700 MHz Spectrum

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

AT&T, Verizon close $1.9B 700 MHz B Block spectrum deal

AT&T boosted its spectrum holdings in 18 states by consummating a deal announced last January to acquire 39 lower 700 MHz B Block spectrum licenses from rival Verizon Wireless.

IPWireless scores 700 MHz network deal

IPWireless announced that Public Service Wireless (PSW) is deploying a high-speed wireless Internet network in the 700 MHz band utilizing IPWireless' platform to enable the operator to bring

Former Motorola exec backs D Block spectrum auction

A former executive at Motorola (NYSE:MOT) has thrown his support behind a re-auction of the D Block of the 700 MHz band, putting him at odds with his ex-employer. Dennis Roberson, who served as

Motorola picked for public-safety LTE network in San Francisco

Motorola (NYSE:MOT) announced it won a contract that is the first phase of a private 700 MHz LTE network buildout for first responders in the San Francisco Bay Area. The network will cover 10 sites

FCC adopts order banning wireless microphones in 700 MHz band

In preparation of 4G services operators who will deploy in the 700 MHz band, the FCC adopted an order on Friday that bans the use of wireless microphones and other devices that operate in the band.

WiMAX deployments hit hard by economic downturn

By the Maravedis Team The third quarter of 2008 proved very eventful for the WiMAX industry. September marked another milestone with the commercial launch of Sprint's XOHM in Baltimore, which will be

Verizon gets hands on 700 MHz licenses without spectrum divestiture

The FCC gave its final blessing to the $4.7 billion worth of licenses Verizon Wireless won at the 700 MHz auction, and it refused Google's request that the FCC impose stricter conditions when it

FCC has new plan to re-auction D-block spectrum

Late Friday, the FCC divulged a new proposal to re-auction D-block spectrum that failed to find a bidder during the 700 MHz auction held earlier this year. The new proposal will be discussed at the

Google pledges $4.6B if 700 MHz is open

Google finally put its money where its mouth is, pledging to bid a minimum of $4.6 billion in the 700 MHz auction if the Federal Communications Commission agrees to set aside some spectrum for open