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Latest Headlines

Dish's Sling exec a power player to watch in cable industry

 Roger Lynch, the recently appointed CEO of Dish's Sling TV unit, is one of the executives to watch in the cable industry, along with peers from the likes of Major League Baseball Advanced Media and Roku.  Special report

Hispanic audiences, and $1.5T in buying power, trend toward OTT

As the online video market heats up, increasing attention is being paid to one of its fastest-growing consumer segments: the Hispanic viewing audience. Increasingly, Hispanic OTT viewers are young, technologically savvy, and have increasing buying power. But are online video providers and advertisers reaching this potential powerhouse demographic?

Windstream gets green light to bring IPTV service to Lincoln, Neb.

Windstream has officially become the latest telco to enter the still growing IPTV race by securing a video franchise agreement in Lincoln, Neb., where it will compete directly with local cable incumbent Time Warner Cable.

Dish's bidding in AWS-3 auction raises questions about its long-term strategy

Now that the FCC's AWS-3 spectrum auction has raised more than $34 billion in provisional winning bids, attention is turning to the role Dish Network may be playing.

Frontier wraps its acquisition of AT&T's Connecticut network assets

Frontier Communications is set to begin a new chapter in its home state as it has completed its $2 billion acquisition of AT&T's wireline operations in Connecticut and its related statewide fiber network and U-verse operations.

Regional sports channel rights muddle Comcast-TWC merger, drive up costs across industry

A growing firestorm of consumer dissatisfaction with regional sports channels--highlighted, but by no means restricted to the ongoing brouhaha about Time Warner Cable's deal to pay $8 billion for the video rights of the Los Angeles Dodgers--should create concern about whether Comcast can acquire TWC for $45.2 billion, an op-ed in The Consumerist maintains.

Report: AT&T talks merger with DirecTV in a deal potentially worth $40B

AT&T reportedly talked to DirecTV recently about a merger. The potential move, valued at more than $40 billion, was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Dish CEO: Young people won't pay $100 a month for content

Want to know what Dish Network CEO Joe Clayton thinks of OTT pay-TV, 4K, satellite broadband service, cable consolidation and how pay-TV providers are differentiating themselves in a mature market? Head over to  FierceCable, where Editor Steve Donohue has an informative interview with the Dish executive. 

NimbleTV returns with streaming cable service

Nimble TV is back. The company, which over the summer handed out refunds to subscribers after Dish Network blocked it  from reselling access to its satellite service online, said it is again signing up new customers.

Globalstar says proposed TLPS rules are even better than expected

Last week's FCC notice of proposed rulemaking not only sets the stage for Globalstar to offer a private, licensed Wi-Fi service using some of its spectrum but also confirms that the commission will address Globalstar's longer-term plan to offer LTE services in the full Big LEO band via a separate, future proceeding.