AT&T completes Disney DAS and small cell rollouts

Even an overgrown mouse working as a sorcerer's apprentice can be challenged to deliver better wireless service at an expansive theme park. So AT&T has worked its magic to improve communications across several Disney properties in the United States.

AT&T, Cisco promise Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi roaming for MWC attendees

The backers of Hotspot 2.0 want the mobile industry to know that the technology is ready for prime time, and there probably is no better way to make that point than to deploy Hotspot 2.0 for automatic use by at least a portion of the attendees at next week's Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

SK Telecom closer to aggregating 40 MHz of bandwidth using three disparate spectrum bands

SK Telecom said it will build out more 1.8 GHz base stations this year to provide 20 MHz of additional LTE bandwidth across South Korea and announced it is moving closer to rolling out a 10 MHz segment of the 2.1 GHz band that will enable it to provide 40 MHz of carrier-aggregated bandwidth.

Cisco's new virtualization platform includes virtual service module for mobility

Cisco officially took the wraps off a new virtualization and orchestration software offering called the Evolved Services Platform (ESP), parts of which are already being used by 25 service providers around the globe.

Keep an eye on the Rising Stars in Wireless for 2014

C-level officials are the public face of companies, but little-known executives are often powerful players behind the scenes. They are the ones doing the heavy lifting necessary to grow or create business units, take risks and overcome challenges and corporate bureaucracy to deliver results. In our annual feature, FierceWireless acknowledges achievements of the wireless industry's rising stars, whose efforts often go unheralded. 

Alcatel-Lucent, TE Connectivity bring common interface to DAS

A common digital interface between Alcatel-Lucent's mobile broadband network equipment and TE Connectivity's distributed antenna systems (DAS) is aimed at lowering costs for operators that need to add bandwidth in high-traffic locations such as sports stadiums and hotel complexes.

Fastback touts a twist in backhaul multipoint capability

Startup Fastback Networks said its lineup of backhaul radios now includes support for what it describes as "multi-point-to-point (M-PTP)" architectures, flipping the traditional terminology of point to multipoint (PMP).

WifiForward adds ballast to demand for unlicensed spectrum

Internet and communications heavyweights along with other supporters want more spectrum for Wi-Fi, and they want it now. The WifiForward coalition is calling for policymakers to open up more unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi and other uses, contending that Wi-Fi in general is at risk due to a deluge of wireless data traffic that is causing increasing spectrum congestion.

Vasona's SmartVision provides real-time detail on each cell

Mobile operators often find themselves playing catch-up when it comes to identifying and dealing with traffic overloads at various points on the network. But traffic-shaping vendor Vasona Networks aims to give network engineers a head start by delivering deeper visibility into cell conditions and their effect on the customer experience via its newly unveiled SmartVision analysis suite.

Micro-location is an attractive but fast-moving target

Indoor positioning technologies and related location-based services (LBS) will be a major topic of discussion at the 2014 Mobile World Congress later this month, and the market outlook is pointing to significant growth opportunities.

Report: Huawei getting more aggressive on OSS, buys Fastwire

Huawei is planning to start selling operational support systems directly to telcos and has acquired Australian OSS provider Fastwire as part of the new focus, according to a report.

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are a multi-device event

It should be no surprise that this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, are being streamed to a plethora of devices. FierceOnlineVideo has delved into how viewers are accessing the Games--not just where they're accessing online video but what they're most likely watching it on. For more on how the Winter Games are being streamed, check out this FierceOnlineVideo special report.

Yahoo, Carnegie Mellon University target mobile and machine learning via $10M partnership

Mobile services and personalization lie at the heart of Project InMind, a $10 million, five-year partnership between Yahoo and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

SDN-driven backhaul could save carriers $9B by 2017, says study

Software-defined networking (SDN) could save operators $9 billion in mobile backhaul-related operating expenses by 2017 as they gain the ability to dynamically manage traffic and backhaul bandwidth, according to fresh research.

Ericsson debuts new software products to solve capacity issues, offer new services

Infrastructure vendor Ericsson rolled out several new products in advance of the upcoming Mobile World Congress trade show that the company said are geared to help operators strengthen their network capacity as well as introduce new services that will help drive revenue.

Verizon 700 MHz LTE cell site is latest victim of interference from fluorescent lights

High-frequency radio emissions from fluorescent lights installed in a Los Angeles office building are allegedly interfering with a Verizon Wireless cell site, prompting the FCC to referee the dispute between Verizon and the building owner.

NSN stakes out a telco cloud beachhead with NFV-compliant automated application management

Backing its claim that the telco cloud is ready for commercial use, Nokia Solutions and Networks is rolling out a standardized telco cloud management software solution.

Aeroflex acquires Shenick, provider of virtual testing for SDN

Aeroflex said it acquired Shenick Network Systems in a bid to boost its market position in wireless infrastructure test equipment.

Amdocs' new SON solution leverages expertise from Actix, Celcite

Amdocs is leveraging its acquisitions of Actix and Celcite for a new self-optimizing networks (SON) product that also integrates customer value data from Amdocs' existing BSS/OSS solutions.

NBC report about mobile threat at Sochi Olympics draws heavy criticism

Security experts assailed an NBC report about mobile security threats at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In the report, NBC foreign correspondent Richard Engel "demonstrated" that as soon as he logged onto a W-Fi network at a Russian restaurant using a smartphone and laptop, he was "hacked."