Baicells claims launch of world's first LTE-U/LAA small cell

Capping a successful run at Mobile World Congress 2016 last week, Chinese startup Baicells formally announced what it is calling the world's first LTE-U/LAA small cell, which it says provides up to 300 Mbps capacity.

How top carriers Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint stacked up in 4Q 2015

Here's a reminder of why operators are looking so seriously at the Internet of Things: Smartphone sales by the four major carriers fell year on year, from around 42 million to around 38 million, during the fourth quarter of 2015, according to JackDaw Research.

Wheeler: U.S. will allocate 5G spectrum 'faster than any nation on the planet'

During a Senate committee hearing Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler promised that the U.S. will lead in 5G and allocate spectrum "faster than any nation on the planet."

Ericsson rolls out Small Cell as a Service at Legia Warszawa stadium in Poland

Ericsson has not yet deployed its Small Cell as a Service in the U.S., but it's talking about some of the new apps that football fans are getting starting this month at the Legia Warszawa stadium in Poland.

Google, Microsoft wage war of words with GE Healthcare, others over white space rules

In a long-running battle that pits Google and Microsoft against GE Healthcare, the WMTS Coalition and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the FCC is being asked to reconsider some of its rules for the operation of white space devices in the 600 MHz band.

OPNFV puts out second release of open source NFV platform, Brahmaputra

In keeping with its practice of naming releases after rivers, the OPNFV Project announced the availability of OPNFV Brahmaputra. It's the second platform release by the community, which last year launched Arno.

1-Gigabit LTE will incorporate unlicensed spectrum

Ericsson's newly coined version of LTE, which it is calling Gigabit LTE because it will make 1-Gbps speeds possible for LTE networks, will probably need to incorporate unlicensed spectrum for most operators to deploy it.

Intel: Build security into Internet of Things, 5G at chip level

While cyber attackers are turning their attention to the Internet of Things (IoT) at an alarming rate, an Intel Security expert says the time is now to start tackling what is only going to become an even bigger target for cyber attacks.

Federated Wireless argues that proposed 37 GHz hybrid licensing scheme will directly benefit carriers

Spectrum sharing technology startup Federated Wireless is urging the FCC to adopt a proposed hybrid licensing scheme for the 37 GHz band, as it will best ensure the availability of "meaningful indoor coverage," and operators will directly benefit. But both Verizon and AT&T are on record saying they're concerned the 37 GHz hybrid proposal would adversely affect 5G deployments.

Google's Project Loon shows how balloons are launched in Puerto Rico

It sounds as though Google's Project Loon engineers are coming up with workable solutions a lot faster than anyone may have dreamed.

Gogo says open architecture gives airlines more flexibility in technology upgrades

Amid concerns that American Airlines is looking to take its business elsewhere for 200 aircraft, Gogo Wireless' CEO reassured investment analysts that it's on the right track by offering an open architecture, meaning its airline customers have more control over the systems they choose and services they offer.

Verizon to test 5G at 28 GHz in Texas with Samsung

Verizon and Samsung appear to be plowing ahead with plans to conduct 5G tests at 28 GHz, one of the bands that holds a great deal of promise for 5G services.

Samsung provides technical demonstrations of millimeter wave for FCC

Samsung executives, including Youngky Kim, president and head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, as well as vice presidents Woojune Kim and Wonil Roh, were among those who met with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and others this week to talk about spectrum bands above 24 GHz.

Millimeter wave expert Rappaport encouraged by U.S. operators' 5G tests

Just a year ago, NYU Wireless was concerned the U.S. was falling behind in the global race to 5G. Fast forward a year and a few weeks, throw in a few dozen announcements leading up to and at Mobile World Congress 2016, and things are looking much better for the U.S.

Nokia aims to prove pre-5G is ready for commercialization

While a lot of claims are being bandied about 5G during this week's Mobile World Congress 2016, Nokia says it's the first to run 5G on a commercially available base station.  That's a significant claim not only because the 5G standards have not yet been written, but for operators like Verizon, it means they can launch pre-5G sooner rather than later.

Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia among vendors backing Finland's 5G test network

Amid all the 5G posturing by U.S. operators, Finland is trying to grab some of the spotlight by introducing 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF), which is backed by Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia, at Mobile World Congress 2016.

HP expands partnership with iPass, bringing Wi-Fi to more devices worldwide

HP is extending its relationship with iPass, saying it will bring iPass' global Wi-Fi network to HP customers on select HP notebook and tablet PCs worldwide.

Huawei, Deutsche Telekom claim world first in 5G E2E network slicing demo

BARCELONA, Spain -- Huawei and Deutsche Telekom are determined to validate network slicing technology, saying their joint demo in Deutsche Telekom's 5G:haus lab in Bonn, Germany, can create network slices on demand in each given application scenario with the flexibility and efficiency required for 5G applications.

AT&T, Intel agree to test drones on LTE network

AT&T is working with Intel to test how drones operate on an LTE network at higher altitudes and in situations that are beyond line of sight, and they're giving a little preview of how it all works at Intel's Drone Zone at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

Verizon's 5G tests hit 10-Gig speeds, commercial deployment in 2017 possible

BARCELONA, Spain—Verizon's early 5G tests hint at blazing fast network speeds topping 10 Gbps  and the ability to transmit 4K video while moving and stream 360 degree virtual reality content in 4K. The operator, which is conducting its 5G tests with partners Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm, also revealed that it is on track to commercially launch 5G as early as 2017.