlines in our sister publications? From Google's dominance to LTE's technology trials to Nokia's floundering business, see what the rest of our wireless team