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Latest Headlines

Advertising seeing one crazy summer thanks to original content growth

A deluge of new shows premiering on sites like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube as well as traditional broadcasters' summer replacement series has marketing professionals scrambling to reach viewers through advertising campaigns. It's a big change from what is normally a quiet season for advertisers.

CBS makes more ad revenue from online video than broadcast, report says

Here's one reason we may see broadcasters make a seismic shift from airwaves to lightwaves (er, you know, fiber optic networks) in distributing their content. CBS Corp. reports that it makes 10 to 20 percent more ad dollars per viewer from its streaming content than from broadcast content.

CW's streaming audience may be up 60 percent

The CW's online audience--those watching streaming versions of its broadcast series like Arrow, The Originals  and Beauty and the Beast--may have grown 60 percent in the last year, the network's statistics, presented at its annual upfront in New York, suggested.

Operators can spend tons on marketing, but even satisfied customers can still leave

Operators know in their hearts that both existing and potential subscribers probably hate them, because customers invariably find something to grumble about when it comes to any kind of supplier. Mobile phone users watch heart-warming TV campaigns with a cynical sneer and remain convinced that the operator is just out to get them--or at least a sizeable part of their wallet.

Pirate sites profit from untracked ad dollars, report says

Major advertisers are inadvertently supporting websites that offer pirated movie and television content, because they are buying ad space using automated ad-buying services, a Wall Street Journal article asserts.

Cloud4Wi enters the U.S. managed Wi-Fi hotspot arena

Competition in the U.S. managed public Wi-Fi hotspot industry just keeps growing. The latest player is Italian startup Cloud4Wi, which has expanded its managed Wi-Fi business to North America, announcing a new partner program for the region that the company says will enable managed service providers (MSPs) to create custom-branded Wi-Fi offerings and value-added services for their customers.

Less than half of online video ads are even seen, Vindico says

Online video advertising may not have the glowing future some reports suggest if new research is any indication. It's likely that more than 1 billion ads on the Internet are never seen by their intended audience.

YouTube moves toward premium in bid to attract advertisers

Short-form video giant YouTube put its position as the top online video provider into play during its third annual "Brandcast" at Madison Square Garden, as it tried to woo advertisers to spend more on the service. It's banking on a new platform for ad spending called "Google Preferred."

Can online video advertising outpace TV ads? Skeptics sound off

A financial analyst is pouring water on recent studies that say online video advertising will overtake TV ads within the next few years. Television still has much greater reach than online video, with 115.6 million TV homes in the United States, and isn't likely to end its reign anytime soon.

AT&T ditches 'Rethink Possible' slogan for new 'Mobilizing Your World' push

AT&T Mobility is rolling out a new advertising slogan, "Mobilizing Your World," to highlight the activities and businesses its network enables. The company is shedding its "Rethink Possible" tagline for its ads, which it has used since 2010.