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Paolini: 6 issues guiding discussions on traffic management

By Monica Paolini, Senza Fili ConsultingThe challenge of how operators can pack more traffic and services on the infrastructure it already has and improve subscribers' experience is not a new one--but there has been great innovation in the tools, their availability and their effectiveness over the last few years. Our understanding of how traffic dynamics have changed and continue to change, and how to track them in live networks makes the case for active traffic management much more compelling from a cost-saving and revenue-generating perspective.

Paolini: The future – and the present – of HetNets

By Monica Paolini, Senza Fili Consulting"We have been talking about small cells for a long time now, but when are operators going to deploy them for real?" is a question I often get. True, I also used to get the same question about Wi-Fi hotspots, and, even though it was a somewhat slow process, today every smartphone has Wi-Fi and can find some way to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Paolini: Small-cell backhaul market update - what has changed and what has stayed the same

By Monica Paolini, Senza Fili Consulting

I have been following the evolution of backhaul solutions for a while because backhaul is crucial to the small-cell business case. The reason for this is simple: backhaul accounts for up twice as much of the percentage of the TCO for small cells than it does for macro cells. As it is always the case with wireless TCOs, most of it comes from the opex. While equipment cost is an important variable, the key issue is that the backhaul solution has to be low cost to install, maintain, and operate.

Paolini: Can wireless backhaul facilitate transition to fiber backhaul?

One of the big debates in mobile backhaul is whether an operator should use wireless or fiber. The choice is not only or primarily about technology or fiber availability, but it...

Paolini: TDD innovation in the RAN

LTE does not only deliver more capacity to mobile operators overwhelmed by traffic growth. It is also brings innovation in the RAN, where operators have started to experiment with new topologies, new

Paolini: The big challenge for small cells - backhaul

Mobile operators have finally come to accept that small cells will be an essential component of their strategy to increase network capacity--and more precisely to increase capacity density in those

Paolini: Are vertical applications for wireless ready to take off?

Vertical applications have become one of the hot areas in the wireless industry. With cellular penetration approaching saturation and subscriber ARPU slowly declining or remaining stable despite the

Paolini: Has Clearwire picked the right flavor of LTE?

Finally Clearwire has publicly announced its commitment to move to LTE. The decision to adopt LTE was a widely expected, and probably an unavoidable one, but there were (and still are) many open

Paolini: Wi-Fi offloading - build your own Wi-Fi network or share it?

For mobile operators fighting network congestion, Wi-Fi offloading has been an unqualified success. In some high-traffic locations in Hong Kong, up to 80 percent of the cellular data traffic is

Scavenger apps: BitTorrent protocol sends data when there's enough capacity

Data caps have become the first line of defense of mobile operators against network congestion. But it is becoming increasingly obvious that imposing limitations on traffic allowances is not an