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Latest Headlines

Investors line up to fund OTT content startups

Online media startups are increasingly looking like the new darlings of the investment world: Four content-focused companies, including All Def Digital, Thoughtful Media Group, Kin Community, and Woven Digital have received a combined $56 million in funding in just the past week.

Infinera says focus on content providers, metro 100G helps overcome challenging carrier spending environment

Infinera says a diverse customer base has helped it weather what has continued to be a tough carrier spending environment in the recent year.

Roku's content partners accuse service of 'acting like a cable company'

Now that they've built substantial audiences, Roku's more successful content publishers are apparently shocked--shocked!--that the OTT service is getting more aggressive in its demand for revenue-sharing.

FCC's Wheeler realigns net neutrality proposal, promises ISPs can't give preferential treatment

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is taking another stab at the net neutrality debate by incorporating elements into its plan that will ensure that service providers won't be able to put web traffic that travels over their last mile networks into fast and slow paths, reports  The   Wall Street Journal.

Study says TV Everywhere is hardly anywhere

For any number of reasons, multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) subscribers are not rushing out to watch TV Everywhere, says a study by GfK Media, as reported by the  Wall Street Journal.

AT&T gauges consumer interest in toll-free data

AT&T is reportedly exploring what wireless customers think about the idea of having content providers foot the bill for some of the data those users consume.

Toll-free data plans face a maze of complications

Carriers are increasingly expressing enthusiasm for the concept of toll-free data plans, in which content providers and applications developers would pay carriers to carry their content, and, in most scenarios, such content would not count toward a subscriber's data cap.

Avail-TVN's DAI service targets burgeoning VoD business

With nearly 9 billion video-on-demand transactions performed in 2011, the potential to monetize that content is huge. But a paucity of working dynamic ad insertion (DAI) products has left that

Operators lobby EU for ability to charge for content delivery

A report from European mobile industry heavyweights will ask the EU to allow operators to charge content providers for delivery of the content. The aim of the report, drawn up by Alcatel-Lucent,

Net neutrality doesn't work for mobile operators

Telefónica and France Telecom have publicly registered their growing concern with the European Union that content providers are unfairly benefitting by not paying to use broadband networks.