Webinar: Managing VAS: 4 Trends to improve data traffic and the customer experience

Now Available On-Demand  |  Duration: 1 Hour

In response to the data explosion, CSPs have deployed specialized value-added service (VAS) platforms in their networks that enhance subscribers’ experiences and mitigate the impact of data traffic growth.

Join this webinar as we discuss key trends, including:

  • Centralizing traffic management capability across VAS platforms
  • Adding context-awareness at Layer 7 to reduce VAS platform capacity requirements
  • Enabling cloud-based VAS infrastructure with elastic capacity and real-time service bursting
  • Incorporating policy management into traffic steering to VAS platforms

Network engineers, service architects and product realization managers will learn how these trends will give CSPs opportunities to optimize service architecture and realize higher performance, service availability and flexibility with lower costs.

  Misbah Mahmoodi, Product Marketing Manager, F5
Misbah Mahmoodi is responsible for marketing strategy and execution of new technologies in the service provider market at F5. Mr. Mahmoodi has fifteen years' experience of marketing and product management experience in the telecommunications industry, having most recently served as product manager at Emirates Integrated Telecom Company (du) in the United Arab Emirates.
  Frank Yue, Technical Marketing Manager, F5
Frank Yue is responsible for evangelizing F5's technologies and products before they come to market. He also writes blogs, produces white papers, and speaks at conferences and events related to the service provider market. Prior to joining F5, Yue was sales engineer at BreakingPoint Systems, selling application aware traffic and security simulation solutions for the service provider market.