NBC report about mobile threat at Sochi Olympics draws heavy criticism

Security experts assailed an NBC report about mobile security threats at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In the report, NBC foreign correspondent Richard Engel "demonstrated" that as soon as he logged onto a W-Fi network at a Russian restaurant using a smartphone and laptop, he was "hacked." Engel, who visited the restaurant with Kyle Wilhoit from security firm Trend Micro, reported that his smartphone also was hacked when he browsed for information about the Sochi Olympics.

However, experts allege Engel was in Moscow, not Sochi, when he did the demo and actually enabled the download of Android malware onto his phone. Even Trend Micro's Wilhoit lamented the inaccuracy of the report. "Unfortunately, the editing got the best of the story. Cut a lot of the technical/context details out," said Wilhoit in a tweet. For more, see this FierceMobileIT article.