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Latest Headlines

Apple reportedly developing new wireless charging technology

Apple is helping to develop new technology that would enable devices to be charged wirelessly from further away than current charging mats, according to Bloomberg.

Ineda planning mass production of low-power chips for wearables in 2015

Ineda Systems, a startup funded by the likes of Qualcomm, Samsung and others, is testing samples of two chip designs that could extend battery lives for wearable devices. Mass production of the chips is expected next year.

Nokia measures impacts from Spotify and Pandora on network performance, battery life

It is reasonable to assume that the use of streaming music must have some impact on mobile network performance as well as device battery life, but just how much? Researchers at Nokia have quantified the impacts by testing the popular music streaming applications Spotify and Pandora.

Study: VoLTE slashes smartphone battery life by 50%

Operators hoping to engage in widespread deployment of voice over LTE in order to gain spectral efficiencies in their network may face some unhappy customers because one vendor's recent tests showed that VoLTE calls can slash a device's talk-time battery life by half.

Feature phones: Is the end near?

IDC's latest insight into mobile phone shipments states that the worldwide market grew more than 6 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2011. Encouraging news for the industry, given the economic

New lithium-ion batteries could increase cell phone battery life ten-fold

Weak battery life continues to vex mobile users everywhere: the latest kerfuffle over Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4S is proof of that. However, researchers at Northwestern University have...

Scientists find way to tweak smartphone Wi-Fi cards to improve battery life

Computer scientists from the University of Michigan say a "subconscious" energy saving mode could improve a smartphone's battery life by as much as 54 percent. The idea is to turn down the clock on a

Researchers detail way to double battery life of Wi-Fi devices

Duke University grad student Justin Manweiler and a team of researchers have developed a way to significantly increase the battery life of Wi-Fi devices without changing the device itself. The

Are touchscreens the most important feature of smartphones?

Sales of smartphones are rapidly overtaking those of feature phones. According to comScore, almost 30 percent of Americans now carry smartphones. And that number is set to skyrocket--Peter Chou, the

Sprint to introduce WiMAX version of MiFi mobile hotspot

Sprint announced it will introduce a WiMAX-enabled MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot that comes pre-loaded with the MiFi operating system that includes widgets and application support. The new WiMAX