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Latest Headlines

Can online video advertising outpace TV ads? Skeptics sound off

A financial analyst is pouring water on recent studies that say online video advertising will overtake TV ads within the next few years. Television still has much greater reach than online video, with 115.6 million TV homes in the United States, and isn't likely to end its reign anytime soon.

AT&T ditches 'Rethink Possible' slogan for new 'Mobilizing Your World' push

AT&T Mobility is rolling out a new advertising slogan, "Mobilizing Your World," to highlight the activities and businesses its network enables. The company is shedding its "Rethink Possible" tagline for its ads, which it has used since 2010.

Mobiquity hopes SDK lures developers, retailers to beacon-based tracking

Mobiquity Technologies released a software development kit (SDK) aimed at encouraging developers and retailers to leverage the reach of its proximity-based mobile advertising network in U.S. shopping malls.

Video news takes off online, Pew says, but are viewers tuning in?

Young people looking to make a career in journalism should focus on the burgeoning digital media world, a Pew Research report on the state of the media suggests. But it's not all roses: Viewership of online video-based news isn't growing, and many native digital news outlets have yet to turn a profit.

AT&T launches new ad campaign 'Better Network' highlighting small cells, DAS

AT&T Mobility is rolling out a new advertising campaign called "Better Network" aimed at illustrating how exactly it is improving coverage and capacity on its wireless network.

AOL sees huge opportunity in $5B online video advertising market

With only a fraction of advertising dollars being spent on digital ads, online video is a huge opportunity, Tim Armstrong, chairman and CEO of AOL, told analysts at the Deutsche Bank Media, Internet and Telecom Conference.

TV still dominates video usage, but online is growing

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults still get most of their video through traditional pay-TV services, though paid streaming video services and free services also make up a large portion of viewing, a CEA study found.

Yahoo, Carnegie Mellon University target mobile and machine learning via $10M partnership

Mobile services and personalization lie at the heart of Project InMind, a $10 million, five-year partnership between Yahoo and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

Hulu names NBC veteran Peter Naylor to top ad sales post

A veteran NBC sales executive will lead Hulu's ad efforts.

YouTube auditing some videos' views

YouTube said it has started to audit the views that videos receive on its site to cut down on fraudulent traffic. The move could be a boon to advertisers that seek greater accuracy and reliability in online ad metrics.