Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Boingo continues Passpoint trials with multiple carriers, adds Android Marshmallow support

Boingo Wireless continues to conduct Next-Generation Hotspot (NGH) Phase 3 trials as part of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) program, with multiple carriers, equipment providers and device OEMs participating.

AT&T debuts its first plug-in vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot device

AT&T is offering its first plug-in vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot, supplied by ZTE USA, starting Sept. 11 in AT&T stores and online. Dubbed the ZTE Mobley, the device allows up to five devices to connect to the Internet through AT&T's hotspot data plan and LTE network.

Time Warner Cable expands Hotspot 2.0 to Dallas, San Antonio, Raleigh

Just in time for summer, Time Warner Cable says it has expanded its outdoor Wi-Fi network to three new cities--Dallas and San Antonio in Texas and Raleigh, N.C., so it now offers more than 100,000 TWC Wi-Fi Hotspots across its national Wi-Fi network.

Analysts: Mobile Wi-Fi data usage to grow faster than mobile cellular data usage

A recent research report from analysts at investment bank J.P. Morgan found there are approximately 50.6 million public Wi-Fi hotspots in the U.S. and mobile Wi-Fi data usage now exceeds mobile data usage on cellular networks.

Marriott, other venues want FCC to clarify Wi-Fi network-management rules

The Marriott hotel chain may have agreed in October to pay $600,000 to settle an FCC claim, but that isn't the end. Some major hotel and real estate operations, including Marriott, want the FCC to clarify how Wi-Fi operators can manage their networks, reports  Multichannel News.

Report: U.S. cable operators closing in on 10M hotspots

U.S. cable operators are expected to deploy some 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots by early 2015, according to analysts at Heavy Reading. The forecast was released in Denver during the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) convention.

Comcast's neighborhood hotspots may raise customers' electric bills $23 per year, Connectify says

A few folks find Comcast's policy of using Xfinity Wi-Fi residential and business routers to create neighborhood hotspots alarming and worry about potential privacy issues from putting a second SSID for the public on a router. But Connectify alleges it has found something else that should concern Xfinity customers: the extra power consumption, and potentially higher utility bills, that these devices engender.

Comcast's dual-signal gateway for businesses will expand its Wi-Fi footprint

Comcast is providing its business customers with something many of its residential customers already have--a dual-signal gateway--and simultaneously boosting its own public Wi-Fi footprint.

Time Warner Cable's new portal helps users calculate savings from offloading cellular data to MSO's Wi-Fi hotspots

Time Warner Cable took the wraps off My WiFi, an online customer portal that positions the company's networks of Wi-Fi hotspots as a stronger competitor to cellular.

Rumor mill: Google getting into managed Wi-Fi services with help from Hotspot 2.0

Google is reportedly preparing to subsidize commercial-grade Wi-Fi gear and software for small- and medium-size businesses, possibly in exchange for having Wi-Fi users use their Google accounts to sign into those businesses' Wi-Fi hotspots, which will in turn help Google better target advertising to them.