Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

TWC expands Wi-Fi network to North Carolina, now up to only 125,000 hotspots

Time Warner Cable confirmed it has only deployed 125,000 public hotspots nationwide.

Verizon launches new prepaid plans for tablets, mobile hotspots, starting at $15 for 500 MB

Verizon Wireless introduced new prepaid mobile data plans for tablets, mobile hotspots and other data-only devices that are slightly more expensive than some of its Tier 1 competitors, though in some cases the plans aren't directly comparable.

FCC slaps $750K fine on Smart City for blocking Wi-Fi

In its second major enforcement action against companies accused of blocking Wi-Fi, the FCC is reiterating that it's not tolerating Wi-Fi blocking of any kind, including at convention centers where getting access to Wi-Fi can be challenging even in the best of circumstances.

IPass inks Devicescape roaming deal, announces 'world's largest commercial Wi-Fi network' with 50M hotspots

IPass announced a new resale deal with Devicescape that the company said will allow it to create the world's "largest commercial Wi-Fi network" that includes around 50 million hotspots. The agreement more than doubles the number of global hotspots available through iPass' aggregated Wi-Fi network.

Cablevision COO says Freewheel shows customers the value of the Wi-Fi network

Cablevision's decision to launch its Freewheel Wi-Fi calling and data service was prompted by the MSO's desire for its customers to see a "tangible manifestation" of the company's extensive Wi-Fi network, which currently spans more than 1.1 million hotspots.

Boingo deploys Procera's PacketLogic/V NFV solution at hotspots

Boingo Wireless is using Procera Networks' PacketLogic/V solution to manage the consumer experience at its wireless hotspot locations.

Celeno says it's got a better way to monitor shared Wi-Fi in the home

Isreal-based Celeno Communications, a provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software, says it is talking to cable operators about its technology that promises to better manage Wi-Fi usage.

Marriott pledges to not block personal Wi-Fi devices at its hotels

Saying it "listens to its customers," Marriott International issued a statement Wednesday saying it will not block guests from using their personal Wi-Fi devices at any of its managed hotels, and as  Inc.  first reported, the hotel chain will not try to block personal hotspots in its conference and convention areas.

NYC libraries to lend out 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots

With the help of Mobile Beacon, libraries in the five boroughs of New York City will be lending out 10,000 high-speed hotspots to low-income residents who qualify. The Johnston, R.I.-based nonprofit is partnering with Sprint to distribute the hotspots.

Cox sets up 1,700 Wi-Fi hotspots in Las Vegas and Phoenix

Cox Communications has announced major progress of its aggressive Wi-Fi buildout, with 1,700 hotspots being rolled out across Las Vegas and Phoenix.