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Latest Headlines

Time Warner announces massive Hotspot 2.0 deployment

Time Warner Cable confirmed its rollout out of "TWCWiFi-Passpoint," a national Wi-Fi network that includes Hotspot 2.0 technology on most of its public access points as well as upgraded encryption.

Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots reach 1M milestone

Comcast announced that it now has 1 million U.S. Wi-Fi hotspots. The news was released amid rumors that the cable MSO is thinking of launching a Wi-Fi-centric wireless service.

Hyper speed Internet at Starbucks yet? Google won't confirm

Google is staying tight-lipped about the progress of its Wi-Fi service upgrade in selected Starbucks stores, but some patrons are tweeting that their local coffee shop has already received the upgrade. FierceWirelessTech has more.

Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi raise the hackles of privacy advocates

Many visitors to New York during Super Bowl week likely got their first taste of location-based advertising thanks to wireless proximity beacons deployed by the National Football League in Times Square and MetLife Stadium. And while consumers could only receive pop-up messages via those beacons if they opted in to use the N.F.L. Mobile app, privacy advocates are cautioning that beacons and even Wi-Fi hotspots can be used for nefarious purposes.

Deutsche Telekom's test results raise questions about Wi-Fi's offloading value

Tests conducted last year by Deutsche Telekom revealed that while Wi-Fi can be viewed as a complementary technology to 3G and LTE, it is not very useful for easing cellular network congestion through offloading.

Tier 1 carriers expect 75% of their small cells to include Wi-Fi by 2018

Tier 1 mobile operators are becoming big believers in shifting data traffic from their cellular networks and onto Wi-Fi networks, and they expect 22 percent of all data capacity added during 2013-2014 to come from Wi-Fi offload, according to a new survey.

Time Warner offers free Wi-Fi during baseball's All-Star Week

Time Warner Cable lit up 1,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across Manhattan and said it is temporarily offering free access to all 2,700 of its hotspots in the New York City area in celebration of the MLB All-Star Game, which will be played July 16 in the borough of Queens. The free service is available during MLB All-Star Week.

Sprint lights up LTE in New York, San Francisco

Sprint Nextel has quietly switched on initial LTE service in major metropolitan areas such as New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Six-strikes rule could slam unauthorized public Wi-Fi

The "six-strikes" Copyright Alert System (CAS) is close to launching, and fallout from the anti-piracy program could shut down some business broadband accounts, including public Wi-Fi hotspots that are not authorized to share their bandwidth but have nonetheless been getting away with it.

Researchers expose severe security flaws in Verizon hotspot from ZTE

ZTE's 890L mobile hotspot device, marketed by Verizon Wireless, has a host of critical security flaws, according to researchers at Lift Security.