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Magyar Telekom faces tax hike under Hungarian web duty plan

Magyar Telekom faces a tax bill of HUF10 billion (€32.6 million/$41.4 million) if the Hungarian government fails to cap the liability of communications service providers (CSPs) to pay a proposed new Internet service tax.

Apple's iPhone 6: Bigger screen may prompt more data consumption

Apple fans have long suffered from large-screen envy as the smartphone maker has resisted the urge to increase the screen-size of its iconic iPhone. But rumors are that the Cupertino, Calif., company is close to giving in to temptation with plans for an iPhone 6 whose screen could run as large as 5.5 inches, with a smaller variant that might be offered simultaneously coming in at 4.7 inches. But along with larger screens could come higher wireless data consumption, which mobile operators, depending upon their network's capabilities, may meet with cheers or jeers.

Mallinson: Fixed-mobile convergence is back

Fixed-mobile convergence is a popular proposition once again, but with better prospects than a decade or two ago. More tightly integrated fixed and mobile will be the hallmark of future networks and services with fast, reliable and economic delivery, and upon which access to prime video content will be paramount.

Madden: What's the trigger point for small cells?

During the past 18 months, a few Asian operators have deployed significant numbers of small cells. On the other side of the world, mobile operators are experimenting and deploying only small numbers of small cells. There are millions of LTE subscribers in North America, so why don't we have millions of small cells in the United States today?  The difference comes down to density. LTE doesn't drive a need for small cells all by itself, and the sheer weight of data traffic does not require small cells.

NSN to showcase HetNet, Wi-Fi steering developments at MWC 2014

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) is gearing up to demonstrate new approaches to Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) planning and Wi-Fi steering at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress.

TeleGeography: Skype traffic surpasses 214 billion minute mark

Skype continues to outpace traditional voice providers in the international telephony market segment as its traffic rose 36 percent, to 214 billion minutes in 2013, says TeleGeography in a new report.

Verizon spending millions on network upgrades to counter growth of video traffic

Verizon Wireless is struggling to meet a surge in online video traffic, which has caused the carrier's network performance to drop in key metropolitan areas and is costing the operator millions of dollars in network upgrades.

Vasona says edge application controller creates a new category

Vasona Networks officially announced its first product to address mobile network bandwidth congestion, the SmartAir1000 edge application controller.

iPhone 5 to drive 4G adoption, Wi-Fi offloading

Increased data traffic on LTE networks, accompanied by a range of operator efforts to deal with it, will be likely side effects of Apple's decision to include LTE capability in the new iPhone 5.

T-Mobile's LTE network to use Tekelec's Diameter signaling router

As part of its $4 billion network modernization project, T-Mobile USA will deploy Tekelec's Diameter signaling router in the upcoming buildout of its LTE network.