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Jarich: White squirrels and iPhones; LTE TDD in the real world

If we're talking about a coherent standard--one harmonized ecosystem, supporting LTE TDD alongside FDD--operators and vendors both benefit. Operators get to deploy (are deploying) services in the spectrum they have. Vendors get to develop TDD products (network and client) with global opportunities. Where so many telecom "hopes" fall flat, it's nice to see this one materialize. It's no albino squirrel, but it is pretty cool.

Schoolar: Multi-mode LTE getting a fresh look from operators

Looking back at the "What to expect from MWC 2014" column I wrote in early February, I would say the conference met my expectations. I want to say I'm the world's greatest prognosticator but that would be a lie. Surprises are rare with wireless infrastructure. Vendors often give me a heads up on what to expect and having watched this market for some time, I can tell you that if one or two vendors are doing something, you can be sure their competitors are working on something similar. But, that isn't to say I didn't encounter a surprise this past February while in Barcelona.

LG's G2 to support Sprint's tri-mode LTE networks

LG Electronics' newest flagship smartphone, the G2, will support all three LTE spectrum bands Sprint will soon be using--800 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2.5 GHz. Although Sprint has long said it will deploy LTE across the three bands, LG's support of Sprint's spectrum portfolio indicates that device makers are actively seeding Sprint's customers with tri-mode smartphones.

ZTE tests air-to-ground FDD-LTE network

China's ZTE, along with Hainan Airlines, have successfully completed a test of air-to-ground (ATG) broadband communications using an FDD-LTE network on a commercial airline flight.

Sprint sets migration path for Clearwire network, spectrum

Sprint Nextel's bid to takeover Clearwire prompts questions regarding how it might integrate both companies' networks as well as speculation that the company is using Clearwire in a game of spectrum chess against other potential acquirers such as Dish Network.

TD-LTE devices, licensing issues and H Block integration weigh on Sprint's purchase of Clearwire

Sprint Nextel's $2.2 billion deal to buy Clearwire now has the stamp of approval from Clearwire's board, but a range of issues and obstacles continue to block Sprint's long-term wireless vision.

Report: Half of all mobile connections will be 3G/4G by 2017

Half of all mobile connections worldwide will run on either 3G or 4G networks by 2017. The figure would represent a doubling of the number of 3G/4G connections this year, according to a new report from research firm Wireless Intelligence.

Now Broadband expands fixed TD-LTE service

UK Broadband expanded its now Broadband-branded fixed TD-LTE service to areas of Southwark and Reading. The service, which was first switched on commercially in February 2012, is already available in the UK cities of London, Reading, Swindon and Scunthorpe.

ZTE devices support TDD and FDD flavors of LTE

Seeking to establish a beachhead in converged LTE FDD and TDD end-user devices, ZTE took the wraps off of a multi-standard USB modem and a Wi-Fi hotspot device. Both devices support LTE FDD, TD-LTE, the Chinese TD-SCDMA standard and EDGE.

Report: TD-LTE to power 25% of LTE connections by 2016

Although it currently lags FDD-LTE in popularity, the TD-LTE variant will make up 25 percent of all LTE connections by 2016 as it gains more market acceptance, according to a new report from research firm Ovum.