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Latest Headlines

Dish and ACA: Nexstar should do 'baseball-style' arbitration on retrans if it wants Media General

Dish Network and the American Cable Association (ACA) filed further comments to the FCC, asking the agency to block Nextstar Broadcasting Group's $4.6 billion takeover of rival Media General.

Dish puts its under-used tech force to work with new smart phone repair business

Faced with a product portfolio that is rapidly becoming virtualized and in no need of CPE or service calls, Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) has apparently found something for its underused installation...

Dish deal shows Viacom channels haven't lost their value, analysts say

The top media analysts have churned through the forensics of the carriage renewal deal between Dish and Viacom and the results are in: Viacom fared better than expected.

Dish carves multi-year renewal for Viacom, extracts live and VOD rights for Sling

Dish Network and Viacom announced a new multi-year carriage agreement, with the satellite operator securing live and VOD licensing rights to the conglomerate's programming for its IP-based Sling TV platform.

Viacom stock craters as programmer warns viewers of Dish blackout

LAS VEGAS- The long-anticipated carriage battle between Dish Network and Viacom is officially a thing.

Ligado fires back at SNR, Northstar Wireless

Ligado Networks is telling the FCC that spectrum coordination issues raised by SNR Wireless are nothing new and either already have been addressed or can be addressed during the commission's proceeding on service rules for the 1675-1680 MHz band.

Ligado's proposal raises more concerns about impact on AWS-3

Another Dish Network affiliate, this time Northstar Wireless, is asking the FCC to carefully consider "complications" as it considers Ligado Networks' proposal to use the 1675-1680 MHz band for terrestrial mobile downlink transmissions. Such a plan introduces "meaningful challenges" regarding the efficient use of the recently licensed AWS-3 spectrum, according to Northstar's filing with the FCC.

Dish sees another retrans battlefront emerge as Media General warns viewers of possible blackouts

Media General has begun informing viewers of 70 of its stations in 48 TV markets that it will pull its broadcast feed off Dish Network if a new broadcast retransmission deal isn't reached with the satellite operator by Sunday.

SNR urges FCC to consider 'negative implications' of Ligado proposal on AWS-3 licensees

While Ligado Networks, as the former LightSquared, worked through plenty of opposition in the GPS community, its proposal to conduct terrestrial mobile downlink operations in the 1675-1680 MHz band is triggering opposition from the AWS-3 spectrum community.

AT&T, Verizon, other top providers to bid in 600 MHz incentive auction

The FCC's upcoming incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum has attracted over 104 applicants, creating what Chairman Tom Wheeler hopes will result in a "spectrum extravaganza."